Sesame Street: The Count’s Picnic
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Sesame Street: The Count’s Picnic

[ORGAN MUSIC PLAYING] THE COUNT: Ah, greetings. I was just getting ready to
have a picnic with all my favorite picnic food made
especially for me by the Transylvanian Deli. Ha ha. Ah, what is this I see? Oh, it’s a little ant. That’s 1. 1 little ant. Ha ha. Oh, and it’s carrying
away my apple. Did you know that an
and can carry 600 times its own weight? Amazing. Oh, look. And there’s another ant carrying
away my banana. That’s 2. 2 ants! Oh, and there’s one carrying
away my napkin. That’s 3 ants! Ha ha. Tidy little guys. Oh, yes, and one carrying
off my hard boiled egg. That’s 4 ants! Aren’t they cute? Oh, and one more taking off
my other hard boiled egg. Yes, that’s 5 ants. Oh, bon appetit,
my little ones. Oh! And another one taking
away my salt shaker! Ha ha ha. That’s 6. 6 ants! Oh, and one taking my
pepper shaker, too. Oh, ho, ho. 7 little ants. Ahem, don’t sneeze, baby. ANT: Ah, ah, achoo! THE COUNT: Oh, gesunderblatz. ANT: Thank you. THE COUNT: Oh, and there’s
another little ant! He’s carrying away my
Transylvanian brownie. That’s 8. 8 ants! Oh, they’re so cute. Oh, and one carrying
away my pickle. That’s 9. 9 ants! Ha ha ha ha. Don’t get heartburn. Yes. Oh, and one ant carrying
away my delicious hero sandwich for the road! Ha ha ha. That’s 10 ants! Ha ha ha! [THUNDER] THE COUNT: Oh, and they’ve
carried off all my food! Ha ha ha! Oh, but that’s OK, because
it’s raining. And who wants to have a
picnet in the rain? Ha ha ha.


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