Sandy McNabb Campground | Alberta Camping Review
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Sandy McNabb Campground | Alberta Camping Review

hey campers this weekend we’re over at
sandy McNabb camping, it’s raining a little bit of wet out but this is
doable welcome back to Alberta Camping it’s May
long weekend 2019 and we’re out at Sandy McNabb this is our go-to campground it’s
close to Calgary it’s and close to where we park our trailer and Turner Valley is
really close so if you forget something it’s not far
it has everything here everything you would want it’s rustic yet there’s still
lots of neighbors it’s a big campground too there’s lots of sights here I guess
one hundred and thirty eight sites yeah but what I love is that it has power and
we we we do a lot of dry camping but it does have the power it has a water
dump station which is nice to have it right there you can just dump and as you
leave there’s also what do they call it the comfort station yep it’s a the
bathroom there’s heated bathrooms and showers there’s also two group camps
here and there’s an equestrian camp here so there’s lots and lots of things
there’s also a really big playground too for the kids but it still feels rustic
and the sites are really nice so you’re not on top of each other like you can
see in behind us there’s nobody they’re quite a ways away and we do have
our favorite sites mind you some of them are close together but sometimes you
want to be close to people or with your neighbors or friends we also like the
pull-throughs are a good size so we can actually share a pull-through with a
friend or family we can get two trailers on them but most of the sites back off
onto wilderness and there’s trails here they did have a day use area but that
has been a little bit of an issue it’s closed again it was open for a few weeks so they had real issues when the 2013
flag went through and then the road down they did have it barricaded up or had
rocks had a rock slide and they did have it netted up and then
let loose again so the day use area is actually really nice but there is if you
go down the hill where group use A is there is a place to park and then
you can hike down to the river it’s really beautiful down there but there’s
a ton of trails around here and if you go further past Sandy McNabb and that
road actually is closed till May long but now it’s open there’s a ton of
trails and interesting things to see a beautiful drive all the way up to Blue
Rock so what I recommend Sandy McNabb in Kananaskis yes big some thumbs up for
Sandy McNabb we really like it here they come around with firewood I guess
the only thing is the cell service there’s no cell service but if you have
a booster it’s not far ten minutes, not even, no cell service is
a plus yeah it’s usually we really like not having the cell service ’cause then you’re
you’re totally unplugged you get spend time together and especially if you’re
bringing children they actually find things to do and they actually talk to
each other great and play games and yeah we’re never we never run out of things
to do but Sandy McNabb is a great campground normally it’s pretty quiet
we’ve only had one instance and the whole time we’ve been coming out here
that we had noisy neighbors but that was taken care of it is first come first
serve so there’s no reservations of these sites that’s even better if you’re
not people like we’ve don’t like reserving or go no three months from now
where you want to be yeah it’s a little better because we tend to never know
three months out where we want to camp the only drawback to first-come
first-serve though is if it if it’s forecasting to be a beautiful weekend
people tend to come out sooner and reserve their sites so you end up paying
a little bit more because you’re reserving a site you’re not actually on
yeah so you’re bringing your trailer out like on a Wednesday night instead of
coming out on Friday but it’s worth it if you’re getting if you know what
you’re getting definitely it’s 33 bucks a night if you got a
second unit on your site it’s 31 for the second fire with $10 a bundle yeah they
come around with their trucks and deliver wood can be a little expensive
for firewood so I think this weekend we’re gonna be spending about a hundred
bucks yeah well that’s because it’s so cold and we were having fires during the
day yeah normally it wouldn’t be that much but
and if you come out with friends and you’re splitting it nope
as Sandy McNabb is a wonderful place it’s always well-maintained the bathrooms are
clean there’s lots of bathrooms there’s fresh drinkable water and
sometimes you see a wildlife not that often right in the campground but
sometimes sometimes lots of squirrels there’s some deer comin through and the
odd bear we haven’t seen a bear but there was always bear signs up so it’s
just because we’re in Kananaskis country you’re gonna get that in any
kananaskis campground yep so you just prepare for it ahead of time
exactly so camp at Sandy McNabb or don’t because then we don’t know cuz we want
to make sure we have a site so don’t come here come here
don’t yes no we love it out here it’s a great place to get a camp and it’s close
to the city so thanks for watching Alberta camping be sure to subscribe and
like this video see ya happy camping


  • Alberta Camping

    Have you camped at Sandy McNabb? Let us know in the comments, or if you have any questions we would be happy to try and answer them.

  • Kimberley Kaul

    WE are brand new to Rving (2nd weekend) and would love to try Sandy McNabb campground. Could you please explain how to do the first come first served camping. Do you pay on line or does a ranger come by?

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