Seoeon’s precious chocolate bread disappeared! [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.22]
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Seoeon’s precious chocolate bread disappeared! [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.22]

(An hour before situation outbreak) (It’s a peaceful morning at the twin’s.) (What’s with their hair?) Their new hairstyle seems familiar. They once woke up to a new bowl cut. (They’ve been maintaining it as a yearly custom.) This was the second lovely bowl cut. The bangs used to be straighter. The third bowl cut looked mischievous. This year, they look a bit more grown up. – Mom. / – Yes? – Open this for us, Mom. / – May we have a bite of the chocolate bun? – It’ll be mealtime soon. / – Just one bite. (He makes an ardent request.) I’ll just take a bite. Me, too. Just one bite, okay? (They received approval.) Let’s share it. I want a bite too. You have to eat during mealtime. – Both of you, okay? / – All right. (Seojun takes one bite.) (Devouring) (This is the taste.) (He becomes enamored over the bun.) (It’s very special to Seoeon.) He fatefully encountered it first in Vietnam. (He had it for the first time in Vietnam.) Now Seoeon is in love with chocolate buns. It’s even present in his dreams. Since then, his fondness for it has been constant. (Licking) Come eat now, Seoeon. (He responds to his mom’s call.) (But he heads to the bedroom instead?) Seoeon. Stop eating and come over. (My bread can rest on my bed.) – Thank you for the meal. / – Okay. Mix it all up first. (Taking a big bite) Bring your head closer for the bite. – I need to go pee. / – Okay. Go ahead. – This is hot. / – Blow on it. (Seoeon’s footsteps are urgent.) (Why did he pass the bathroom?) (Sweet and savory, kimchi plus chocolate bread) Finish your food before you go. Thank you for the meal. (30 minutes before situation outbreak) (Is there anything fun to do?) (Are you up to mischief?) (I’m going to hurry back to my chocolate bun.) All right. Eat the kimchi now. The Return of Superman, episode 202, “Our Sweet Relationship”. (They are fixated on a cartoon after eating.) Be well, okay? (Don’t worry, Mom.) (Their 48 hours without their mom begins.) (Gosh, it’s so noisy.) (Five minutes before situation outbreak) I’m going to air out the room, so don’t close the window. Okay. Stop watching the TV now. You’ve watched it non-stop since before Mom left. (How should I play now?) Stop watching the TV now. (He chooses to play with toys instead.) Seoeon discovers Seojun’s chocolate bun. (Oh, that’s right. I have some too.) Chocolate bun time. (My dear, chocolate bun) But where has Seoeon’s chocolate bun gone? (It has vanished without a trace.) Dad. Seoeon’s chocolate bread has disappeared. Where’s my chocolate bun? (Where have you gone?) Seojun’s is the only one left. (Seojun’s chocolate bun) His gaze seems to hide an ulterior motive. His chocolate bun has disappeared. No one else has entered the house. The only possible culprit is either Dad or Seojun. Who ate my chocolate bun? It wasn’t me. (You didn’t eat it?) (Well, I did take a bite.) Did you lose something, Seoeon? My chocolate bun. – Chocolate bun? / – Yes. Where did you put it? It was in the bedroom, but it’s gone. The bedroom? Seojun, help him find it. I don’t want to. – What? / – I don’t want to. (Why is he refusing to help?) You should help him anyway. I don’t want to. (Seojun appears at the scene of the crime.) (Something seems to occupy his mind.) Hey, Seoeon. Was your bun new? (Shaking his head) Was it leftovers? (You should know since we got it together.) (Seojun suddenly fetches his own bun.) Here. Here. (What’s going on?) (What’s up with the troublemaker today?) Did you try looking for it everywhere, Seoeon? Yes. (It still remains missing.) (Then, perhaps…) Are you sure you didn’t eat it, Dad? Me? You think I’d eat your bun? Think about it, Seoeon. (Is Hwijae the culprit?) If I really ate your bun, then I’ll do everything you want today. But it wasn’t me. Really? Of course. The uncle in the playroom is chewing something. (What?) The three cameramen are extra suspects. (Walking quickly) Open your mouth. (Peeking inside) (This forensic detective uses his five senses.) (I don’t catch a hint of chocolate.) Uncle, did you eat my chocolate bun? I didn’t eat it. (He storms the tent for a search.) I really didn’t eat it. Open your mouth. (Sniffing) (Something smells familiar.) (Flaring) I smell dried squid. Did you eat dried squid? Yes, I did. You guessed right. (Detective Seoeon, sniffing expert) (Final cameraman) (He sniffs away.) (This smell…) – Is that mango juice? / – Yes. He said he had mango juice. (His olfactory abilities are top notch.) If none of them ate it, where could the bun have gone? It’s not here. (Tag team) (Seoeon gradually becomes drained.) I found it. – What? / – I found it. (He found it.) – What? / – I found it. Where was it? It was in the fridge. (It’s an emotional reunion with the bun.) Thank him. You should give him a hug. Thank you. High-five. Good job. (The case of the missing bun, solved) But how did it get in the fridge? I don’t know. Well, Mom gave them to us. Maybe she put it in there. May I call Mom? Sure. Shall we ring her up? (This sure tastes good.) Hello? Seojun? Mom. Yes, Seoeon? Did you put my chocolate bun in the fridge? Yes. I placed it in there earlier in case it melts or gets ruined. She put it in there in case it melts. (She discovers the bread on top of the bed.) (That is how it ended up in the fridge.) Mom. Thank you for looking after it. (He tears up.) I love you, Mom. I love you too, Seoeon.


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