Shelby The Husky Last Camping Trip | A Reflection of a Moment
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Shelby The Husky Last Camping Trip | A Reflection of a Moment

Look at these two (2)… They’re like: “Where just looking out”
“at the window together!” Good wonderful,
beautiful morning Pawdience! We’re going camping today! Hey guys! So I wasn’t even going to…
Turn this into a video. but as many of you know if you
watch our vlog channel at @SnowDogsVlogs, my husband (Jamie) and I (Jessica) recently
did an eight (8) day long camping trip with Memphis and Kira for our
seventeenth (17th) year wedding anniversary and I kept thinking about the footage I had
from Shelby on her last camping trip which is what you are seeing here. I didn’t filmed when we we’re up there
to make a ‘Camping With The Dogs’ video for this channel (@GoneToTheSnowDogs).
I think part of the reason was because I think… I kind of knew deep down
that was going to be her (Shelby’s) last trip. I don’t know, I just didn’t wanted
to film it in that way. So, I did a vlog about it and you can see
the full vlogs over on the @SnowDogsVlogs channel. But, I didn’t really do anything for this channel and
after coming back from our trip, it’s been… You know, three (3) weeks now
since we lost Shelby. I was looking at this footage and
I really just wanted to share it with you guys and put it up here, because I know
not everybody here watches our vlogs channel. So, I kind of just wanted to share these clips.
These little moments that we had with Shelby during our last camping trip with her.
You can see here the blanket… She had a little blanket that we had
to keep covering her with because she was having
some issues with getting… I don’t know if it was cold,
but she would shake a little bit and her blanket seemed to help her.
This was one of the walks I took with her around the campground.
I tried to make sure to take her by herself just as many times
I did with the other dogs. Just… I don’t know, to have
a little bit of extra time with her. I kind of just let her do
whatever she wanted to do when I walked her.
This walk that I did filmed she did really good on.
There was a couple times when we took her for walks
around the campground and she just… She couldn’t do it.
Either her legs just didn’t wanted to go or she was too tiered. I think we all kind of knew… The inevitable was coming
while we we’re camping… But, we still tried to make
the best out of the trip. I think, we did.
I think we made some really good memories. Greg came along with us.
For those of you that don’t know… Greg was Shelby’s favorite person
in the entire world. Our friend Eric came and brough
his dog Illana Then, Charles and Thor.
Sheby’s boyfriend Thor (@ThorUnleashed) also made the eleventh (11th) hour trip
to drive up with us and go camping. It was really, really nice that everybody
kind of came together knowing this could be her (Shelby’s) last time
and we all just really celebrated her life more than anything else… This was one of the waterfalls we
took her to. There was a short little hike that we decided to take
her on and was only maybe a mile all the way around… But, we took her and got to see
that waterfall and played in the water. This was her at night… In her little blanket… Aww! Oh… Greg feeding her…
The hardest part about this trip was trying to get her to eat. Kidney disease is… Horrible! Is a horrible disease and
I feel bad for any of you that ever had to experience it… Getting your dogs to eat during it… Is one of the toughest things
because they don’t feel good. She (Shelby) was on anti-nausea
medication and she was on medicine to help her entice her appetite,
but nothing was working… Greg made her some
chicken liver in the fire and she liked that. Oh… This year was actually
the last hike that Shelby ever did. We, Charles and Thor had actually left
and then we met up with them again to do this hike. This was… I thought was taking a picture
but apparently I was filming for ten (10) seconds which is great, cause you get to see
a little bit of behind the scenes of us without the dogs trying to take pictures! We did get a really good picture. If you want to see it…
@ThorUnleashed posted a video of us with the picture as well. Shelby was like: “I’m just going to lay down, guys!” “This is good! This is my spot!” Aww!
How fun, that was, so fun! One of the other things
that happened while camping was we saw the Northern Lighs. Both of these next two (2)
sections were edited photos that I made, but I did took
these photos and edited then on a little app to make them
look like they were moving. We saw the Northern Lighs three (3)
nights in a row actually while we were up there. I don’t know…
It just kind of gave me a little bit of comfort. Feeling like… Shiloh and Oakley were looking
down on us and telling us “Everything was going to be okay!”
I don’t know why, that’s what made me feel like but, it kind of did… But… I don’t know… Talking to you guys is
like therapy. I talk on here and then
I go back thru and read the comments. So, maybe that’s what this was or maybe,
I just didn’t wanted to loose this footage of her (Shelby) on her last
camping trip. So there it was guys! Like I said, if you want to see
in full, is over on the @SnowDogsVlogs channel. Thanks for listening/reading to me today.
Hopefully thinks will be back to semi-normal eventually. Thanks for sticking with us, you guys!
We really appreciate it. Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪


  • Gone to the Snow Dogs

    Hey guys. I wasn't even sure I was going to post anything today, and then going through this footage, and thinking about Shelby today. I decided to share this. This is just clips from her last camping trip with us. You can see all 4 days in full over on Snow Dogs Vlogs:–ORM9IcJSzx I just needed to talk today I think. Love you guys. Thanks for being here for us.

  • Tracy Wood

    Thank U so much for sharing every moment U have of beautiful Shelby with us.I keep watching all footage, even tho some R repeats, but that's TOTALLY fine with me.Any time of Shelby is SO very welcomed.My sweet boy Nergaly,also past from kidney disease&it is so incredibly heartbreaking when everything U try,doesn't seem to end up working,no matter how hard U try.I no how U feel,as I felt so useless to be able2do anything to help in the end,except love,love&more love.It rips U'r heart out.She absolutely 100%knows how much U tried&how much she was adored,how could she not with an amazing Mum&Dad like U guys.She will ALWAYS be loved&adored & NEVER forgotten. Thank U for every moment beautiful Shelby Diva Girl,U will forever be in our hearts sweet girl💕

  • Blood Star

    Run free Shelby the diva.. I've been here for a while and she feels like part of my family it hurts me to hear that yall lost her..I'm scared I might lose my dog to.. she cant even bark I'm scared she may have throat cancer or hurt her throat or worse..but I'm glad yall are doing better and getting through it..Run free beautiful shelby girl❤

  • Caroline Tomkinson

    What a wonderful memory you have shared with us thank you. Miss this beautiful diva husky. Sending you lots of love and hugs. 💖🤗💖🤗xxx

  • Wolfkins1972

    I know it's hard and you will always miss Shelby,know you did as much as you could for her and she knew that too.Thank you for sharing your life with us❤

  • Loviekinz

    Kidney disease is horrible. Took away my cat. She didn't have issues not wanting to eat, she ate non-stop but just kept losing weight. And one day her back end wouldn't work, she couldn't stand, and that's when I had to say goodbye. But she was almost 21 years old. My Huskies eat wet food, they aren't kibble fans. So while they might end up with bad teeth, I hope the extra fluid in the diet helps keep their kidneys nice and healthy xD

  • Holly Griffin

    We loved the last video of Shelby with everyone!!! She forever ❤️♥️ will be in our hearts ❤️❤️!! Love you guys too!! And the beautiful girls ❤️♥️!!

  • Matt

    The thing that hurts the most is the fact that Shelby is gone, but the best thing is that she’s with her sisters who she misses dearly

  • The Official Shifting Guides

    I'm a brand new Subscriber. Im Extremely sorry about your loss of Shelby 😢. And I really don't know if you believe in this stuff, but I guess I'll just post this to let you think about this. If anything does happen to any of your wonderful dogs, there is a way to go. Crystal Healing. There are thousands of crystals that can help with various things. You can make elixirs then have your huskies drink it. Don't worry it's completely safe. But it will help symptoms. I'm just hoping you can keep them alive and healthy as long as you can this time👍

  • Elaine Campbell

    Those beautiful Shelby eyes, and gorgeous coat. And the amazing woman that she was. It was so good to see our dear friend Shelby. She will never be forgotten, and always missed. But most of all remembered with a smile. 🙂

  • Rheagan Tanner

    This is adorable and I'm so sorry I know this is hard but I'm glad you guys are doing good now! Love you guys and your videos

  • Magnus Andres Lescano

    She looked so happy, she was so spoiled and loved demanding to be treated like the Queen Diva she always saw herself as… We will forever miss her but this video will always warm our hearts whenever we think of her

  • Jo Ann Petroff

    Put off watching this knew I would cry but over the weekend I was a volunteer with my vets office in Saginaw (Veterinary Health Center) who gave out 658 free rabies vaccines and Saw just about every breed of dog plus a doppelgänger of Shelby which I had to hug, this camping trip of yours looked like what Shelby needed at the time, (((hugs))) Jess & Jaime ❣️

  • Stacey Johnson

    The great diva Shelby will be miss and yall are such good dog parents for sticking with her even when she wasn't feeling good! I love all of your videos and watch all your channels! Sending love and support from Arkansas❤

  • angel of death665

    An chuid eile i síocháin Shelby

    I lived with a kind old lady she died at 62 from Kidney failure and breast cancer survivor, she died April 23d 2010 I'll miss Grandma Anne and I will miss watching your videos with Shelby in them rest in peace Fluffy Butt Shelby

  • John Medeiros

    I miss Shelby but shes in heven with shylo and Oakley and god i bet is playing heven fech with them and that guy was true she is probley siting in front a food bowl saying hooman were my dip i hungry i cant eat if i do have my dips cream cheese is my fav thank you hooman best hooman if my hole dog life

  • Lawrn West

    Thank you for sharing this, it has help me and I am sure others have lost our fur kids, we all know they do not live forever, but it is never easy. These videos are helping me complete grieving or move in some direction with the grief for my furkids who have crossed the rainbow bridge – so sharing is appreciated and Shelby was one in a million, well they all are, thanks again.

  • Ulf Knudsen

    Oh so sad.
    Its so hard to loose a dog (family member is more correct). God bless her and you who suffered such an loss.
    Beutiful dog and video, you talked so sweat of her.
    Got tears in my eyes now.

  • M E

    My cat past away about 1 or 2 weeks ago and I still cry over her she ment so much to me but It was so sad i couldn't even look ar her before she past she was skinny and weak and i wish i could hug her again but i can't I'll never be able to hug her.

  • The Random Things I do

    Do you ever think that the dogs know what we are talking about so when they are on YouTube they talk to other dogs? So like the dogs kinda have a channel too.

  • Renee' Matthews

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us, Jess. It warmed my heart to see her enjoy herself with her friends. 💜💜 🐈🐾

  • Pallavee Singh

    A bittersweet video thank you for sharing it. I hope your channel crosses the million mark as a thank you to Shelby for making us all smile. I miss you Shelby "the diva".

  • Keith Bates

    Hi Jess a very precious vlog on Shelby. No words, we have been through this many times. You have them in your heart. Keith and I just talked about our Shih Tzus we had them when we married l986. They were my first babies with Keith. We did laugh at the happy memories of them. I wouldn't have it any other way. Joan Bates everyone should have a dog or cat in their lives, so rewarding experience, much love! Save a life in the shelters. You will be blessed if you do , save a canine
    or cat, they will never forget what you have done for them! Joan Bates

  • Ryu Animates

    I haven't watched this channel for a month, i just came back to see. That Shelby died…….. I'm crying right now. I didn't expect her to die while i wasn't watching the channel, may the doggo god bless her in Heaven…..

  • nancy letteer

    Took me until today to watch this. I guess I was scared, but your beautiful calm voice Jess made this such a wonder beautiful not scary at all video. Thank you so much for making this beautiful video and sharing it with us the pawdience 😘💖

  • Neko Mata

    She was such a cute, sweet, fluffy diva. It's bittersweet to see those videos but it's good you were able to enjoy that last trip with her. She had a great life with you and I'm sure she left at peace, with a life full of everything good on her heart. Thank you for sharing all of that with us, even this last bittersweet trip.

  • Denise Wilke

    Bless your heart sweetheart your so brave I just subscribed yesterday to your Channel I found you through watching Tonka Monroe and Bonnie I feel you're so brave I don't know what I would do if I ever lost my dog and you lost two of yours stay strong

  • Beth Miller

    We all want we all will miss Shelby we just need to remember that Shelby Shiloh and Oakley will always be in our hearts no matter what

  • LPS Eevee evolution

    Well since she'll be gone at least my dead sister Bailey has a dog my mom was too young to have a baby so she died in her stomach and she had to have her removed she would be 25 right now and I'm 9 myself 😖😖😖

  • Jennifer Holliday

    It's still hard to believe she's gone. So many tears from watching this video but it's a wonderful way to remember her last trip, doing things she always loved to do. My husky has been gone 3 years and I still cry over him, so my heart goes out to you as I know it's incredibly painful to lose them. Sending lots of love to you, Jamie, Memphis, & Kira.

  • Akihito

    IN the last month and a half I lost both my sweet kitties. Jasmine was my first pet, and she was there with me for everything. Then a few weeks later we lost my oldest girl Gracie. They both left me super suddenly. Its been really hard to see pictures of them. Im so glad you didnt loose this.

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