Sleeping Pad Review for Backpacking & Camping – Night Cat Inflatable
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Sleeping Pad Review for Backpacking & Camping – Night Cat Inflatable

The night cat sleeping pad is
comfortable and convenient the ergonomics of the wavy pattern design
provides optimal back support and with the extra built in pillow this pad is
very comfortable to sleep on additionally the wider and thicker pad
makes it comfortable for all types of sleepers even if you’re a side sleeper
like me get a special discount on this sleeping pad by clicking the link in the
description below the night cat sleeping pad is ultra light and small weighing in
at about one and a half pounds and the size of a water bottle after packing
it’s easy to store in a backpack making it perfect for backpacking camping
hiking fishing traveling or any other outdoor indoor type of sleeping the
night cat sleeping pad is strong and quiet made from a special nylon this pad
is strong and durable enough to sleep a person as heavy as 330 pounds
accompanied by advanced seam treat techniques and craftsmanship it’s
completely airtight and will stay inflated for several days of use coated
with polyurethane the mat is not only waterproof but it also makes less noise
when you move during sleep the night cat sleeping pad is easy to inflate and
deflate distinct from other air pads that require heavy breathing to inflate
this one comes with an air bag to inflate the pad you just need to squeeze
the air from the air bag into the pad and in a couple minutes the pad will be
fully inflated this saves your time and energy
remember when inflating the pad always make sure that the air bag cap is
securely fastened to the air intake valve on the pad push firmly all around
to make sure it’s sealed now you can scoop some air into the air
bag and roll it forward you will see that the air starts to go into the air
pad immediately after only a couple minutes your air pad will be full and
you’ll feel resistance then you can disconnect it securely fasten the cap press on all
sides very firmly to make sure that it’s sealed to deflate the air pad pull the
entire cap open from the bottom to release the air fold the air pad in thirds long ways and
then roll the air pad up very tightly for packing this will push all of the
air out towards the air hole you can also roll the air bag up the same way
and then fold it in half where you can place everything back into its little
pouch and ready to go camping or on an adventure again the air bag can also be
used as a dry bag so I put this to the ultimate test and threw it in the river
there it goes my only set of dry clothes here’s a view from the inside of the bag
look at how dry it is after floating on the river the dry bag kept my clothes
dry so that was pretty cool not only can it be used as a dry bag but the air bag
can also be used as a water container due to its waterproof feature hi filled
my bag and I walked on up the hill where I hung it on a tree this is really
useful for hand-washing and for making sure that your fire is totally out at the $30 price point this air pad is
worth every penny and don’t forget to use my 10% discount in the description


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