Sixty Seconds with Jason Burnside – 4-H Camping Specialist
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Sixty Seconds with Jason Burnside – 4-H Camping Specialist

I’m Jason Burnside and I’m the 4-H
camping specialist. All my music classes, I have a music education background. Yeah,
I played the trumpet. I would love to live on the office. I love Creed, he is hilarious.
(Laughs) Mud, ramps, tow straps. Literature on fly-fishing. The wooly bugger, the royal
coachman, the adams, the elk hair caddis. Any brook trout
stream. I’m sticking with hugs. I’m with you man.
We learn so much more in failure and defeat and so it’s fascinating to me
when he has to speak after a loss and enduring a tough season. San juan worm,
mayflies, blue wing olive. (Laughs) You’re going to make me say that on camera? That hurts. I’m gonna say
Abbruzino’s. Rainbow trout, hellgrammite, crane flies, damselflies. The personal
growth and development that can happen, the responsibility that they learn
from maybe being away from their parents for the first time, or trying
something new. You just have a lot of fun. (Inaudibly listing more flies)

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