Savotta Hawu tent endurance test
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Savotta Hawu tent endurance test

Greetings from Savotta. We are in our tent testing area. This is a horrible-looking
Hawu 4 tent with an extension. It’s been here over six months,
through the winter. You should never leave
tents like that – but we want to test our gear
and see what happens. During the winter, there was
about a meter of snow here. The tent was
completely under the snow. During thaw, – the weight on the tent
amounted to hundreds of kilos. Even the center poles
sunk under the ground. Let’s see
if we can bring the tent to life – and how it’s doing after the winter. It became
a perfectly habitable tent. There doesn’t seem to be
any kind of damage. It’s dirty, of course.
Leaves have fallen on top of it. But the fabric was intact. The center poles had sunk
over half a meter underground. The tent had been
under a great burden – but it was
completely intact and habitable. That’s all. Thanks!


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