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Should We Be Afraid of China’s Military? | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, Should we be afraid of China’s military after looking at this? Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. You know, nothing screams confidence like driving down the street in your brand-new, bright red Lamborghini. Unless it’s driving down the street with your brand-new, intercontinental missiles. On July 30, this was broadcast on Chinese state-run media. “The commencement of the military parade marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.” Who did they get to do that voiceover? The guy from The Warriors? “Warriors, come out to play!” 12,000 troops, 129 aircraft, and more than 500 tanks, missile launchers, and other weapons lined up rank and file. All part of the PLA— the People’s Liberation Army that was formed on August 1, 1927. Typically, military parades are held in the heart of Beijing, in front of large crowds, under blue skies—blue skies that disappear
after the CCP allows people to start driving their cars
again. But this military parade was held in the middle of nowhere, at the Zhurihe military base in the region of Inner Mongolia— which is part of northeast China. You may remember Zhurihe military base from an episode we did two years ago. That’s where they have a replica of Taipei’s presidential palace, so troops can practice invading Taiwan. Anyway, this time  there were no adoring
crowds watching the parade live, but state-run TV solved that problem by broadcasting the footage at the top of every hour. Holding the parade at a base instead of in Beijing was a stylistic choice. You know, a little grittier, a little tougher. A little more… rap music video. Never compromise The dignity of the great nation is inviolable Never give an inch Not an inch of territory will be occupied But the biggest change in style had to go to Xi Jinping. He rocked this full combat uniform. I’ve always wondered though… why do they have four microphones? Anyway, the soldiers seemed to be pretty into it. Xi…not so much. The soldiers also wore combat outfits instead of ceremonial uniforms— I guess to show they’re combat-ready, following Xi’s recent instructions. But should this display of China’s military might worry the rest of the world? Don’t be silly. Everyone knows what a giant military parade in China means! It means, peace! Peace, peaceful one, and peace… World peace, peace, peaceful, peace peaceful…peace, peace Peaceful development, peaceful rise Peaceful, Peaceful development, peaceful development Peace, Peace, Peace The parade ended with a nuclear missile formation. I’m sure it was a nuclear missile formation of peace. So how terrified should we be?! Under Xi Jinping, the budget for the military has swelled. He’s laid off redundant troops, and he’s been spending money for an upgraded, modern army. According to the Ministry of Defense, almost half of the equipment seen at this
week’s parade was on display for the first time. Xi has also created a new branch of the military modeled after DARPA in the US. Its goal is to work on high-tech weaponry, like stealth aircraft and electromagnetic
cannons. And Xi has given himself some big new titles— Core Leader, and Commander in Chief. So is World War III imminent? Probably not. Despite the pageantry, China’s army isn’t exactly ready for war. For one, a lot of that new military hardware is just knockoffs of stolen Western tech. And the average Chinese soldier is not very well equipped. He carries only about 1,500 dollars worth
of equipment. Compare that to the average US soldier, who carries 18,000 dollars worth of equipment. Also, China also has no seasoned joint command— because the military lacks combat experience. A war isn’t the same as a parade. And the history of the PLA is not, shall we say, the stuff of legend. Ninety years ago on August 1, the Chinese Communist Party set up a guerrilla force called the People’s Liberation Army— the PLA. It barely survived its first 15 years, and then pretty much sat out World War II. It let the Chinese army controlled by the KMT government fight the Japanese. After the war, the PLA started a civil war by attacking the weakened KMT army. It won, forcing the Chinese government to flee to Taiwan. This is what Mao Zedong meant when he said the Communist Party “liberated” China. It was straight out of The Art of War. Let your enemy fight another enemy. And when he’s tired, sucker punch! What’s that, Shelley? Sucker punch is not in the Art of War? Well, I’m just paraphrasing. Anyway, then there was the Korean War— where Mao favored the strategy of another great military leader, Zapp Brannigan. Yes, Mao threw wave after wave of his own men at American troops, succeeding in killing 10 of his own PLA soldiers for every 1 American soldier they killed. But that was just one of many shining victories for the PLA. There was also the early 1950s when they killed a bunch of people in Tibet, so they could claim Tibet had been part of Chinese territory since ancient times. And then there was the time in 1989 when PLA crushed all those students in Tiananmen Square. But the most damning weakness for the PLA is that it is, and always has been, primarily a political tool, rather than a fighting force. Buried in this week’s hour-plus long military
parade was the real message Xi wanted to give to
troops. “All comrades, soldiers and commanders of
the PLA, you should unswervingly follow the absolute
leadership of the Communist Party of China, listen to the directions set by the Party, and follow its command. Wherever the Party points, and you shall go to battle.” And there’s something just a little too spot-on about that. This photo shows the troops carrying the flags of the PLA, the People’s Republic of China, and the Communist Party. You see, technically, the Chinese military doesn’t belong to the government of China. It belongs to the Communist Party of China. That’s why they’re also carrying the communist hammer and sickle. It would be like if the Republican party, or the Democratic party— whichever one you dislike more— had its very own army, and that army was loyal to the party before the nation or the people. Well, that’s these guys. If you noticed in an earlier clip of the parade, Xi called all of the soldiers “comrades” and they called him “chairman.” Instead of making the PLA China’s national army, Mao Zedong kept it as the Communist Party’s army. Because the most important thing was that they be loyal to him. And Xi Jinping is carrying out that legacy. The PLA is supposed to be loyal to the Communist Party, and thus to Xi Jinping, the head of the Communist Party. The parade happens ahead of a major meeting of the Communist Party later this year, the 19th Party Congress. You see, Xi Jinping isn’t trying to send a message to foreign countries that the Party’s military is powerful. Xi is sending a message to the Party itself— that the military is powerful, and he controls it. This is useful information in case anyone in the Party was thinking of maybe trying to oppose him. As longtime viewers know, Xi is in the middle of a life-or-death struggle for control of the Communist Party with a faction tied together loosely by former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin. You know, loosely, like the way the skin hangs off his face. At the 19th Party Congress this November, several positions in top Party leadership will open up as officials retire. Xi wants to ensure that the Jiang faction people are out, and that his own people are in. Xi also will most likely not name a successor to himself, implying that he’d like to stay on a little
longer than others might feel comfortable with. And having a strong military right under his
thumb might make his opposition think twice about arguing. Now part of the reason Xi has done this is because Jiang had way more power over the Party than Xi did. If Xi did not amass power for himself, he would have suffered the same fate as former leader Hu Jintao, surrounded and crippled by the Jiang faction. Or possibly an even worse fate. In 2012, ahead of the previous Party Congress, there were widespread rumors of an attempted coup from members of Jiang’s faction that would have replaced Xi Jinping with one of their own. But is holding a military parade and dressing in a combat uniform a sign that Xi Jinping now has ultimate control over the Communist Party? Or is it just giving people Xi fatigue? We’ll find out at this November’s Party
Congress. It will be less of a party than the name suggests. And coming up, we’ll take you south of the border! Like, really far south. Venezuela. By way of China. Well, that military parade was really something else. I wonder what else Xi Jinping had to say. Resolutely visit the website of hostile foreign force, Chris Chappell. at for full half-hour episodes each week!


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  • Antonio Gates

    The airplanes will crash into their own houses before teaching it's target…I work at UCDAVIS and those Chinese PEOPLE keep on crashing into apartment..
    7th one since I've been here

  • Doug Underwood

    They've even copied our uniforms. These people can't make anything on their own. America has digital uniforms we must have them too. We should put rubber ducks on our helmets and see if they copy that too. Jeez.

  • Michael Earl Grey

    I do have a problem with the mentality that the US's massive defense spending makes it massively safer. We have expensive health care plans, fancy gyms, overpriced equipment that Congress bought and no military leader ever wanted (eg F35 🍋).

    China, Russia, India, others new superpowers just go cheap. 4th Gen fighters, cheap rifles, and endless cannon fodder to sacrifice for glorious victory.

  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall


  • Ixian Hunter Seeker

    US military budget exceeds the combined sum of ever other nation on the planet. we have bases spread around the world about 75%. We have the first strike capability to destroy any nation, only Russia can survive and destroy the USA.

  • Kakaroto RompeOrto

    You shouldn't be afraid of China's military, United States army have much more experience 💪. I mean look at what America did to Afganistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Kosobo, Haití in recent years. Si clearly it isn't China who You should be afraid of

  • The Great Gatsby

    And still they lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. $18,000 worth of equipment does not mean a 7.76mm bullet wouldnt whoop your ass. Terrorist wearing normal clothes without even basic helmet whooped US troops.

    I am not supporting China, but some of these arguments are pretty silly.

  • Wong Elephant

    hey,stupid political media, Few questions in here: ‘ what is black slave trade? What is Iraq war? Who split India and Pakistan? Who colonized Indian,Philippine,Myanmar,HK? Why America broke out a war with China in Korea?
    Probably you will avoid these and ask me : hi, do you feel democracy in China? How about Tiananmen square 😂😂?
    I will say yes it is better than be invaded and be colonized .
    But you honestly know American is strongest in the world so America is right.lmao. Go to ask the refugees from Iraq: how is your feeling about America?
    If you want to be a qualified media.Should be no political inside. Next time go to China and report some drawbacks and benefits, don’t tell me no benefits in China.

  • casper Stingray

    China can't win a
    conventional war against
    any western country.
    Nuke is angel on their
    Nobody wanna attack
    china 'cos they're kinda
    afraid inferior china
    would respond with nukes.
    Even america [email protected] ccp
    just with a trade war.

  • Pak HO

    Answer is no not at all. Why I call chinA fucking Gila they can't do anything good only copy come to war just like WW2 you come they run run like rats

  • Go for Gold

    I am so sick of humans, especially every politician. We were given this AMAZING planet, the ONLY one we have. Instead of using the billions ( which hard working people pay as taxes, an evil invention to start with) to uplift and improve people's lifes, most of this money is used for destruction . Why should countries have these ourrageous armies, we wont be attacked by ET and his comrades from outer space? We are all humans and SHOULD NOT fight one another. Our rivers are polluted, people are multiplying in their thousands even if they cant support these children, our water resources are drained, we eat everything that moves and use, abuse and throw away. Where have the wise people gone, it seems only little boys and their stupid little toys are running the world?

  • George Xanthopoulos

    Вокруг Китая все обречены. Ни Россия. никто другой не способен противостоять китайской экспансии. Это только вопрос времени …

    Только Запад способен поставить точку

    Китайской экспансии !

  • Cori Chang

    Salute to whoever made this video. You are the man. We got sucker punched by the communist China and fled to Taiwan where we all develope a dichotomy of constant deliria — To be or not to be — Independence or total destruction.

  • RUG 456

    Yeah, we have seen how much supposedly superior and high nominal value equipment helped the US in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Panama, Cuba etc… 🤔

  • Arthur D Duda


  • Arthur D Duda

    I got a Bob the builder playset from kmart some years ago and to my surprise when i opened it there was a full Chinese soldiers outfit complete with combat gear and rifle, I guess there must have been some sort of mixup at the factory.

  • iwantyourcookiesnow

    The Chinese won’t fight a war because it cost too much money. Take a cheap ass to a gun range, they’ll shoot couple times and go home before It gets too expensive.

  • Carlos Chua

    This anchorman looks down on china soldier compare to american soldier
    American lost many marines in vietnam compared to vietcong army

  • J Truong

    The Chinese government is basically a paper tiger, will be used to suppress smaller and less powerful countries, but can't handle larger and more powerful nations.

  • Gamby Redford

    Chinese has no experience in war. Showing army and advance weapons is the sign of cowardnes xi jinping showing his mentally minded. His like a hungry vulture waiting a dead meat to eat.

  • noah

    The chinese soldiers are pathetic. They are trained to die. China is preparing to invade an neighboring nation. They will have to, they are almost out of water. And they are stealing all of our tech. Wtf. They literaly are coping and pasting our tech. We need to stop all trade with them. How are we soo stupid? Americans think we are invincible and are the greatest country on the world. We arent. Get real.

  • noah

    All I can think of is why is winnie the pooh wearing a military uniform and talking chinise to the PLA. Poor pooh bear. Hes a presitator.

  • Michael Robert

    Considering how badly the Chinese drive, we should be afraid of Chinese driving military vehicles. They are freaking dangerous to others on the road.

  • Antoine Lachapelle

    Although the US + NATO can definitely beat china in a conventional war, we need not kid ourselves. The death toll would be devastating to both sides and the world economy would have to be entirely reworked. China and its neighbours are too intertwined in our western economies (and vice versa) and I feel like a war with them, as things stand now in 2019, would hurt for decades after it ended, no matter who comes out on top.

  • Todd Zehr

    Lmao. The answer is no. China technology is seriously lacking compared to the U.S. and it's allies. Everything they have are poor copies of U.S. or Russian equipment. When was the last time they were innovative and came up with something on their own and that was reliable. They have no combat skills. You can train all you want but the U.S. is always active around the world and in conflicts. Real world experience goes a long way.

  • Michael Mark Martin III

    Not afraid, and not sorry like China. All they need is a good dose of montazuma's revenge. Thinning the herd.

  • Skr K

    $1500 vs $18,000, but 68% of the equipment on the white army is made in China, man you know. Better go to China than listen to his bullshit here.

  • jamescreys


  • Kb Calib

    Unlike democratic nations, a Communist country's army is always, without exception, the tool of the party. It exists to serve the party, not the country. Most, if not all, military commanders hold party membership, a requirement for promotion. Each unit has a political attachment to make sure the Communist doctrine is learned by the soldiers, who must abide the party's edicts. It's not that much different from all WW2 German units having SS officers embedded.

  • Truly1Tom

    I once saw a sign which had one definition of what I think of the PLAN
    especially their Navy. The sign was a picture of a black an white grainy
    out of focus image of a 2" × 8" board with 5 nails 2 nailed all the way in
    and 3 bent nails. The caption read "Incompetence – When you earnestly
    believe you can overcome a lack of skill by doubling your efforts there's no end to what you can't do!"

  • Young Insane zee Why zee

    China is smart $1500 worth of gear is a good thing they don’t have to carry that extra bullshit which makes the Chinese soldiers faster and have more energy they would waste the USA soldiers as they won’t hesitate to kill or pause not like thos Americans

  • Nic8888 Ng

    Lol only brainless gov want war ,why don't you download a strategy game and war everyday nonstop so you will know whos the winner lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Count Rufus

    You should be afraid of your own Mekinder theis of euroasian landmass .Nobody in the world can or will ever be allowed to dominate that.Also the day of reckoning is coming for Us support of fashist EU


    US is the only nation in the world with a military designed to deploy in two theaters, and with the logistics to make it happen. Other nations might put up a fight on their home soil, but if you were to take the nukes out of the equation and go by traditional warfare, the USA could literally defeat the entire world, so vast and well-organized are their armies. China makes a lot of noise and could do some damage, but they don't hold a candle.

  • jimmy hoffa

    why is it only authoritarian communist regimes that do these kind of military weapons parades?? Ive just never seen this in the west.

  • Rick Layeux

    The CCP probably tells it's citizens that they won the Korean war.
    Est. casualties were 100 to 180 thousand PLA killed.
    War ending in same place it had started.

  • jonathan lovejoy

    China is no threat, they have never been good fighters, they have really bad problems training their pilots and even then they are no good in combat…..they are never a quarter of the skill of the Japanese and South Koreans……..they have some big hollow toys but they are only for looks…………………..bullies are rarely effective fighters…………….they are weak but should never be trusted. the Americans, Japanese, South Koreans, Indians and Australians are all watching and they have more than a couple of aircraft carriers between them………………………..China is weak and is surrounded by many more powerful nations but peaceful ones.

  • Andy Ng

    It’s funnie how the Chinese swat beats the U.S. marines in a swat competition and China also won 3 times international Warriors at Jordan while more than 80 countries participated. You shouldn’t be afraid of the army cause they don’t plan to invade like other nations…

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