Seattle Homeless Woman Lives in a Tent After Her Mother Died
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Seattle Homeless Woman Lives in a Tent After Her Mother Died


  • Travis Krause

    Life is not easy theres alot of shit you go through mostly with the opposite sex thats why i go it alone fuck all that drama and trust issues i go it alone things are so much easier to do life!!!

  • Nik Walker

    If I'm right she relied on her mums pension? If so, the outcome was foreseeable. Waiting and hoping that all stays as it is, is not a solution.

  • Susan Quenzer

    Theresa.. Hope You are doing well! You are an articulate, passionate human who communicates the true need of the homeless!

  • Jeff Jeffery

    Social services  (welfare) house grown men  able to but who are to lazy to work here in Summersid  P.E.I Canada  ..Living in fully heated , full electricity , money for food, free medications with no effort in getting them work. They just sit on their fat ass all day in their office writing cheques,,, And  this lady is homeless, WHAT  COUNTRY DOES SHE LIVE IN?

  • Anthony Kence

    It's unbelievable that Americans are homeless in the wealthiest in the world. Our citizens are not creating wealth for themselves. You got learn to do the things millionaires do

  • David Tolentino

    we need more respectable shelters for the living human beings for heavens sakes. Food, clothing, blankets, towels, shoes. and medical treatments as an American citizens for heavens sake. Make America great again !!!. Americans taking care of American for heavens sake. God bless you all.

  • White Lion

    Seattle's great, my nephew and a sister live there, unfortunately there are a lot of homeless people, I'm about to become one but in another state

  • Billy Pate

    Would ne nice to get them home and homeless and mental ill bill to have homes nation tax office could tax are lean agiastcouldnt high school training classes build homes and shop to fix cars i pray you get wish when we get to heaven are citys of gold come down

  • Greg Mccarter

    In the interview she appears to be somewhat okay. Iv got a feeling if you got on her wrong side,which probably wouldn't take much,she would be violent. Iv seen this with people of her caliber..she has some deep issues. Jeckle,and hide

  • Terence Hennegan

    What a very dignified lady, it’s madness that people should be in a situation like that, so very sad.
    These videos are extremely powerful and very emotional. My 3 wishes would be…The government take immediate action to put a stop to homelessness, 2….To build villages for homeless to settle into….3….To make it a priority to employ people to help get them on their feet. This should not be happening.

  • Jihad Rousan

    "Boo hoo, im alive" you see her get annoyed as she said that? Thats dignity. Something self entitement and selfishness has erased in most people of today.

  • KneeGrowObama

    All she wants is land, shelter, safety, electric. Give her your money and she'll decide how to spend it. How about no. You earn your keep then decide what to do with your possessions.

  • nash11

    Bunch of lazy, irresponsible junkies destroying Seattle. They know how to emotionally blackmail the city, why should they work when they get shit for free.

  • Beauty

    Not all the homeless people are drug users. People in her age have hard time to find a job. Perhaps, she had savings. But, her mother died in 2010. She became homeless after 2 years. How do people know? Perhaps, she quit her job to take care of her mom to stay close to her. After her mom died, she had hard time to get a job. I had the feeling she was very attached to her mom and she wasn't regret to be with her until the last days of her life. Taking care of an elderly is not easy. It doesn't only require financial stability. But, mental and physical needs. About her relatives, everyone has their own problems. They might not be able to keep her with them. Perhaps, she doesn't want to bother others. I don't have too much contact with my relatives, too.

  • alex than

    Call me stupid, uninformed, naive, and or ignorant but I want to live in a world where everyone have enough and all people are treated fairly and with love and respect for no reason but that we’re all human and that life is not about money and power it’s about the right to be human and enjoy our very short lives here on Earth. No matter how rich or powerful we all die we all pretty much the same. Why does one person want more than the other? Why do we have to become successful to be happy? We can’t take money to the grave. We don’t even know what lies after death. None of us.

  • Alan Senzaki

    Theresa is such a beautiful woman inside and out. Sometimes the more sensitive and intelligent individuals are hurt the most. There but for the grace of god and family go i. As she said the passing of a very loving mother hit her very hard…i can see her as a very sweet sensitive loving child. I wish her the best.💝

  • Colin Shaw

    There is far more to this life than playing it safe,protecting my physical body,there exists the spirit which wants nothing to do with the humans ideas of success and safety issues and comforting, all has to go sooner or later, sticking the head in a few garbage bins, is spiritualy climbing, instead of building all these morselliums around us and hoping were ok, which is just another idea, as so is human society , does truth agree , not at all, the spirit is naturally free in nature,your ideas of prison, is your prison, let something higher than human guide your way,the soul wants to grow and move freely for this is its true nature, unlike the possessive unatural shallow intellect, which claims everything, and possess absolutely nothing of true value and worth.

  • TikTak Ti

    it's just shitty when you blame your mother's death for your homelessness. blame yourself for nothing saving up for old age, that's it. you had all the time in the world, in the best country in the world to save up and guess what? then you want to legalize marijuana? are you kidding me?! we are trying to cut people off of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs and you want marijuana legalized so people could have jobs? you know that marijuana is more costly than cigarettes and people go nuts as shit in the ER when they don't run out of marijuana. like fucking nauseous and vomiting and begging for continuous injections of narcotics. you want the basic needs?! then you fucking work for it! you are not my child, and I'm not willing to give you the 30% tax I pay to the government, shame on you! you are your own responsibility.

  • Badaboom 88

    Hello all you bigshot Americans. Look at this perfect normal beautifull Woman how is this Possible that in your Amazing Good Country a Woman like this is on the street. Maybe your Country isn't that Great at all ??? There are thousands off these people in the USA and the whole World is watching this.

  • Zero Control

    Some people never get to experience this true human emotional connection of just sharing that you care , means everything for someone down in their luck …

  • Joe Momma

    @5:35 The guy who interrupted the video scared the shit out of her. And I don't mean startled, I mean put the fear of god in her, like they have history and she's utterly terrified of him.

  • Plazas Security

    I will take a baseball bat to you if you touch my dog. Please, tell me more about your ideas for a better world. LOL

  • Small Is Beautiful

    I can't believe how long this has been happening to people and yet we never see anything about it on TV network news. Since I was unaware of it until I got stranded in Boston last July, I'm thinking there must be millions of other people out there who are simply unaware of it and would help change local laws if they only knew…

  • Fili

    Wish her and her beloved ones…all the best!! More sun, running water, food, and a HOME!!! Besides…she has a beautifull smile. Still hoping for a house where she can smiles in.
    Think we are very blessed in the Netherlands with a bit better social system and more protection. (Still there are homeless people, but not so manny) the system in the USA is very harsch.
    I am very sick and can' t work, still i can live in a house and have food. I hate it (sorry for the bad word) when people complains about not having a car or monney for holiday. Be greatfull for your house and food. Don' t spoile things. Otherwise watch these video' s… .

  • M Fiatmee

    "everyone of you should have been in some kind of housing that's not a tent" What about those that don't want to work, that would trade a more comfortable life which requires work, for a lazier life?

  • Ellery Kenyon

    The homeless community has now increased almost 17% more than 12 months ago, while the economy is booming! So what is wrong here?
    Don't depend upon Government to fix this problem because everything that the government gets involved in turns out a huge failure.
    Non-profits are NOT the answer either because they are corrupt to the bone! These communities of homeless need to elect a spokes person to go to churches
    to get the churches involved with helping to get some decent housing to help these homeless people transcend into a sustainable life. Stop believing the idea that ALL homeless persons are dug addicts and alcoholics, its NOT TRUE!

  • Damian

    A sad reflection on how far we haven't progressed as a civilization……we can't even look after our women FFS. Very sad indeed.

  • Doris White

    It isn't a lack of housing. A HUGE amount of housing , HUD (anyone see illegals leaving gov't housing?), hotels and motels are being used by illegals at taxpayers' expense.

  • fuk urmomma

    "We dont work for nothin here hahahaha" ya just charge people 20 percent so i can keep doin nothin and get free stuff freeloadin cun

  • shelley

    shameful people live like this; many times its just life throwing a series of curves; sometimes is psych or physical issues/illness; sometimes its personal choices (drugs, alcohol, toxic relationships, etc). But always a common denominator is a democrat run city/state. This was filmed in 2013…and its just gotten worse.

  • Jennifer Armbruster

    And some people are ok with moving illegals in America and giving them free housing, food and medical but it's like who cares about the actual homeless American's who need the help

  • Muslims Coward

    Looks so much like Julia Robert's! I pray Jesus would totally heal your heart and bless all of you!love from a south African teacher that has a heart for of love for honeless people

  • Anita Prasad

    One thing I have noticed after watching a number of such videos by this blogger, is that so many of these unhoused people are very knowledgeable, they voice their concerns in a clear and articulate manner. I hope they get a break that they seek.

  • crackerpants bingo

    First they suggest a 20% flat tax, then before you know it they'll ask for 30%, then a monthly stipend. Oh, I forgot they already get that.



  • AdoMovies

    "god doesnt want" god doesnt fucking exist stupid bitch we are god as soon as we realise there is no such thing as someone who is answering our prayers as soon it will get real

  • Clay Jackson

    "we have more rights then most people… we'e earned them." ummmm…. like the rest of us don't also work/struggle. what the hell was that?

  • STL Fila

    Drugs brought her here, don’t put the blame on something else. We have all lost people in our lives, some people make bad choices in life. Your body language screams addict.

  • gabrielsyt

    She is right that voting does not seem to change things even if our vote is counted. It is unacceptable to me that any of my fellow human beings are homeless. This modern world is so backwards.

  • A 1

    Cant earn your keep if you can't get a job. This woman is a perfect example. She is articulate, intelligent, has an employment history, is likely perfectly capable of performing well in many jobs. But, she doesn't check all the boxes. Too old, too this, too that, employment gap, wrong school, wrong address, wrong resume font, left handed, right handed, didn't impress the interviewer with the right outfit. Same old shit. America has lost it's f.cking mind and this is what happens.

  • peterah7957

    I hope American billionaires and millionaire's can come together and build these ppl some affordable homes. It doesn't have to be a mansion just something decent.

  • journalistethics dotcom

    I hear you gorgeous honey bunch, elections are rigged. Most Presidents come from the same inbred bloodlines. Etc.

  • Just me Mike wazowski

    I don't understand how Americans be here in the first place. America is a third world country now sucks. These illegals and "Hispanics" should be damn lucky to keep there FULL damn checks unlike us Americans paying fukin taxes.

  • e g

    I wish that everyone – homeless, rich, young, poor, hurting or joyful – all knew that Jesus is with them and wants more than anything to have a relationship with them. I pray Holy Spirit that you comfort every soul and soften every heart to God and draw them close to Him. Amen.

  • jade geisbrecht

    this woman is exactly what i want to be not everyone has to have running water or fancy toilets she has a cat, family, a place to sleep, people to interact with and not on her own shes so humble and seems truly happy

  • Ciara ooh

    If this company, Food Lifeline feeds homeless, wth can't they let the homeless stay and work for them! I guess it would dip into the Co's profits 😠

  • Moshe Mayim

    In 1975 when Mondo Bando moved west from Spokane to Seattle, little did we know that our heavy metal song BLACK NOISE could have been the theme song for this documentary. When we first arrived in the big city, it was reasonably clean with no tents or people living out of shopping carts along the downtown sidewalks, in city parks or in parking lots, no used needles in the streets, no garbage piled up or thrown about, no people living under freeway ramps, only an occasional drunk passed out here or there, and we often roamed the streets at all hours of the day and night and never feared for our safety. 40+ years later, it feels like the song was rather prophetic and what we wrote as a doom and gloom song for fun, has come close to reality. 1+ billion dollars already spent on the problem and this is what you have? Maybe time to reexamine who is elected and how is the money being spent. Sad.

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