Skipping School! 🏕️
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Skipping School! 🏕️

– I’m taking a day off at work and I’m going to surprise Russell and we’re going to do our annual Griffiths father and sons camp out. I’ve got our clothes. I’ve got sleeping bags, double hammock. Why do I have the nagging feeling that I have forgotten something? I’ve got a fun surprise for you today. – What is it? – Oh! (upbeat music) You okay? (upbeat music) Hello, guess what? I am doing something that I rarely do, I’m taking a day off at work and I’m going to surprise Russell. Today is a special day because today is the
day that I’m going to go with my brother in-laws,
my brothers in-law? Brothers in-law, my father in-law, and all my nephews and
we’re going to do our annual Griffiths father and sons camp out. Now, they’ve done this for like two years, but every time they’ve
gone, I’ve been out of town or had to work and so I
couldn’t take the time off, but today I made sure
to take the time off. Russell knows that we’re doing a camp out, but he doesn’t necessarily
know that it’s today. He went to school. He thinks it’s a regular day. I’m gonna go pull him out of school and we’re going to surprise him with this father sons camp out. So, I packed all this stuff. I’ve got his change of
clothes right there, and I’ve got my junky little white hat, and I’m ready to go, and you know the thing
I’m most excited about, is that we get to ride in our new truck, and so this is gonna be a ton of fun. Let’s go. I’m vlogging like you asked me to. – Aww. Oh, you are. I just ordered a bunch of
stuff for our food storage room ’cause we literally, I
keep running out of things and when you can’t have
chocolate chip cookies on the first day of school, ugh, that’s a sign that you’re
running low on the basics. – [Kevin] So let’s buy 100 pounds of it– – Six bags, six pounds of it. – [Kevin] All right, let’s go.
– [Ruby] K, thank you. Thanks, take ’em downstairs. – You’re welcome. I almost forgot Russell’s toothbrush, and that would’ve been tragic because then he would’ve had to use mine. Hashtag gross. You guys ever seen our food storage room? Yeah, we’re preppers. Let’s grab his stuff, grab my stuff, and let’s go get these errands done. I’ve got my little pellets for our little BB pellet gun we’ve got, and everything else is loaded I think. I’ve got the cooler, I’ve
got the camping chairs, I’ve got our clothes,
I’ve got sleeping bags, double hammock, and even a
little shade pop-up tent thingy. I think we’re set. So, let’s go get this cover on the bed and then go pick up Landon and his boys. Why do I have the nagging feeling that I have forgotten something? I hate when I have this feeling ’cause it usually turns out to be right, but I can’t think of what
it is, so we’ll just see. Hopefully, and it’s only one night, right? I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. Food is purchased and now gonna go put the
cover on my truck bed. We’re here at the place
where we bought the truck and they said it would just
be a couple of minutes. Let’s see if that’s true. (upbeat music) – [Employee] All right,
go get you set up, Kev. – [Kevin] Awesome, thank you.
– [Employee] Good to see you. – Good to see you again. Oh, bummer. I’m back in my truck now and I found out that
it would take two hours to install the bed cover today because they’re just totally backed up. Since I’m already running kind of late, I’m just gonna go pick up Landon and we’ll have to do
the bed cover next week. Who doesn’t love a ticket on the freeway? Yay! – Beautiful. – [Kevin] Hey. – I like it.
– [Kevin] I’m glad you do. – Woo! – I need to tell you something! – Ready to go camping? – [Kevin] Let’s do it. – It looks like it’s 200 years old. – Oh, get outta here.
– [Kevin] Wow. – This is my contribution. – [Kevin] What’s that? – Chips.
– [Kevin] Oh, chips. Perfect.
– Oh, it smells good! – [Together] Mmm. – The smell. – [Kevin] Yes, I know. It’s so fun to drive. – Awesome, and Juliette had fun. – We’ll go get a little dirty. (laughing) (funky music) We’re about loaded up and we’re gonna go and surprise Russell. This will be fun. (child mumbling) You guys all set and squared away? – (mumbles) look, see? – [Kevin] Yep, okay. – Let’s go grab Russell.
– Perfect. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) Oh, who’s that handsome man? (upbeat music) I’m gonna check Russell out, yes. – [Secretary] Russell,
what’s the last name? – Franke. He’s all checked out. Now I just have to wait for him to come. Hey, young man. – Daddy! – [Kevin] Hey, pal. I’ve got a fun surprise for you today. – What is it? – [Kevin] Should we go,
do you wanna go see? – Ya. – [Kevin] K, you ready? Let’s come out front.
– [Russell] Okay. – [Kevin] We’ll look what I brought. – [Russell] Yay, Truckie! (laughing) (children mumbling) – Hey, Russell.
– [Russell] Hey. – [Kevin] Woohoo! (mumbles) will be fun. – [Landon] Ready to rock and roll boys? – [Russell] Yeah. – [Kevin] You guys ready
for fries and milkshake? – Yeah! – K, let’s do it. If you guys ever come to Utah, make sure you stop by
a place called JCW’s. Best burgers, fries and shakes ever. – Their shakes are so awesome! – [Kevin] Yes. (mumbling) Thank you sir. (upbeat music) – We interrupt this
broadcast for a brief message from our sponsor. (monkey chattering) (upbeat music) – We get all buckled in
and everyone’s ready to go and it’s right at that
moment, that very moment, that Russell says, “Dude, Dad, I suddenly
have to go poo now.” So, he ran back inside and
he’s going to the bathroom. I’m glad he said something rather than trying to tough it out. – Well I grabbed some
extra napkins just in case we gotta make emergency runs in the woods. – Very good. (relaxing music) Welcome to our campsite. Let’s give you the tour. Right here we have Cooper,
carrying a sleeping bag. We have Porter, carrying a sleeping bag. We have Landon, carrying sleeping bags. Cody, what are you eating? – Beef jerky. – [Kevin] Uncle Bo. – [Russell] Dad, I wanna
show you something! – [Kevin] Hey, Boston. – Like, a couple minutes ago, I rode Cody’s four wheeler
’cause he gotted one a long time ago.
– And a motorcycle. – I didn’t ride his motorcycle and I just rode his four wheeler. – [Kevin] You rode his four wheeler? Did you drive it? – Uh, yeah, and uh–
– K, Cody, come show me. Let’s go. Let’s see this awesome four wheeler. Whoa, are those it? – I got in the motorcycle. – [Kevin] Are those it? – [Russell] Yeah, I rode
the motorcycle once. – Here’s our motorcycle,
here’s our four wheeler. That’s Jackson’s, I mean,
– [Kevin] Holy smokes. – that’s actually Calvin’s. – [Kevin] So which one
did you and Russell ride? This one?
– Mhmm. – Oh man. K, we’re gonna have to get
some video of you guys riding. Let’s go have a look at our tents. All of us have tents. Russell and I have a hammock. I’m kind of a glamper. Sorry, but I always
struggled sleeping outdoors. I’d wake up with a really sore back, – [Child] Uncle Kevin, how
do you get in that thing? – [Kevin] but ever
since we started getting these tent hammocks, – How’d you get in that thing? – [Kevin] Oh, careful. Don’t fall on the tent. You open the zipper and you climb in. That’s how you get in. We have other larger tents. Got all of our chairs. – That hammock is so cool. – [Kevin] You like that? – Yeah, I might kick Russell
out and bunk with you. Is that okay? – [Kevin] Um, sure. – And, you know, Russell’s like, “Yeah!” I don’t know. I think we might have
the two coolest tents. Yours is like the suspension tent and mines the floo, and it just sets up. – [Kevin] Is that yours right there? – [Cousin] Uh huh, yeah– – [Kevin] So you just threw
it out and it pops up? – Mhmm. Done. Just boop. – [Kevin] That’s pretty cool. – It was pretty cool. – It removes rust, but, yeah, no, they’re not ruined. – So, as you can see we’re talking about manly
things, rust and stuff. We got some more set up to do, and I’m going to get the chair out and probably take a nap. You going by yourself? K, everyone move out of Russell’s way. (engine revving) – [Landon] There you go, Rus. – [Kevin] There you go. Yeah! Woo! (twangy music) Oh! You okay? (twangy music) – [Landon] Not that far. – [Kevin] And there’s the tree. (engine revving) It’s that blasphet tree. Gets him every time. Let’s see if he does it again. – [Landon] Keep Turning. – Keep turning, there you go. Good morning everybody. We had an awesome night. We sat around the campfire. We told jokes. We ate snacks, and the mosquitoes are out. – Mhmm. – [Kevin] Cool, what are we
going to do this morning? – We’re going to go on
the four wheeler ride and I think we’re trying
to stock the fire. – [Kevin] So, the battery’s almost dead. So, I want you to say, “Thanks so much for watching our vlog.” – Thanks for watching our vlog. Make sure to subscribe. – [Kevin] We love you guys. – We love you guys. (engine revving)

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