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so this might be the last time we see my
smart car or my trailer because we’re.. We
hooked it up and we are going to see. But you have
to see this really Janky job we did. Right
now you can see my little smarty sunny and there’s Sara back there my RV
and then I’m gonna show you my trailer. I’m going to show you my set up here in a
second but this is the first time that we have
attempted to actually like take this smart car and everything out with us
because I got this trailer and then I didn’t find out that you actually had to
put this thing together so I’m gonna show you this but hold on let me explain
this to you. okay so I got this smart car
and then I have my Winnebago RV. And, then if you go back here there’s the
girls… boys, boys and girls. I have my trailer. so we’re gonna. It is a stand up trailer. so
we’re gonna try to attempt put this trailer onto the RV and then
we’re gonna put this smart car on the trailer so I’m going to show you in a second if this actually works. Oh you can see me in here. I’m going to show you in a second if
this actually works or not. so let’s see what
happens when we do this. and hopefully my car doesn’t fall off. so this might be the last time we
see my smart car or my trailer because when we hooked it up and we’re gonna see. but
you have to see this really Janky job we did. so this is the strap job because I
couldn’t I guess I bought the wrong strap downs. I have a feeling that this is
not good and when we stood on this trailer I wish I could’ve shown you this thing
fell off. oh my God it was so
sketchy. so the other thing we don’t have
any brake lights so we’re just using our flashers and
this is what we’re working with here. so this is the smart car in the RV. Let’s see what happens! I’m documenting in case some sh*t goes wrong! [Music] I wish you could see how janky this wheel is right now. like seriously we had to take the smart car
off. Look at how Janky this wheel is. No! I don’t
want the lights on in here because I don’t want anybody to see us. We’re
parked here I don’t even know if you can see. Like you can probably see. I don’t know if you can see that like I
don’t even want to get out of the car because it’s so sketchy in this place
that we’re at. we are in Atlanta and I don’t know. if you know, like you probably
don’t know what this is but it’s just bad it’s like really bad. even the lady
on the phone when I told her where we’re at she’s like oh sh*t I used to live in Atlanta
that is like a bad place. like yeah I
know! so this stupid trailer that his guy sold
me he didn’t put it together and then now I’m sitting here trying to figure
out how to put together so now I’ve called AAA I’m gonna have them come
out and tow the trailer. hopefully
they’re gonna tow the trailer because right now they think they’re towing a
car because I don’t even know if they tow trailers but we’re going to get the
trailer onto a flatbed and have it taken to my mom’s house is where we’re gonna
take it because apparently people in Atlanta charged a lot of money to fix
stuff. I don’t even know how to put this
trailer together. I don’t even know that
you can buy trailers not put together. I
didn’t know that that’s like even a thing. I’m so upset right now like I’m so
pissed that we’re in this sketchy place and the police have driven by. This is not Ikea! and the other thing
is like this guy he’s like no where on social media so like I can’t blast him or
like do anything bad. the only thing I
can do is like maybe try to sue him but like no offense but he is on last
rocker he might die soon so like I don’t even know about suing. like I’m not trying
to be mean I’m just like I’m so pissed right now. I’m so pissed off and my hands are
dirty, I’m dirty. I just took a shower. I
was super clean and now we’re gonna have to
I don’t even know I don’t even know tonight will probably be like boondocking
in my mom’s drive way. it’s
probably what’s gonna happen because of this stupid
(Bleep) trailer. how far is he? he said 20 minutes away. 20
minutes. we’re still waiting 20 minutes but we
are still sitting in the same location and it’s so sketchy here. I don’t really want
to show you because I just it’s hard to explain. can you see that back there
that’s the packaging store. I’m not trying to get
too far out there but let me show you what’s in front of me and you probably
can’t see this because it’s like dark now let me see we can get a close up. it’s not gonna show it. it’s not going to
show it. that’s like the Love Shack and I
can only assume that’s probably some kind of adult store I don’t know but
20 minutes till the tow truck driver comes and I keep looking all around
because this place is I don’t know you haven’t seen the whole place we’re only
on the side of it we’re on the side of the building right here trying to stay
safe because the rest of it out there is just not good. in 20 minutes we might be on our way
to safety and hopefully the trailer will be put on
to the flatbed and we will have the Smart car
and we have the RV, and I don’t know we’re gonna see how
the rest of this goes. [Music]
There is the trailer. And this is what happened. Trailer, smart car, not on trailer! the smart
car is not on the trailer because it came off! [Music]
There goes my little trailer. Bye Bye trailer!
there’s Sunny still sitting here at-least she is still alive. so this is my
trailer that you can see and it’s at Grandma’s house because we had to have
it towed here so last night we went through that whole fiasco about trying
to drive a smart car and the RV and the trailer and it got really messed up so
now we have the trailer here and I’m going to see
if I can show you kind of like what happened. I couldn’t show you this
because it was just crazy the other day but when they towed the trailer they
tightened up the little what do you call them? little lug nut things down here. so when
they tighten the trailer they were supposed to put these little lug nuts in
and they weren’t tight or whenever I bought the trailer this whole thing was
a mess. [Music]
but you can see like this one’s broken it’s completely gone there’s not even
anything to put it on with. and then like this tire is on there now but it was not
on there before it was really janky so this is the trailer and it’s just sitting
here because I don’t have any where well we’re gonna have to call somebody
we’re gonna call somebody to put the trailer together and figure this out for
us because I’m not really sure what happened but I’m gonna update you on the
trailer this has just been a mess a big big mess. So that’s my trailer story, that’s my
trailer story but make sure that you check the description below this video
because I have been sharing all of the mistakes that I’ve made and other RVers make
and you don’t want to make the same mistakes that I did otherwise
you might lose your car or you want to make sure that you’re doing it right I’m
Bloggin Brandi this is our Rversity a university for RVers. if you want to
learn more about towing and other fun stuff make sure you follow me subscribe
for good vibes and I’ll see you in the next video thanks for watching
you [Music]


  • RVersity

    Thanks for watching me tow my Smart Car πŸš— for the FIRST TIME 😱 IKE! This was the worse night in #Atlanta so glad I had #AAA even though it took about 4 hours to get a tow! πŸ€”

  • James Schultz, Ph.D.

    I live in Chicago and parking is such a PAIN…I've thought of getting a Smart Car, just so I can weasel into any space πŸ˜‰

  • Rich Bontrager

    Ok that does not look safe at all! Atlanta is not a good place at times. So sorry., Very real life video. Uhaul trailer next time. Sorry BOSS

  • Adriana Girdler

    Wow, this looks like it was quite the adventure! I love the music in this video! I was scared for your smart car, lol! Cheers!

  • Piano With Corey

    Oh man I'm sorry you had to go through that…

    But also fun fact I'm from Atlanta! Where were you guys that was sketchy? Like southeast Atlanta?

  • Basic Joomla Tutorials

    Wow what an adventure! Even though this didn't go well, what you may not realize is that by the trailer breaking down you probably avoided catastrophe because of the way you had the Smart Car on the trailer. If a vehicle isn't ratchet-strapped to a trailer, sucked down so it is attached to the trailer, it is basically a loose load that will whip the tow vehicle around in an emergency braking or swerving situation (I've towed plenty of race cars on a trailer behind me). I'm so glad you are safe! I'm also glad you are doing RV videos – that is a great niche for you!

  • Greg Carley

    God bless you! I like the music change up when you mentioned the Love Shack then it went back to trap music lol Thanks for sharing (:

  • Professor Heather Austin

    Oh my goodness, your smart car is so cute! That looks like a blast to be able to tow it behind your RV. I'm so envious of how mobile you are.

  • Wild Woman Enchanted

    So scary! Glad it could be towed and you are safe. I'm so glad you weren't hurt! Holy moly… such a small thing on your wheels with such a big impact when not right! Elizabeth

  • Paula Coker

    GUESS WHO!! Well, I can say that good things happen in ALABAMA!! Your trailer has been inspected and road ready. Waiting on a tag!

  • Paula Coker

    I have to add your trailer was an excellent choice for small car trailers. Yes, you had to put together but had the seller told you to start with it may not have been so shocking. I have been following your journey and I think you have made great choices over time.

  • Chesney Hawkes

    The smart car needs to be lashed tightened down strong to the trailer on all for wheels ,if you don't the car willl bounce away from the trailer or slide sideways on corners .

  • Amy Goodrich

    Brandi, towing your smart car without properly strapping it down is almost criminal. Using a trailer that hasn't been properly put together is still your fault since you are the operator of the motor vehicle. In the future ask questions and do research to insure you don't put yourself and others at risk. Have you not learned anything from your Travel Trailer wreck.

  • J Hudnall

    The confused and pained expression on this chicks face NEVER changes. And the times she actually documents her stupid decisions is mind boggling.

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