Small Trailer Cleaning Tips
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Small Trailer Cleaning Tips

When we get home from a trip our trailer
is a mess! So I clean and restock the trailers that
we’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. Hi I’m Crystyn and you’re watching
Travels and Travails. Here are my tips for cleaning our small trailer. Tip 1:
Remove all items. I remove the clothes, towels, bedding and sponges for washing.
I also remove the shower curtain to be washed if it’s soiled. I remove all the
items from the refrigerator in any perishable items from the cupboard. Tip 2:
wash clothing towels bedding and sponges I launder all the items together in one
load. Tip 3: Collect the cleaning items. I use a 2 gallon bucket as it’s lighter to
carry. I fill the bucket with Murphy’s Oil Soap because I like the way it
smells but you can use whatever you like I also collect gloves, a sponge, window
cleaner, bathroom cleaner, a small bristle brush like a toothbrush, a large bristle
brush and paper towels. I like to have the garden hose available for spraying
out the bathroom but you can use the shower sprayer in your bath as well. I
fill the bucket with water and cleaner and take it out to the trailer. Tip 4:
clean clean clean I start by cleaning the kitchen and the main area of the
trailer first I clean the refrigerator, then the cooktop. Be sure to remove any
debris from around each igniter if your trailer is equipped with them. Debris
around the igniter will prevent it from working . I clean the counter sink and
faucet, then I clean the utility drawer. Then I
clean the table and the front of the counters and the mirror. Hey if you have
any tips on how you clean and restock your trailer please share those tips in
the comments below. After I’m done with the main trailer area it’s off to the
bathroom. I clean the sink faucet and counter first; then I scrub the toilet. I
keep a toilet brush and bathroom cleaner in the Casita at all times, so we can
keep it clean while we’re on the road. After that I rinse the area behind the
toilet and scrub the shower pan. We have a teak bath mat inside the shower pan so
I take that out first scrub it and let it dry outside. Then I rinse the shower
pan. After all the laundry is clean I put it back in the trailer and make the beds. Then I restock the trailer with the
items that we will need for our next trip like paper towels toilet paper
cleaners tank deodorizers and batteries. 6: Vacuum or mop the floor. I do this last
so I don’t mess it up going in and out. Tip 7 empty the tanks. Doug empties the
black water tank and then gray water tank. Before we return home on a trip we
add half the cup of Dawn detergent to the gray water tank so it can agitate while
we are driving this provides for a cleaner gray water tank. One more tip:
Each time before we leave for a trip we drain and refill the fresh water tanks
so the water isn’t sitting in the lines. We use the white drinking hose not the
green garden hose that way we don’t have the garden hose taste in the water.


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