Singaporeans Try: 24 Hour Bomb Shelter Challenge

This space is so small…
and I have to clean my own shit and pee. – Hi guys!
– Hi! Do you think Singapore is a safe country? It’s super safe. You can go out at 3 or 4
in the morning (and it’ll be safe). Even if I go home late at night,
I wouldn’t be scared to go home. Do you have a bomb shelter at home? Yes. What do you currently use it for? Storeroom… It’s damn smelly because there are lots of shoes. – Luggage.
– Yes, luggage. Shampoo… Do you think you could survive in your
bomb shelter if there were an emergency? I have five people in my family,
so it’s difficult for us to squeeze inside anyway. Same! But I think that my family can live in my bomb shelter. There’s a mahjong table… mahjong… There’s food – my snacks – and wine… – It’s so hot and smelly. We’ll suffer.
– Yeah. But you can fix a fan inside. – Fan…?
– There’s a plug. – Mine at home has a plug.
– There’s a plug within a bomb shelter? If people bomb you…
you still have time for plugs? Did you know that Total Defence Day is coming up? Oh, my God. I feel like something bad is coming. One of them is Civil Defence.
Do you know what civil defence is? Defence among the people. It’s to ensure that Singaporeans know
what to do in times of emergency. Therefore… in this episode of Singaporeans Try… Don’t make me stay in my bomb shelter.
in this episode of Singaporeans Try… Don’t make me stay in my bomb shelter. We’re going to attempt the 24-hour bomb shelter challenge. – Wait, so we’re going to stay in our own bomb shelters?
– Yes. – Huh?!
– Jeez! One whole day?! (Knocking) This is it, Ally (PD)! Let’s prepare for war. Come. How do you feel right now? A little bit nervous. I don’t know… I don’t know what to do. I’m going to go in and sleep as much as I can.
That’s my talent. Who do you think will fail? Who else, but Nic! I think Kaitlyn will lose. Xenia? I’m not so sure, but… I’m going to win. I’m definitely going to win.
I mean, I’m super competitive. Nic and Kaitlyn – you guys are goin’ down! You only have three minutes to take anything you want. Three minutes start now! Excuse me! Water bottle! I need this to clean my face. Fan… fan… Mini cooker! My Hai Di Lao! I’m going to have a party inside. (Alison) Whoa! Whatever… I’ll just take it first
and see if I’d eat it later. – I think I’m ready.
– (Alison) You sure? Let’s do it. Pro, huh? Water bottle!!! Shit, I was going to bring this… Oh jeez, Xenia…
water is the most important thing! – (Sew) Three seconds left!
– Huh?! Oh, my God! (Timer rings) Time’s up! (Sew) Stop! You’ve got to go in! I’m going to live with this (bleep) cup of water. (Kaitlyn cries in claustrophobia) – Ally, this is it.
– Bye bye! – I wanted to bring a pillow… Give me my pillow!
– Bye bye! Bye! It has started… The horrors. I have so many things I forgot to bring in. A pillow and bolster –
my strategy was to sleep it off! I’ve got my mini table here. Ta-da! I’ve got a stool. I was just packing my stuff when
I realized the stupidest thing ever, My bucket has a hole in it… Can you see the crack? Oh, my God… Instead of lounging on my sofa or bed… I’ll be in a bomb shelter. Eating my breakfast. Without chopsticks. Wow! Smells so good! (Groans) If I can’t open this, I can’t eat. Alright, ladies… It’s time for our Zumba workout. Let’s go! And up… and down… And left… and right… And swing it! And swing it! This is how I stretch my legs! Hi… I just woke up from my nap. It was a really good nap, surprisingly… and I’m so proud of myself! Let me show you what my pillow is made of. I’m creative! I’m resourceful! I can do this! What’s cookin’, good-lookin’? I’m about to eat my lunch…
which is an instant hot pot. Life cannot get better than this! I’m kind of an instant gratification monkey, and I probably won’t have anything to eat for dinner later, but never mind! Enjoy now, regret later. Time check: 5:30 pm! I think I’m going very strong. I think I’ll win the challenge. Er… Oh, my goodness.
Why did you open the door?! – This is my husband.
– Are you still breathing? – Don’t disturb me! You can’t open the door!
– Chinese New Year somemore! You cannot open the door! Bye bye! Bye! See you. I don’t know how to pee because I forgot my bucket. I only have plastic bags. It’s just… how do you execute it?
Do you stand, or squat? Jeez! How do you aim? Ok, shh. I’m really lacking this social… emotional connection, and I’m starting to talk to myself
way more than I really should. Gotta prepare for the war outside.
Get ready to fight. (Horrible singing) What are your options, Sergeant Fuzzlewerks? Hello… This is the best thing ever. You don’t need electricity or even fire to cook it. All you need is a cup of cold water! I bought this a long time ago… when is the expiry date? Here’s the manufactured date. 2 January 2018. You can keep it for 260 days. It’s expired?! (Editor’s note: This video was filmed in Feb 2019) I’ve got nothing to eat! The time now is 9:58 PM. Which means that I have to turn off the
lights and stop using Wi-Fi in two minutes. This is going to be hard. I guess I’m ready, because I’ve made my bed. and I’m prepared to turn off the lights… I don’t know what to do.
I guess I’ll try to sleep. It’s 10 PM now, so… Goodbye, guys. I hope I don’t get too emotional…
because as the night goes by, I don’t know, man. I miss my cat… I miss my husband… A night without them is very hard. I just woke up because my whole body
was aching while I was sleeping. Just one minute before recording, I was thinking about… just walking out of here. I still am thinking about it. I’m trying to sleep, but it’s not working. I’m sweating buckets. It’s damn hot. It’s a struggle. Sorry, guys… I just don’t think I can persevere till the morning. I just can’t do it anymore. I feel like I tried my best. I can’t do this anymore. I give up. I didn’t vlog from 11 PM till now. I knocked out.
I think that sleep is more important. My fever is getting better – thank God. I’ll try to vlog in the next hour if I don’t K.O. See you later. Bye! Time check: 9 AM! Yay! It’s time to get out. #freethenipple Freedom. Oh, my goodness. Freedom. Oh, my God. It’s so cooling. Oh, my goodness. Look at the view.
I’ve never seen so much… view. Welcome back! How was the challenge? Torturous! I now have a phobia of opening my bomb shelter. – I cannot see my bomb shelter…
– It’ll never be the same again. It’s damn stuffy and damn smelly! My pee was just there… At first, the sound of my pee
hitting the plastic bag was like… Can you hear the sounds? At the end, the sounds were like… I stepped on my own pee. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee I didn’t bring a bucket! I forgot! Holy shit. My plastic bag leaked. There’s water on the floor and I stepped on it.
I don’t know what the (bleep) that is. Can you see? It’s all wet. On the outside of the previous plastic bag. This space is so small and I have to
clear my own shit… my own pee, to be exact. Look at how much water there is. Wow – it spread all the way there. What I did at first was to chill a little,
play with my phone, watch Netflix… Towards the end, I knew that freedom was coming. Happiness is here! When I actually gave up… I can’t exactly remember how I felt. On the very second I gave up,
I could only remember saying these sentences: “I think I’m done here.”
“I cannot do this anymore.”
“I need to get out.” And that was how overwhelmed I felt with my emotions. I just cannot explain how I felt. It was just, “I need to get out of here.” So since it’s in the morning and I’m back here, I just want to rationalize my emotions. From 10 PM to 6 AM yesterday, was all about everything I’m afraid of. Number one: I was in the dark. Number two: You’re confined alone. Number three: You can’t talk to anyone else. I seriously thought about going the old school way, just texting and calling. I overestimated myself –
I thought that I could do without all that as I wanted the full experience. And here’s what you get –
a crying Xenia telling you that… she feels a lot. It just swallows you up, you know. It’s to the point where you think that you really need to get out. It’s surprising, because if something were to
happen but I had my family here with me, I would feel less (negative). Then I realized how weak I am, and how my determination is dependent on other things. Not just my thirst for life, you know. Do you think we take our bomb shelters for granted? – Yes!
– Confirm! We just treat it as a storeroom. It’s not like a bomb shelter at all. My storeroom has nothing essential for my survival. All those (useless) things have got to go. I think we can definitely KonMari our storeroom… learn from our Fauzi – our dearest Fauzi. There are actionable steps that are still reasonable. Like canned food, for example. Instead of storing them in the kitchen,
put them in the storeroom. In case something happens… it’s there. It’s very easy to go to your storeroom to take (the cans). What I’d start doing now is to put Panadol in the bomb shelter, just in case… Singapore is hit by a war. Then at least there’s Panadol and a first aid box in the bomb shelter. Did you learn anything about yourself from this experience? I learnt that I love my family a lot. I was just thinking about them… You could kind of hear them all the time. I wanted to talk to them, but I couldn’t. I felt like I needed the connection to be there. I think that I was quite calm.
I like to plan things so that I don’t get anxious afterwards. I learnt that I was more of an emotional
person rather than a logical thinker, judging from how I rationed my food,
and how I decided to give up. I feel like it’s not strong enough here. I feel like all of us, especially Singaporeans, these kinds of things might just
happen and you wouldn’t know it. We had three minutes, but three minutes wasn’t enough. You guys can start now.
It’s not a challenge – just pack up your bomb shelter. If you need Fauzi, he will be at your house. Or my dad. My dad was quite funny. So, if you don’t want the police to catch you,
you best tidy up your bomb shelter. Thank you for watching this episode of Singaporeans Try! If you liked this video, don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe. You can watch our other videos over there! Bye! – Pack your bomb shelter!
– Put food and water! Or the police will arrest you.

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