Should You Work While on Vacation? – Clinical Trials Industry
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Should You Work While on Vacation? – Clinical Trials Industry

hey guys Serg here and today we’re gonna
talk about should you work while on vacation hey guys
ECR G here and today we’re gonna talk about should you work while you’re on
vacation so you’ve been working hard all year long you met all of your goals and
you’re finally ready to take your vacation you’ve got the whole next week
off you’ve got your flight schedule
Department I mean your Airbnb booked your hotel booked whatever it is and you
made sure I had Wi-Fi so you could do a little work show your boss that you’re
all in for the company and that you’re ready to ready to get your next
promotion because even you will work while you’re on vacation now should you
do this or should you not and the answer is unequivocally no and we’re gonna go
into a few reasons here why you should not work while you’re on vacation why
it’s a complete bad idea you will not get the benefits from it that you think
you will get you will think that your fellow co-workers will think me and that
guy’s a hard worker and you’ll see all the benefits maybe your promotion will
be right around the corner and everyone will you know just think you’re a great
team player because of that and that couldn’t be further from the truth
there really aren’t many benefits other than if your employer is like if you
don’t work while you’re on vacation they’re gonna fire you well you don’t
want to be working for that employer anyway if they’re gonna fire you because
you’re taking your rightful vacation days so we get these these are laws do
you have to have a certain amount of days and time off in the USA it’s it’s
not as many as in the EU you gets five weeks mandatory vacation in the US I
don’t know how many days it is I mean you you gotta have holidays or whatever
and if you work on holidays you’ve got to get paid overtime so there’s a few
protections in there not as much as our brothers and sisters in the EU but
hopefully we’re moving towards that direction so anyway
first reason why it’s not a good idea for you to work while you’re on vacation
is you’re simply not focused on either one so you’re not having an effective
vacation which year you went there you went on vacation to de-stress maybe
learn about a new city whatever your reason was you’re not having an
effective vacation because you’re working and you’re not working well
because you’re distracted by the vacation so you’re kind of just
half-assing both wouldn’t it be better to just work really hard while you’re at
work and vacation really hard while you’re at vacation and I think you would
agree with that so that’s one of the reasons why you should just not do it
because you’re not gonna be doing either well you’re gonna be submitting probably
lazy or lackadaisical work and your vacation is only but show so short I
mean how many days you possibly taken off a week two weeks max maybe three
weeks if you if you’ve built up that much of pto at your job so you only get
but so much pto think about it there’s 52 weeks in a year and we only get I
mean my company I get 14 days PTO I mean what’s I mean if you’ve been at
the company long long time you can get maybe 20 days a year 25 days PTO
maybe 30 days so it’s only it’s not that many days you get off and you’re gonna
waste it while working that’s just not a good idea that’s just not a good idea
you have so many other days that you could be working throughout the year go
ahead and take that time off and take it completely off and enjoy that vacation
so that’s that’s one of the reasons you’re not doing either well the second
reason I have for you is it really sets a bad example for your peers and
employees if you are manager and you’re working while you’re on vacation
what kind of example do you think you’re setting for your peers and the people
that work under you they’re gonna work while they’re on vacation too and it’s
just not a good idea because you’re the manager you supposed to lead by example
do you want your employees to work while they’re on vacation or actually take a
good vacation then they come back well-rested and ready to work for you
really hard when they get back and it doesn’t matter even if you even
if you tell them you know don’t work on vacation you know take the vacation time
because people are gonna follow what you do that’s why you got to lead by example
lead by your actions not what you say because they’re gonna see that you’re
working while you’re on vacation and they’re gonna mimic that behavior too
because they’re thinking that’s how you got to where you are by working on
vacation and that’s just not true so you need to make sure that you really lead
by example and it comes from the top down so if the if the manager doesn’t
work on vacation the employees aren’t gonna work on vacation they’re gonna
mimic the manager they’re gonna do what the boss is doing so you need to really
take this and lead by example if you want your employees to have a really
good vacation and not work while they’re on vacation then you need to do the same
so you want to set a good example in this in this regard that’s number two
now the third reason I have here is expectation will is will will you be
expected to work on vacation for every other vacation that you take so if you
start out when you’re you know new to a company working on your vacations then
they’re gonna expect you to be working on your vacations for the rest of the
time you’re there and you don’t want that maybe you just you know did it once
okay I’ll just do it this one time to show everybody I’m a really good
employee I’m a really good co-worker and for
everyone to have your back but you keep doing it you make it a habit it’s
eventually gonna be something that you can’t get away from people are gonna
expect email responses people are gonna expect you to you know call into
meetings and answer Skype Skype meetings or whatever
while you’re on vacation even because you’ve been doing it the whole time so
why would they expect anything different so you really don’t want to start it and
then think that you’re just eventually gonna be able to stop it because people
are gonna expect you to respond so that’s what I would want you to keep in
mind is don’t do it to begin with because then they’re gonna expect you to
keep doing it and doing it and doing it so here are some tips if your workplace
is one where they want you to be working while you’re
on vacation I would recommend you think about working somewhere else first of
all and to you should probably take your vacation to two places where there is no
Wi-Fi where there is no connectivity so you have an excuse as to why you can’t
respond while you’re on vacation camping is a good one I think camping is
probably one of the best ways to actually relax on a vacation because if
you go to a new city let’s say you go to Europe or something on your vacation and
you live in the US or whatever it is some new city you’re gonna spend your
time exploring that city and trying to get the max out of it at least I do and
I ends up not being very restful and rejuvenating and while you’re camping
you know working on nature’s clock you know sunup to sundown working on the
probably the clock that we were meant to to follow that biological clock is just
so relaxing and rejuvenating and it’s it I come back from camping typically way
more rested and ready to go than from any other vacation and I’ve stayed
five-star resorts you know everything the amazing beaches the amazing food etc
and I think camping is by far and it’s amazing how cheap it is to it is so
cheap to go camping and I think it’s by far the best experience and the best you
know way to relax and rejuvenate so definitely recommend that and that’s a
good way to you know you’re not gonna have access to your electronics and so
that’s a good way to avoid the whole you know working or answering emails while
you’re work while you’re away and even if you know you’re kind of addicted to
your job in that way you know a digital detox I think is something that’s gonna
be very huge in the future you know we all I think I saw stat like eighty four
percent of adults are always within arm’s reach of their phone I mean
where’s your phone right now when you’re watching this video is it in your hand
are you watching this video literally on your hand because you’re watching on
your mobile probably because looking at my Anna
that’s where most people come from are you watching this on the computer and
your phones right next to you or in your lap or in your pocket so we’re always
within arm’s reach of our phones and I think going places where you can’t use
anything digital TV phone computer will be very big in the future and people
will be doing that literally – digital detox and literally to get away from the
addiction of their phone and always checking you know if you think about
what happens in the morning you will probably check your phone that’s the
first thing you do so getting away from that is we’re gonna be big so I hope you
enjoyed this video hope you learn something about why you should not work
while you’re on vacation oh yeah and then the final thing about this is if we
create a culture as American employees if we create a culture that vacation
this vacation we’re not gonna work and you know you set the tone that is
gradually gonna spread across the USA across company to company the company
that culture is gonna be ingrained in us that we don’t work on vacation we take
our vacations very seriously that’s our time that’s my time and it’s it’s not
the employers time and you know if we focus on that I think there’ll be great
effects and I think it will dramatically improves productivity and overall
happiness and well-being so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video about
whether you should work or not while you’re on vacation
hopefully you employ some of these tips that we share today and you comment down
below if you agree or disagree what do you think about working on vacation
do you work while you’re on vacation love to hear from you guys in the
comments down below just to hear what you guys got to say and you know that’s
pretty much it for this video email us at elite clinical group at for
any inquiries I want to connect with you guys if you wants to do a resume review
clinical research resume review you can shoot that over there we’ll review it
we’ll put it on the channel if you’re ok with that and you know hopefully you know tweak
some things get you get your clinical research position so alright guys that’s
pretty much it like share subscribe to this video as always and we’ll see you
next time with another video take care

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