Sleeping Rough | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton
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Sleeping Rough | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

I’m being honest. I’d rather go and
have a tramp’s wash with a baby wipe. Yeah, yeah. That’s me. I don’t like going to
First Base for a shower. No, no. I’ve struggled to just get
to the Clocktower Sanctuary. I’d struggle to get to there. A tramp’s wash is the baby wipes. You strip off in the public toilet
in the actual cubicle bit, bit by, top by… Or in your sleeping bag? Or in your sleeping bag, yeah, and you get the baby wipes and you
wipe your armpits or you have your little shave if you need it. You wipe your bits down there and
off you go. That’s the tramp’s wash. With a female, what you need to
remember, as long as you look good, you feel good. Altogether, I’ve been homeless for
about seven years. And it’s been on and off, so I’ve
been housed into temporary housing, been taken back out and it would be
more the point because I’m so used to sometimes being on the
streets and being in a tent and having the comfort of people
around all the time, I find it quite lonely to be inside. People do think you’re a prostitute. You become all sorts,
you know what I mean? You’ll have strange men come up
to us in doorways and ask us, “Oh, if I give you 50 quid…”
and it’s just like, no. Do you know what I mean?
And we don’t… That’s why we have to sit in packs
of two, like, if you’re sitting… You will just get targeted
and targeted. A lot of men around here seem to
think you’re a bit of meat, so… “Oh, I’ll give you a tenner
for a blow job.” What makes you think I’d put your
dick in my mouth, for one? Everything I know, she taught me. CREW MEMBER:
What has she taught you? Everything to survive. Like stay
clean. You know what it is, it’s just common sense, really,
at the end of the day. It’s not common sense. Yeah, it is.
It’s life skills. It’s not. It’s hard, because you’ve got to
learn that stuff. It’s not common sense at all. I think, like keeping your feet
clean and dry, d’you know what I mean? You need to change your socks
every day. I’ve got 48 days to go. Before what? I give birth. I want my body back! She wants her body back, don’t you? Some lady gave me that. Did she? Some lady… That’s the baby one. Yeah?
Some lady come past… Look at this, though. Literally
dry and wrinkly, isn’t it? That’s all the cold air
getting into you. He’s going to have to go into
medical care, though. Because of the medication
that I’m on. But, you know, I’m trying my best to
cut it all down, so it ain’t so much for him
to come off. It’s better if I do it but then,
whatever I get, he’s taking half of anyway. They say, when you are pregnant, say
if you was to have, I don’t know, Subway, half the Subway goes to the
baby, half the Subway comes to you, doesn’t it? It’s the same with your
meds, babe. We are going up to the graveyard,
so I can go to bed, so I can make my bed in a tent
with the dead people. It’s a lot safer than the
streets itself. Well, I feel, anyway. I just would… I would rather just
stay hidden, if you know what I mean. You have the odd couple of people
that come through here and they may be drunk,
so it’s not that bad. It’s quiet enough for me. It’s pitch-black and I’ve got my own
space so it’s OK. I quite like it. I think it’s one of the worst nights
I’ve had since 2015 or something. The tent fell in.
Got absolutely soaked. Everything inside got soaked. What I’m wearing is soaked. My trainers are soaked. It’s getting to the point I’m
getting so frustrated, I’m… My mental health will deteriorate,
Lily, it really will. It’s on the verge that I’m going to
end up breaking down. D’you know what I mean? I’ve got to
go and see my child next week and I can’t… I haven’t even got the energy or
effort to go and do it, d’you know what I mean?
I feel fucking horrible for it. I think having my little girl
probably made me a little bit weaker for all of this, do you know
what I mean? It did. I thought I was a lot stronger,
I really was. I wouldn’t, before having her,
I didn’t have a fucking clue in anything, do you know
what I mean? So it was just me against the world. But now, I still feel like I’ve
somehow got to protect her in it. Do you know what? If I could go back to jail
tomorrow, I would, because everyone’s friendly
in there, really nice. And yeah, you get your three
meals a day. You get your medication on time,
same time everyday. I don’t know, it’s just nice. It’s cosy. I’ve got my own room,
my own bed. Smoking spice. Yeah, I know a couple of people on
the streets that are on spice and yeah, they go funny when
they take it. So, yes, it’s not very nice. I think she needs medication, because I think
she has a few things. No, I’m being serious. Fuck you! No, in a nice way. Fuck you, too! Yeah. But I do think she needs housing. Definitely. They can’t… I can’t believe they’ve left her on
the streets at 21 years old. It’s disgusting. She can’t survive
out there. Look at her. She can’t do it. Us lot can. We know how to survive. She doesn’t. She’s only a baby. Do you want to take a picture, love? Fuck you! All right. SHE LAUGHS MANICALLY You learn how to… You learn
something… I know. I’m only joking, only joking.
I promise you. Yeah, yeah, she’s… I’m with my two children,
it’s just, like… Babe, you have to be careful. You will get your head caved in
by these people. They don’t give a fuck. What are you
going to throw at me? Babe… Didn’t you know
I was only joking? Yeah, but to him, it’s not funny. See what I mean? People like that
don’t care about punching you. They just, like, get up and go with
him because he’s just going to carry on, carry on and carry on. She’s lucky that she’s only got a
pint of milk thrown at her. Really lucky. A 21-year-old on the
street, she can’t handle it, no way. Needs to be stretched
like that, look. It isn’t big enough. That’s why I didn’t ask for help
from you. I can’t, because that’s the cut,
that side, JP. You’re supposed to be lifting it up
over the cut… Get off my finger. Her cheekiness. Her proper
cheekiness. Have you seen the way she is?
Have you seen her? She’s got an attitude and everything
and that’s what I like. I know it sounds weird,
but that’s what I like. I think I might go back
to single life. It was so much peacefuller.
I was focusing on myself, my own mental health, because I was
focusing on my child, I was focusing on all my
appointments but now I worry around, making
sure he’s got everything he needs before my even child gets what she
needs, d’you know what I mean? So now, I’ll deteriorate back to
Paige mode, and do what I’ve got to do, d’you know what I mean? And I’ll put
myself first before having to put him first. Yeah, little boy. 7th of November he’s due. So got to have a separate scan
this week, as well. Because of the placenta
or something. She’s got to check her placenta. Her lady stuff, you know. Yeah, we’ve been together just over
a year now. Just over a year. What do you think
you need as a woman to survive on these streets? A decent man
and a decent chiv. I want to make it as comfortable as
I can for her. Because she’s pregnant and I ain’t
going to let her be uncomfortable. It’s easier having a partnership,
because there’s two of you. There’s… You know, where I forget,
where I don’t think of something, he will. He does do a lot for me. I don’t know, I suppose I do take
him for granted a bit, but he says I don’t really appreciate
things that he does, but I do. No. Go away. Go away? Yes. What? You, fuck off. Thank you, sir. I haven’t got much, but I have got
this doorway. So… Because I’ve been in care my
whole life. I’ve had… I’ve been on my
own my whole life. Because I always felt
homeless, anyway. Do you know what I mean? In care.
Do you know what I’m kind of trying to say? Like, yeah,
I have a bed, but I want a home. Yeah, so in a hostel, about… ..three months ago… On Facebook,
and on my uncle’s page, he put, “I’m sorry to say, I found my sister
dead this morning… “ her flat.” Yeah. It was a massive circle,
what happened to my mum, that’s what happened to me. But it’s because I kind of wanted
to be a bit closer to her like that, d’you know what I mean? I actually have a door number. So it’s not just named
A, B, C, or D. It is number 43. Shall we say flat 43? I’ve got my own front door key, but
guess where they fucking put me? Where are you? New Haven. I’m not allowed no guests, though. Well, yeah. Yes. You’re not talking to
me like that. Babe… I don’t care. Don’t talk to me like that. I need a
spliff, babe. Yeah, and what? Do you think I don’t? You don’t
think I don’t? I need it terrible. You talk to me like shit on a
daily basis. Now fuck off. Fuck off.
Go on, fuck off. Go, go, leave me alone. I’ll throw it. I’ll throw it if you
don’t take it. Do you know what I mean? And that’s what I’ve got to put up
with on a daily basis because he needs a spliff. So… I know how I ended up
in this situation, it’s because of the way
my mental health deteriorated, the way I clashed with my mum. I was a runaway child
and I could never stay at home. Every time the police
brought me back, I was bang out of the door again, do you know what I mean? So I loved
the street life at that point. We buy some chips for you. OK, thank you. So you can have it. Thank you. Yeah, just enjoy it. Thank you very much. Don’t worry. Having no-one. No. There’s a bit of a family going on. No-one looks after me. Oi, bud. Do you know the homeless
people down here? Babe? Babe? Do you know, like, a man named Rob? I don’t. He sleeps down here, red rucksack. Red rucksack. Do they know anyone?
No, they don’t know my mate. It’s a good day today, isn’t it? You can feel it. Feels really bony and ribby. It was heaven. It really was nice, and yeah… Yeah, I did. It’s lovely and the pillows,
oh, my God! Putting your head on a pillow’s
really nice. Love it. I would just like
it permanent. I don’t want to come back out here
any more. I’ve been living in New Haven for
ten days now. Feeling like shit. I have to be very careful because
I’m in public. If she gets adoption, then my contact will be reduced to
completely nothing. Even though we’re homeless, we like
to look all right, don’t we, baby? Yeah. Spare some change, please? Have a good evening, darling. Have one for me.


  • Mark Castro-Garcia

    3mins: pregnant tramp smoking a spliff… "he's gonna have to go into medical care though…coz of medication that I'm on – but – I'm trying my best to cut it all down so it ain't so much for him to come off". #SelfishScumbagLoser

  • UrNot Alone

    I remember sleeping under one single leaf for warmth, it only covered my ear lobe but done the job. I was in a dark place then I snuck into a museum. I now live in a teepee with Indian statue's I just be still all day then do what I want at night. It's warm and is nice plus I get to live two lives. One as a statue and one as a human in a museum. Thanks for reading.

  • Spriggan v

    This is just the tip of the iceburg . The Brighton that people choose to ignore it gets really dark everyday is a struggle Mark wasnt joking when he said you need a knife under your pillow to survive . Since 2010 I have seen Brighton & Hove change so much , Funding cuts leading to being placed outside of the local area . Support networks moving to online services whilst benifits almost gone . Food banks Churches Charitys do there best while the council just keep box ticking for there finacial year . The revolving door of Abuse Homelesness Education Justice HAS TO CHANGE NOW . rip to all those I lost and continue loosing to the system PEACE .

  • karl williams

    i was homeless for 2 years i never slept in the cities at night i had a shelter built in a wooded area, had a stream that ran through the woods around 2 and a half miles outside the city,my shelter was well covered ,not seen unless you feel on it had best dry and warm dugout and covered clay soil great to build with and on a incline so no water ran into my shelter tarp bubble wrap tarp and moveing blackets and moss and pallets a homemade fire box out of old fire exstigiser and baked bean cans ,went into city for food and a shower and homeless shelter centres then out at 8 oclock at night,hard life liveing on the streets in a town or city no way thx

  • callum thomas

    I wish I could help these people more I've been homeless since I was 17 I'm 27 now barely got a roof above my head I work full time the private rent price in my area is disgusting and unrealistic and no help from the council I've kind of given up trying to get a place and accept I'll never rent or own a house. More help from the government is needed give these people a place to call home and work will follow. All these people are struggling with mental health problems and its hard to stay on track with a job with all this shit going on it's a viscous circle

  • Jimmy Vila

    I feel terribly bad! but at the same time I feel they put themselves in this position do to life choices that's not our fault.

  • reality check

    They basically don't care about themselves (no matter what they're saying), so why should anybody care about them ?
    This is all BS, don't waste time filming these people.
    Take everything you hear with a grain of salt….

  • Trevor Wills

    I'm surprised these poor souls don't book in to a bed and breakfast and then claim housing benefit and their rent would payed until they found employment.

  • Yolanda Jenkins

    You people get on social media and talk badly about Black people always worrying about what we're doing…Please…you red demons are not in any position to talk about anyone your kingdom is falling down right before our eyes…This is only your Karma for The Rape..Rob..and Murder Of. GOD'S Chosen People…We don't feel sorry for any of you Beast…Because What Goes Around….Comes Around…!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Freedom

    Sad to say if your homeless and female under the age of 25 and your unemployed the way improve your chances of being housed is to get pregnant then your deemed a priority as your situation in the eyes of UK Law has changed . British government needs to Do More for the UK Homeless people .

  • Positive Robbo

    This girl said she would rather be on the st because she can be with other people, Yet so far she's only been on her own.
    I have just come off the st after 18 months. I am an ex addict, with mental health problems, and I am now clean, to many if only's. All you hear is woe be tid3 me.
    And she's pregnant, and take's drug's.

  • Chris Jones

    Kids in care homes dumped is child abuse,just because they reach school leaving age doesn't give them the right to leave them to fend for themselves es,shame on the social for letting this happen and government for not helping them cross that very important bridge of their life,

  • Starr Company

    Seems like the mess out there is nice and neat, but out here in Los Angeles it's horrible unbearable can't walk in the streets

  • Gül Ahal

    "The most important things – life & time is going waste" what a pity… though one girl had a flat, but sadly, fatefully homeless on her destiny…

  • John Oakley

    there are people who literally live in garbage dumps around the world. Kids who are born in actual land fills. You people get food and a roof because of good charitable people having pity. Your blessed to be/ even have a city to sit in where people will pander to it. Iv personally talked to many homeless people, and donated and gave out of my own pocket when im called to do so. the problem is drugs and laziness. I don't want to be all negative, but prove me wrong. Government/police put you in hotels and feed you, or some charity takes care of you or some random person gives you enough to get to the next day.

    Please citizens don't confuse what im saying… Don't stop helping those less fortunate, we should always give. Its what our lord wants.
    But at some point you have to see that your creating the problem by making it easy to be homeless. The first week/month of homelessness your still healthy and its "exciting" people are giving you everything you must have. Money,Food,drugs- its easy to find yourself homeless. I'm working with 2 homeless moms now and there life choices and parents are the cause.
    But both have had multiple chances to get clean/have a roof and food and bed. all that at the same time. and instead they walked away got high and played the poor me card.
    what do we do? easy– Instead of spending money on charity beds and basically free housing/jail/halfway houses etc. we make those same places work dorms. the 3rd time in 1 month the police find you homeless they bring you to your new dorm. Some simple task the city or state needs done is your new job. your paid 2/3 min. wage and you have 3 months before your out on your way to a better life. (cloths, food, sleeping attire, roof, and transportation to and from work is included) Pregnant? you have a desk job. Withdrawing? you get put in jail until you are stable.
    Wont work? great your a Counselor/Housekeeper for the facility. they can fix this problem if they wanted to.

    anyway, stop expecting strangers to support your life. stop begging and start being productive.
    If you didnt read it all you didnt get the message i was trying to send

  • savagepatty

    sad thing is the reason women are such a minority of homeless people is because there is always a guy thirsty enough to take in one of these.. eerr.. ladies.
    So either its by choice to live on the streets or they refuse to lower their standards even tho they literally bring nothing to the table.

  • Heidi Kersey

    My brother live in Vancouver on the street (East Hastings) in the 1990 till early 2000's. He received Aids from a hooker because they shared a needle. We tried everything to help him even bringing him home even when he was sick. He went back to Vancouver to die and rented a room and killed himself. Think about that story when watching this video. Love you brother your buddy loving sister and niece.

  • Washington Consultants

    My ex girlfriend has been kicked out of 5 apartments for not paying rent.  She has had to live in women's shelters several times.  I offer to help her by letting her live with me.  But she says "I refuse to be helped by a man"  Rather live alone in the streets.  Shame because she is so beautiful (but crazy now).

  • Shane vanWinkle

    Why do people choose to live this way? I was homeless at 16, no parents in my life, school drop out. I got scolded enough, shamed enough, to get a job, clean up, respect adults, be virtuous, self reliant. It worked. I had my own Excavating business at 29.

  • That Guy

    I look forward to the male version of this. You know, since the MAJORITY of homeless people are male.

    Wait, I forgot: bad things are only bad if they happen to whammen.

  • Laleesh Pleetu

    Aren't she the most lovely….con job! Intelligent? Isn 't this human failure the most! Players these drug addicts, they as are. Feel sorry, love. There we are. Is everybody guilty enough? Bye! Wish you wete as smart as me; I sleep clean in the most exqiusite eiderdown even as by God's grace I was you, degenerate playa.

  • Leta Minas

    You that are filming hope you got a good money for our views and comments and hope you helped these people….you sick parents and social services with no care go to hell…. you random people living on your own just like rats when you see someone like this girl sleeping on the grave yard you could do something, so many lonely people shame….you goverments we don t need you if there is only one man or woman living on the street, peeople are to blame, those rich think this is funny …we are all getting to the same cold grave and there will be justice I hope…yeah and I forgot damn forever you families who don t care for your loved ones in need , sick society only together in groups we can survive

  • Hannah Houle

    Homeless in Canada here
    Staying at a shelter
    Struggling to make my way across the province to live with my mom..
    I had everything 2 month ago.. a great job, my own home and a great boyfriend. Drugs didnt play a part… mental illness did

  • Hero Inne

    There you go ,ladies and gentlemans ,this so called democracies ,THIS,THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE TO OFFER,after your have been plundered,raped and squeezed dry of all your natural resources and after the privatisation of all of your national companies,then they give you this freedom,to be homeless and barely make ends meets.

  • DAXX

    I was homeless for 3 days one time and lemme tell you it’s not fun AT All , so I cant imagine what they go thru on a daily . I was paranoid ( for my safety)
    freezing , and got no sleep what’s so ever . A bed has never felt any better . To sleep under a roof in peace, and safe . MAD underrated.

  • maria stanovq

    She homeless but has dyed hair and nike shoes which cost at least like 100€ and she wanna tell me she does not have money for living next time baby don't spend money on stupid things and get in a shelter

  • Cody Smith

    They could get help but one smoking spice and doesn't care about her life shouting out at people walking down the street. Sleeping in public on the ground making bed in front of abandoned stores. They have no shame. And ones pregnant still taking drugs that is sad I feel sorry for the baby not her something wrong with their mind

  • Thomas Barnes

    I often see many homeless people around were I live and no doubt "you" do too. I would just like to say that I give only a small amout of change to a couple of homeless people almost every week, the odd time I'll ask if they'd like a pack of biscuits. It really does pain me that I can't help all of the people and I feel guilty (I know I shouldn't) My main point though is if you can't or just don't want to give anything please be polite, talk if you have time or walk on. I say that only as I sometimes see some homeless being abused which I see really hurts them. I've gotten into a couple of arguments mostly small but I'll say "Try to imagine if you were in such need" not that it works. At least it gives the homeless person hope and knowledge that many of us do really care..Just saying hello can help…Yes I know many times us people are abused too and yes that's wrong but to me understandable….

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