Scary Vacation Stories 2 Animated
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Scary Vacation Stories 2 Animated

I was vacationing in the Bahamas when I was 14 with some family friends My friend and I were getting some henna tattoos at the hotel and there was this guy lingering around us But we didn’t think much of it because a lot of people would stop to see what was going on After mine was done. I told my friend and her mom I was gonna go back to the room to get ready for dinner there were two ways to the other side of the hotel either inside through a bunch of small stores or outside along the pool I walked through the inside and got to the elevator where I saw the guy who had been watching us already at the elevator We got on together and he gestured for me to choose my floor button first I Clicked it, but he didn’t choose another floor Alarm start going off in my head, but what could I do I was stuck in an elevator? The elevator stopped on my floor, and I started walking to my room in this hotel most of the rooms faced the ocean so to the right in this hallway were just windows I was in the very last room on that floor, and I could see the guy following me about ten feet behind About two doors from my room, he ran up and grabbed me. I kicked and screamed and he dropped onto the floor I ran to the room and locked myself in after talking with security and giving a description They found the guy and found out that he had actually been following multiple younger women in the building


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