Sea to Summit Aeros Down Pillow
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Sea to Summit Aeros Down Pillow

This is a lightweight
and down-filled pillow for your hiking adventures. It is a touch of luxury for your campsite. I’m gonna tell you all about it. Ben from Snowys here guys and I’ve got with me the Sea to Summit Aeros
Down-filled Pillow. Now they come in three sizes, the regular measures 8 by 6.5cm when it’s packed up and weighs in at 70g. Then there’s a large, right through to the deluxe that I’ve got in my hand here, which measures 40 cm by 8
cm and weighs in at 190g. Now these come in their own nice, lightweight little stuff sack, it’s got a little carry
handle here, if you like. There’s just a cord on the
top, to secure it inside. The benefit of the down filler in the top of these pillows is that
it’s gonna keep you warmer, obviously it has down underneath it so it’s trapping the warmth, making it much warmer to sleep on. Now to inflate the pillow, we go to the back of it and there’s a multifunction valve here, now there’s two flaps on this valve, this is an inflate valve which has got a little one-way valve inside there, the little blue section. And then the deflate valve which opens it right up for deflation. To inflate it, we just
need to pop the top one open and blow some air into the top, here. Now I’ve blown that up nice and tight now, because I can actually
fine tune this afterwards, it’s probably tighter than I would like. Now this valve here
does one of two things, there’s a little blue valve inside there, stops air from coming out when I’m not blowing into the valve, I could seal that up and sleep on it now, but I actually want it a little bit softer than what it is now, so I can just push lightly
on this blue valve inside, let a little bit of air out, softens the pillow a
little so it’s comfortable and then I can seal it
up and we’re good to go. Now it’s probably a good time too, to talk about the bladder inside, you might be concerned about the moisture from your breath getting
inside the pillow, should always start with the valve undone to let moisture escape but the bladder inside is an anti-hydrolysis TPU bladder, it’s got an anti-hydrolysis fuel inside which is moisture resistant. So it’s designed to not
be damaged or break down with a bit of moisture inside the pillow. So as long as you store
it with the valve open, you’ll be right. Let’s have a look at the materials that the pillow is made of. On top here, the top surface is a really lightweight 10 denier nylon and it’s got this, kind of, differential, baffled
cut to allow the down, the duck down, underneath here, to loft up, providing lots of warmth. Now that’s just on the
top surface of the pillow, it’s not actually full of this down, it’s just around the
top and the side here. Around the sides here
is a 20 denier nylon, and then on the bottom
is a flocked surface that is compatible with Sea to Summit’s pillow lock system, which is something they’ve got integrated
into their sleeping mats. To stop your pillow from
sliding around at night. Let’s talk about dimensions
of these pillows, as I mentioned, this is the deluxe size, in my hands here at the moment, and they’re all 10 cm thick, all three sizes are the same thickness. The regular measures 34 cm by 24 cm, the large comes in at 42 cm
length by 28 cm in width, and this guy that I’m holding here, the deluxe, is 59 cm by 38 cm. Also worth mentioning too, that they come in both grey
and a lime-green colour, we don’t have the lime-green
to show you here today, but that might brighten
up your campsite a bit. I’ll show you how to pack these away, ’cause it’s really easy with our valve on the back here now. Now instead of pulling off
the top inflate valve here, which isn’t going to do
anything to deflate it, ’cause of that little
one-way valve inside there, we actually need to remove
the bottom valve, here, which is gonna release all
the air out of the pillow and allow us to roll it up. So pull that out and the
pillow just collapses down. So let’s roll this into roughly thirds, start rolling towards the ends, this is much easier if
you do it on the ground, but it does fit back in
the bag pretty easily, just doing it in an awkward
manner like I’ve just done. That is the Sea to Summit
Aeros Down-filled Pillow. These are a touch of luxury for any hiker or adventurer, I reckon I’d buy one, it’s gonna keep you warmer, it’s nice and soft to sleep on, you can grab them online at, lowest prices every day. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you next time. Don’t disappear on us yet folks, if you thought that video was useful then maybe subscribe to our channel or just give us a like, pop
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