Santa’s Summer Vacation
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Santa’s Summer Vacation

[silence] [rain]>>SANTA: This is where we were
going to do the show today, see, down here in Laurel Gardens. It’s a lovely spot. We were going to be right down there, but it rained. This is where we would have done it, and we’re in Balboa Park. I love Balboa Park. Santa loves you very,
very, very much. All you need is hugs and kisses, that’s all you need this Christmas. [slap]
That’s the way to do it! Santa came on summer vacation,
and it rained. Gimme five! [slap] That’s it! Gimme five!
[slap] [soft voices]>>FATHER: Give him knuckes. [snap]
>>SANTA: Oh, oh, ho ho. This is my friend, Jewels,
who drives the pedicab.>>JEWELS: Yeah, here in San Diego.>>SANTA: That’s right. And we were
going to go riding around the park, and he was going to tell me
all about the history, right?>>JEWELS: It rained!>>SANTA: It rained. But that’s OK, we’re making the most of the day,
you know what I mean?>>SANTA: Well, maybe the Padres won’t
get rained out tonight, though, you know. You know, Santa sometimes
roots for the Padres, because he is known as Padre Christmas. Ha, ha. Get it? Yes, Padre Christmas. All right, I understand, it’s not a very good joke, but that’s all right. Did you want to hear another one? All right…>>WOMAN: How much, how much to go to… to the zoo? [downpour]
I just wanna be happy.>>SANTA: Santa says hello. He loves you very much, you know that. He wants you to be good, and get on the nice list,
so that you get a nice Christmas gift this year, all right? All right, we’re going to the
senior center now.>>MAN: Senior lounge.>>SANTA: The senior lounge. This is my friend, Christopher R., and he, he brought me to San Diego to do my show here this year, and I came, and it rained, but we’re going to go visit the seniors. Come on with me. Hello there.>>WOMAN: How are you?>>SANTA: I’m good. Karen, it’s Santa.>>WOMAN: Oh, hi, Santa!>>SANTA: Hello, everybody!>>WOMAN: I love your outfit.>>SANTA: Well, thank you. Mrs. Claus gave it to me.>>MAN: I’m sorry that it didn’t
happen today.>>SANTA: No, you know what? We take things as they go.
We can’t plan everything. Hello, I like your beard! Well, in another hundred years
yours will look like this.>>MAN: He uses Grecian Formula.>>SANTA: Is that what it is? He doesn’t even look Greek, though. Now, tell me, what else goes on in here.>>WOMAN: Happy hour all day.>>SANTA: Happy hour all day! Now that’s, that’s Santa’s kind of place!
I like that. Bye, bye, everyone.>>SANTA: Bye, bye, now. SANTA: Bye, bye, now, guys. Have fun. Have fun everyone. [rain] Hello, there, it’s nice to see you. Very nice to see you today. Santa came here on summer vacation
to San Diego, and it rained! Oh, goodness gracious! But San Diego needed the rain, so I guess it was a good gift, anyway. Santa loves you very much now. See you later. Bye, bye.

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