Showing Dad My Secret Fishing Place The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1863
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Showing Dad My Secret Fishing Place The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1863

oh good morning good morning ladies and
gentlemen guess what we are getting ready to go on to the lake with this bad
boy yeah that’s right we got our fishing rods right there hopefully we have some
better luck today well yeah my dad is gonna come we’ll just pick up here right
away and hook up the boat and then we’re gonna go fishing we just finished having
breakfast we had a good night’s sleep there’s still a real fine mist out there
but whatever doesn’t matter anyways that’s cool fishing was just some better
luck today okay alright guys we came back we got a
couple of fish not nothing too serious we got two really small ones and then
two though we’re okay size so we kept those ones and so now this morning it
was raining so we set up another tarp over here so we don’t have to sit in the
rain we’re kind of sitting there on the campfire over here right now warming up
some of that leftovers ribs from last night so we’re gonna have those here in
a minute right yeah anyways as soon as they’re
warmed up we’re gonna have us a good lunch and just kind of sit back and
relax starting to the sky starting to get brighter so that’s awesome it’s been
kind of cool today but oh well well guys it is time to cook some supper we took
us a late-afternoon a little beauty nap right that’s what I
thought no we’re getting ready to cook us some supper what are we cooking looks
like a nice Dewey huh Angie so what about you why there you got some
sunshine all right yeah I think the UH I don’t know if you guys can even see it
over there but if you look straight up I mean oh
yeah there you go so you can see there’s really hardly any clothes anymore and
that is a really nice sight to see because this weekend was one of the best
times of the year to take pictures of the Milky Way or I don’t know if the
best time of the year but it’s kind of at a certain period it’s exactly Hera’s
only or whatever you call it and and or vertical I guess you would call it
vertical yeah and so and the moon was not up this weekend so that was perfect
but the moon is starting to come out now but so I think what we’re going to do
we’re going to quickly cook some supper and then I think we’re going
go for a little bit of a ride and we’ll go see we can take some pictures of the
Milky Way hopefully we get some good luck with that yeah I did take some pictures of the
Northern Lights already yeah that would be awesome
so that would be straight north so that would be the other way around yeah so
we’ll see we gets get lucky tonight seeing the Northern Lights and the Milky
Way so we’ll give it a shot well it looks like it’s suppertime we
got a little bit of a bright light over there hello this guy’s ho ho that’s
looking fantastic we got some noodles some beef everything in there so let’s
go ahead and have us a good supper so sitting there on the campfire what do
you think there mister you’re hungry chicken noodle soup what about if it’s
beef in there that’s okay yeah all right that’s how Supper well good morning good
morning ladies and gentlemen welcome welcome to the show guess what we’re on
the lake as you guys can see my dad has got a boat we’re gonna go see we can do
some fishing over here we didn’t have so much luck yesterday but it was raining
all day and as you guys can see the Sun is out today so we’re gonna give it a
good try and see we got lucky today oh I guess
I’m getting too close to the grass on that side so I’m the chauffeur as well
I’m driving in filming at the same time oh well whatever yeah dad said you
almost had one anyways let’s see we can catch a few today just finished fishing
guys it’s my dad with his boat right there we had some good luck today I’m
telling you guys I’ll go ahead and go around him
and we’re gonna go to new to make Lake I’m gonna go take a shower
smelling pretty fishy right now yeah no kidding but at least we had some
better luck today I’m gonna do we have nine all together fish yeah that’s gonna
be for an awesome fish fry here for lunch so that’s awesome so we’re gonna
go take us a shower first we’re already cleaned them all up to
look at them and everything so we’re ready to go all we got to do is put them
in some flour and all that stuff and then we can fry them up good lunch just
came back from our fishing trip and let’s take a look new that we got our
some fish in there some fish in there and we got the pot on here with some oil
and so we’re gonna see if we can get us some nice fish fry done right
oh man I’m telling you this the first time we’re cooking some fish out here
and that we got only two yesterday right so wasn’t really enough to for all of us
to fry so today we got nine so awesome so we’re gonna go ahead and fry some
fish I don’t know where dad went but he’s hiding from you know anyways that’s
fry yeah probably up a miss let’s fry some fish
well look at here guys who went and took us a nice shower yeah right over here we
are back at new to make lake yes indeed we are they don’t have showers out there
because it’s a seasonal camp right so they expect you to have probably a
shower in your in your camper right but they do have showers right here at new
to make Lake so when over here took a shower now let’s go back to dads place
and we’ll see what’s for supper are you guys seeing what I’m seeing
look at that guy I am seeing a beautiful beautiful
we’re here guys I managed to get a few pictures of him and yeah he’s it’s it’s
at new to make Lake still but Dad is in amazing shot this is the first time I’ve
gotten a chance to see an owl guys I love it I love it alright guys as you
guys can see I’ve got my tripod set up let’s go have a look oops I don’t want
to disturb it too much but it’s sitting right up there on the tree it’s allowing
me to really get some awesome shots of this owl say he’s paying attention to my
wife to see if my wife is going to be a danger this is the very first time I’ve
ever had an opportunity to take pictures of an owl like that it’s really zoom in
on his eyes see he’s looking at my wife is she going to be a danger no I don’t
think so I yeah they’re in hunting mode right now
beautiful beautiful


  • Tom Ludden

    I can see that nites are getting cooler. I'm glad that you had a better day fishing that one day. That owl was interesting but, he was definitely watching you and your wife. Glad you had a good time with your dad. Until next time enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Daniel Davis

    Trucker Rudi did you ask your co driver Trucker Jessie if you could borrow her boat and trailer to go fishing without her ha ha lol

  • Tommy Ramirez

    Hello From El Paso Tx hey man do trucking videos we miss them why aren’t you doing trucking videos or do you have another channel for that bring the trucking videos back please 🚛

  • Carla Head

    What a relaxing videos because the great outdoors is so beautiful and I LOVE ❤️ those pretty owls and other wildlife my friend. Keep up the great work my friend-I LOVE ❤️ the great outdoors and relaxing family time !! Nice boat too 🙂🙂🙂Sending all of my LOVE to the family,ok Rudi? GOD BLESS and looking forward to more nature videos.

  • Carla Head

    Great video my friend!! I especially enjoy the family time and the beautiful nature and other wildlife . Nice boat too and keep up the great nature and wildlife videos Rudi. Sending my LOVE to the family 🙂🙂🙂🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mb Locations

    Rudi! Really love your camping vids (Probably cause I love camping in Manitoba & Love seeing others adventures here) – Man, do you folks FEAST! As always… AMAZING photos – the owl, so stoic, the northern lights & milky way… can't beat it!!! Gorgeous presentation! Thank You (all of you)!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

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