Small wild Bird Winter Shelter Roost Construction and Review Hot Glue?

so today I’m gonna kind of kill several
birds with one stone here and I’m going to test this gorilla hot-glue I’m also
going to test out this hot glue gun Chandler it’s a CT 60 which means it’s a
60 watt version and we’re gonna throw together a really ugly bird box here
it’s not a nest box it’s going to be a winter shelter sometimes it’s called a
roost small birds use it at night to escape heavy weather sleet snow extreme
cold things like that we just want to get them out of the wind I’m not going
to use any hardware on this box every joint is just gonna be hot glue I’m also
not going to clamp it we’re just gonna put it together and the point is to test
to see if this stuff is as strong as I say it is it’s supposed to be stronger
than any kind of glue stick that you can get so we’re gonna test it out
everything here is just rough cut and thrown together it’s gonna be ugly
inch-and-a-half bit there for the entry hole that’s gonna be on the front we’re
using 5/16 inch dowels here I’m gonna cut them down and I’m using a 5/16 inch
drill bit and I’m gonna mark it with this paint marker so that I don’t drill
all the way through the stock I’m using is pretty heavy-duty cherry and
it’s a little over an inch thick actually so I want to drill the holes
deep enough to accommodate those perches and I don’t want to poke all the way
through so let’s just drill some random holes I’m not marking I’m not measuring
him just giving the birds plenty of space from one another and these perches
won’t reach all the way across they’ll just almost touch the opposite
wall and the birds can find their own height inside this box
and we’re making it pretty tall this winter roost here is over 12 inches
high on the inside and I’m just going to cut some dowels here with a chop saw and now that I have a handful of towels
I have my drilled holes let’s just put some glue in here we could have just
tapped the dowels right in there and they look like and felt like they would
just hold their own but we aren’t testing the glue I want to make sure
none of this falls apart inside especially when birds are on it so let’s
just tap these in and right after I tapped him in I did try to pull em back
out to see if the glue was holding this stuff is supposed to have a 45 second work time but it
really sets fast now it probably doesn’t help that it’s about 42 degrees in this
garage so I just put them together on opposite sides and there will be lots of room there
this is my ugly top this is the backboard these are the sides of course
that now have the dowels in them and this is the front with the inch and a
half diameter hold down near the bottom now he kept it well off the bottom and
that’s because I’m going to use this 2×4 to hold it in place I’m also going to
strap this whole thing to a iron T post and I’m using this small stock on the
back again I’m just going to Center it up on the backboard
glue it with the hot gorilla glue and that’s all I’m using not gonna clamp it
I’m just gonna put it on maybe this thing will fall off if it does look for
updates in the video commentary down below and I will update everyone if this
thing bites the dust’ or if any parts fall off of it and so on again I’m just
positioning it by hand when I grab my little square here and make sure that
it’s kind of squared up it doesn’t have to be remember you can just use scrap
and build a roost out of almost anything and I decided to cut some little wooden
cleats here accommodate that glue filet and I’m gonna glue these on too it’s
just a little added strength I really would hate to look outside and
see that box faceplant in the snow especially if they’re a bunch of birds
in it this is a bird’s eye view when they come in they’ll see all these
perches of course they move higher inside the box if they want to warm up
more and they go down lower if they want to cool down the only ventilation for
this box is the loose fit bottom and of course that inch and a half diameter
entry hole there it is this is how it drops in this will also allow me to pull
that away and clear out the box maybe there will be a dead bird
heaven forbid but you want to be able open the box and clean it out and
you can just use low pressure air to blow it out
the only hardware I’m using are these eye bolts and I’m just gonna zip tie it
50-pound rated zip tie will hold the bottom on just nice and again this is
not sealed across the bottom but every other joint is sealed with gorilla glue
and nothing else looks pretty good to me we have that landing board there you can
also sprinkle some seed on that if you want to attract the birds get them used
to the box we’re gonna strap to the pole the 75-pound rated zip ties here they’re
11 inches long everything that I’ve used here I’m going to put down in the video
description so you can look it up if you want to and there’s my winter roost box
now this is for Downy woodpeckers or bluebirds bluebirds recently have been
going into nest boxes on cold days titmice nuthatches chickadees we have
chickadees everywhere and of course the wrens which generally are near the edge
of the woods I’ve also put it near a tree that they always used for winter
shelter anyway so here it is and it’s in view of my kitchen window so if this
thing starts to fall apart again you know the worst thing that’s gonna happen is
the birds are gonna fly out this is a slow-motion sequence because chickadees
move so fast they are coming in and checking out the box again if you want
to get them to accept the box and explore it you can put some black oil
sunflower seed on top of it or around the front anything to encourage them to
come and check it out and eventually they will look in these holes here inch
and a half as I said is good for all the species that I just mentioned it will
keep out the bigger birds like the blue jays will protect your birds from
predators because they’ll have a place to duck into and the more comfortable
they get with it the faster they dart in and out of this thing so it is
interesting to me and we will be putting up several others if you notice I did
not put a mesh up the back wall and I’m going to do that in other boxes we’re
going to hot glue some hardware cloth up the back
so that things like the small woodpeckers can climb right up there but
lots of birds will seek sanctuary primarily at night thanks for watching
let me know what you think of what you’re doing from winter birds thanks
for watching as always

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