Sam A Baker State Park – Camping and Trails – Park Travel Review
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Sam A Baker State Park – Camping and Trails – Park Travel Review

hi everyone and welcome to Happy Trails
hiking this weekend we’re camping with our friends John and Amie from big crazy
outdoor adventures. their link will be in the description we are at Sam A Baker
State Park in southern Missouri and we’re gonna show you around so we’re starting on our first check for
today and we’re gonna combine several of the trails here in the first first one
is the shut-ins trail and it’s a little bit of a walk I think it’s a little over
a mile so let’s go So we are kind of pointing north-ish. We’ve got a river there. Hey, Abbie. What do you think? No? Didn’t think so… gets really Buffy and pretty sure here
we’re walking in the bottle really nice trail so far
Sammy baker’s State Park lies in the st. Francis Mountains Jemma’s are
it is one of missouri’s oldest state parks and the parks namesake was a
former governor of Missouri Samuel Aaron Baker
throughout the park you can see the distinctive 1930s craftsmanship of the
Civilian Conservation Corps you can see it in shelters cabins the Nature Center
as well as the store and the grill this is a track show to newborn the shut-ins trail ends at a shelter
number one which is the top of the bluffs
over Big Creek take a look at the view from the Big D government
head back down to your next trip career it’s shelter number two you definitely tell that the colors are
starting to change it’s a second weekend of October these stone shelters may be
used by backpackers on a first-come first-served basis during the winter
hiking season October 1st through May 15 our second trail for the day was the
mudlick trail it provides a journey through the oldest mountain regions in
North America the st. Francis mountains we had a great time on the hikers only
part of the mudlick true do you think all that up I think so
really pretty here – I like all the big trees this is shelter 3 all right I mean I think shelter one had
the best feel for sure yeah these had views too but maybe they used to and
then these little trees started growing it who are here yeah dead shelter three
down here and when I go towards the fire tower right yes right okay so we need to
go left left Fork okay Abbi you’re in church final road good
job Abby probably do you see any blazes though no
ma’am Oh neither it’s really pretty right here if you want to see in the tower we
should go left okay so do we want to go up to see the
tower even though it’s closed aren’t we getting without it I don’t
know how you walk out there yeah I don’t think it’s too far is it okay let’s go
up to me rude smooth that hard it’s much easier than what we have been doing we know here we are
mudlick mountains bark you’re hearing mushy he pays the Magic
Mountain so we the fire to cover the world road
trail thingy he’s right there yeah we are back at the
campground and GPS says five miles fine that was a good hike yeah I thought so
the fire trail road was a really easy relatively speaking before yeah we could
all just walk together it’s really fun so yeah good good hike here at Samuel
Baker State Park on to the next part of Cuban yes fire and beer and food we
spent the rest of the evening enjoying our time together eating some food and
enjoying a campfire what better thing to do with friends when you’re out camping
as you can tell we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again with John and
Amy and Abbey John and Amy has some videos from our visit to Sam a baker
State Park on their channel as well those links will be in the description
and in the end cards please go visit them and tell them we sent you we hope
that you’ll get a chance to visit Sam a baker State Park here in Missouri and
until next time this is K and Matt happy trails hiking thanks so much for
watching you


  • Within Hiking Distance

    Beautiful trails and the perfect weather for hiking! Love the history and the shelters. Abby is funny! Nothing better than hanging our with friends, near a fire. Thanks so much for taking us there!

  • Big Crazy Outdoor Adventures

    Thumbs Up! I liked the Abbey air bubble, the history, the views, Abbey said "I have been the whole time". Awesome. Had a great time hiking and camping. Looking forward to the next adventure!

  • ATJH Travels

    Awesome beautiful place wow nature at its finest LUV this sledgehammered that like button shared this out enjoyed this video

  • Following The Agee's

    You DID IT!! Such a great chat room today…you’re a natural! We former Teachers need to stick together! This is a pretty Trail and park. Sweet view! Color change is beautiful, Kay. That’s some fast hiking! Nice workout! Thnx for the share! ATB, Lisa&Rick

  • Marty’s Crew: Our Family Adventures

    Love that opening shot! John and Amie! Love the view at the overlook. These trails look awesome. Remind me a little bit of the hills back home. Abbey lead the way! Too bad the tower was closed but still really cool. Good miles👍! Fire, beer, and food! Who could ask for more? Loved it!

  • The Idahonian

    Beautiful! Mrs The Idahonian actually originates from Missouri (I’ve probably mentioned). Great video as always Matt and Kay!!! 🤙🏻

  • Travel Small Live Big

    I love the CCC buildings and what they did! There was a cool CCC building at Silver Falls that is being restored. The view from the top of that tower has to be amazing! Love the pup 🐶

  • Wonderlust

    Super dig it! While I do a lot of traveling around in my career (wildlife biologist and aspiring youtuber!), it's largely been restricted to the west. Love being able to see some of these places in other parts of the U.S. that I otherwise would never have done so. Beauty in the small!

  • Heartland Outdoor Living

    Looks like a great camping trip my friend. I love the camper, we used to have a coleman pop up a few years back, sold it when we got our little off grid cabin, I think when we buy another one, it will be more of the a frame like yall have. Man what a beautiful area where yall are hiking. Beautiful overlook. Love it.
    Thanks again and have a blessed weekend. We will check out your buddies channel as well.
    have a blessed weekend.

  • Missouri travelers

    Sam a Baker holds a special spot in my heart as this was where me and Ms Vicki's first date we had a picnic and spent the day exploring the park

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