She Digs It | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.4 S1
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She Digs It | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.4 S1

(fire crackling) (bird chirping) – No, hey, out. You’ll get hurt. Dig. Good girl. (fire crackling) (wind rustling) Good girl, stay there. (birds chirping) (wind rustling) Can you bring that here, please? Thank you Cali. Cali, bring it here, please. So, I know a lot of you
haven’t seen that video of me showing where I grew
up and where I learned how to hunt and fish and do bushcraft and learn about nature
and all that kinda stuff. Now if you haven’t, might wanna
click on this video up here and just see where I came from. But, that was filmed a couple
days after Mother’s Day. Yeah, here come the mosquitoes again. Thought I could take the hat off. So, I was thinking back on my childhood and getting quite nostalgic
and I was thinking why is it that we’re so nostalgic about our childhoods and, you know, back while they’re occurring
just as stressed then probably as we are now
with different problems. And, I guess what we think
now as we reflect back is that those problems were simpler. But, I’m sure at the time and
I’m sure you’re young people watching this video right
now you’re thinking, you know, how could it be more stressful or more anxious than
your situation right now dealing with school and
chasing the girls or the boys and all that kind of stuff,
all that competition. That’s stressful as well of course but it’s not just that we reflect back and dream of those simpler
times and we were younger. I think it’s also that when we’re younger we have so much hope, we
have so much anticipation for the future. We think about all the great things we’re gonna do, these great
lives that we’re gonna have, and you know, just the
places we’re gonna see and all that kinda stuff and the people we’re gonna have in our lives. And, then you get older and
you hit these milestone years. Like I know 30 for me was a big year. For some reason it really impacted me. I was kind of depressed
for at least six months maybe a year after that
and just couldn’t believe that I hadn’t accomplished what
I had set out to accomplish. So, that really impacted me. I had a really tough time with it. But, I think more than
anything, what I realized looking back at my, say,
post-18-year-old years, did I live to the fullest at that point? You know it’s a reminder
and if I could go back and tell my 18-year-old
self or my 25-year-old self or 35-year-old self, it’s just that. Don’t waste a single day because you aren’t going to get that back and you don’t know when
health is going to cripple you so you can’t get out there
and enjoy those things or get out there and see those places or meet those people that
you always wanted to. You know, the worst thing that you can go to your grave with is regret. And, for me, you know, I built that cabin when I was 21 and I lived in it for awhile and I thought that was the life for me. In hindsight, I’m glad
I didn’t stay there. There’s just too many things I would’ve missed out on in life. But, it was in me and I
did want to do it still. So, there was a part of
me that just never let go of that dream. You know, when you set your mind to it and you don’t have a plan B to back up to, like just focusing on plan A, I was able to get to this point in my life
where I couldn’t be happier. I’m so pleased to be doing
exactly what I’m doing right now and talking to you. So, I had to interrupt
this video to say that. I just felt so passionately about that, Father’s Day coming up. I can’t wait to see my
father and spend time with my own kids and maybe get outside and do some fishing or
something like that together and reflect back on childhood and those dreams I had back then and ask myself whether I’m
working on them still or not. Hi, Cali. Anyway, I need to get back to work. It’s starting to rain again, but I got a fire going
and it’s only a light rain so I can keep working. So, anyway before I go
I do want to thank you for watching this video
and I want to ask you, if you haven’t subscribed,
if you could do that. It really helps to keep me motivated, keeps the channel growing or going and I really appreciate
it if you could do that and hit the like button. So, enjoy the rest of
the video and take care, have a great week, and I’ll see you up at the cabin next time. Take care. (bird chirping) (bird chirping) (leaves rustling) (thunder rumbling) Well, it’s a good morning. I was tired. That was a lot of lifting yesterday so up early this morning. So, up late this morning, I mean. Get a tea going and then some oatmeal. And, then I think I’m
gonna collect some rocks for the foundation for the pizza oven and for the barbecue. So, I need quite a few rocks for that. Then I need to find some lime
from somebody around here that I can use to mix
with sand and the clay to make the mortar. So, I might have to go for a drive today. Oatmeal and blueberries. (pot clanging) (birds chirping) (fire crackling) (birds chirping) So, if you’re wondering why
I’m digging this hole here, basically I need a
trench all the way around the perimeter of, well, not that side, but these two sides and
maybe the third side. I need a trench to put
gravel in so that I can start building the stone
work up on top of that. Now, I’m not going to get down to bedrock. This soil up here is so variable,
it’d go from solid bedrock just to at the surface
or just below the surface to these deep pockets of
soil between the bedrock. And, then there’s all these
boulders piled in here so it’s really hard to
dig, but I need to get down at least to a good sand base. And, there is some nice sand underneath all this organic matter. The problem with the organic matter, it continues to decrease
in volume as it decomposes, so you get a really unstable base. So, I need to at least get that out and just live with the
fact that this is not a commercial project
or residential project that you want to stay stable
and last for a long time. It’s going to shift and I’m
just gonna deal with it. I don’t care out here, right? So, it’s not a big deal if
it moves around a little bit on me or if I have to redo
parts of it or maintain it. So, I’ll do the best I can. And, I’m also with the fact that I don’t have a bunch of gravel. I’ve got some gravel, some
kinda just smaller stones around here I’m must
gonna fill the trench with and then I’ll build up on top of that with a concrete or a lime base mortar. So, I’ll finish this off and
then start collecting rocks to build the actually
base of the barbecue. (metal clanking) (birds chirping) (thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)


  • Iker R.

    I am from Spain. Eres inspirador para todos los creadores y artesanos de la madera. Me han gustado tus palabras motivadoras. Sigue así!

  • 1234 5678

    Omg 😯 I resonate with all u say above at 12 mins in. My dream wld be to be able to build my own log cabin and live away from the rat race. I’m here in England 🇬🇧and there isn’t much space for living in the wild. Here I loathe the over crowding in towns, the traffic, and the council taxes n the rent n bills. Etc. Best wishes x👍👏🌈

  • Dusty Williams

    I was wondering what about a bath , you need to have a bath tub . And do you get the water for cooking at the lake? Make a wooden bath tub ,

  • Kyle Messer

    compared to when i was really little. The issue now are alot easier. Cause when i was 5-8 i was in and out of the hospital alot and dealing with major brain surgeries.

  • Eric Schindler

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  • Bob Lori Tucker

    Simply amazing!! I've been needing a tool shed for a long time and now I want to build one using just the timber in my 5 acres. Mostly hickory, oak, poplar, and cedar. Problem is not a lick of carpentry skills. I'm definitely inspired, at 50 I would really like to do something like that. Any suggestions or tips.

  • Susan McCoy

    I have that same mug except mine says “love you to the moon and back”, bought it at Grandma Lambs in Meaford, ON., near where I live in Owen Sound. Love your videos and Cali is the cutest. ❤️💕

  • TheEveMatrix

    Kids these days got it easy, i was born in 85, no computers, no iphones. there was cellphones but they were huge, Outdoors was the only place you could find entertainment 😀

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    Just recently (about a week ago) stumbles upon the channel while searching for Ideas on how to start on my own cabin. Glad I found the channel. Awesome videos, great work, and a great message!

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    I have a question 🙂 how do you reconcile the work and construction of this shelter of yours? when you work because I understand that you are building in eg: Friday afternoon to Sunday and work during the week? Regards and great movies and great hooby. Greetings from Poland ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯) ♫ ♪ ♫ღ 🇵🇱 🤠 🇨🇦

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    Cali looks at you… you are doing it wrong. Watch…..But best advice, I ever heard. Don't waste a single day, the worst thing you can go to your grave with is regret.

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    Thank you for taking the time, between all that hard wood work, to shoot and edit these videos and letting us be part of your amazing journey. I came across your channel by accident today and couldn't stop watching. You gained a new fan for sure. It's truly inspiring what you are doing. It makes me want to go out and start building something right away. Greetings from Germany!

  • Famous Forever

    The only "far left/right" politics are where to build the latrine, terrorist attacks are done by mosquitos, religion is between you and your maker, racism is not being fond of using certain species of trees in your build, wood doesn't cost anything but sweat, the law is enforced harshly but fairly by mother nature, you're only homeless if you're lazy, a hard day's work pays fair wages and a man is a clearly defined ideal without gender pronouns or being unnatural to fit the ideals of the confused society we live in. This video is a slice of life as God intended.

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    OMG, Cali is so wearing the fruits of her labor. She is one dirty girl. LOL I love watching the two of you working & bringing this together. I truly love to watch Cali…..but also enjoy watching you bring this to completion. I can hardly wait to see when you & your wife get to enjoy all the work you have put into this marvelous home. Thank you for continuing to share.

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    Hi Shawn. I just loved the eves of your new kitchen you made them look like branches from a tree which I am sure was your design. At one point when drinking your hot drink you looked like you were planning your next move. This is probably how you are so driven you have mentioned in your past videos that you plan things for the day ahead the evening before. It's all looking great keep on thinking ahead it is paying off BIG TIME. Your words as always touched me and resonated with me. Thank you.

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    Bill C.

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    Os conhecimentos de James fazem que ele tenha as devidas precauções em quanto a durabilidade.
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