Set up the Boundary Life Camping Chair Set up a lightweight camping chair
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Set up the Boundary Life Camping Chair Set up a lightweight camping chair

Hi my name is Anne and I’m here to
demonstrate the boundary life lightweight camping chair. It’s extremely
easy to set up and take down. I’m gonna show you how first open up and you’ll see
three things. You’ll see a chair back, instructions, if you need them, and then
you’ll see the metal frame for the chair and once you pull out the metal frame and open it up and as you can see it
basically sets itself up you just have to guide it gently into place very
simple not a lot of effort here and how you’re going to want to position this is
with the feet to the bottom and the back up just like this next thing you’re
gonna do is you’re gonna take the back of your chair and you’re gonna put the
bottom of the chair on first. How you can tell right side up is that you’ll
see the logo toward the top and this is how you do it.
You take the bottom there is two tabs here very easily over those metal holes
and you just slide into place now the top takes a little tiny bit of
effort. We attach these pull tabs here to make it easier for you to
leverage. What you do is you take your pull tab and you have the back of the
chair in your hand and you slip it over. The next one you do the same thing
you take the pull tab you grab the back of the chair and you slide it over in
place. So what was that maybe a minute? Then you have a chair. It’s super
lightweight. It can accommodate a Nalgene size container or coffee mug
Yeti any other side or a dog’s ball – The legs are fully adjustable. I like to move the front leg forward down a
notch so it throws my center of gravity forward. It’s a more comfortable position
for me if you like to recline a little bit you just move the back legs down. I
could sit here for hours super- comfortable. You have everything you need right here at your fingertips. Another thing is is that it’s just as
easy to store away as it was to set up So I’m gonna show you that next so take
out your personal items here and set them to the side. Then
all you do reverse order. Take the pole back pull off the bottom and then you’re
gonna fold to the center and what you’re gonna do first is you’re gonna take the
smaller poles. You are going to take them in your hand. It’s very easy. This
one breaks down into two pieces. This one breaks down like that.
You’re gonna do this part first, then you’re gonna take the legs and one by
one and you’re gonna collect them in your hand. Everything should fit just
like that. Then you take your velcro and you bring it around and
you secure it in place very simple and then keep
your instructions handy The top fits in back within just like that. It couldn’t easier super lightweight, super easy to set up. Super easy to take down. That is the
Boundary Life Lightweight Chair.

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