Smashburger On The Firebox Stove | Camp Food
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Smashburger On The Firebox Stove | Camp Food

hey everyone welcome back to Baum Grillin’z today we’re going on an adventure
we’re gonna go hike up a little ways find a spot to cook a nice smash burger
and enjoy the view so take along with me and I’ve been hiking forever and these
shoes are killing me I wish I had something else to wear oh
wait a minute oh look at that ah I guess I can just
pick whatever shoe I want I love it when I can come over here and get a new pair he’s why do you oh yeah oh this is beautiful up here Wow this is awesome unbelievable oh I think that the Falls
are up there further made it to the waterfall and it is
gorgeous we’re gonna go find a spot to set up our kitchen so we can cook our
burgers all right let’s do it awesome look at that that is so cool it’s coming right down
through this rock right here as you can see I found a nice little spot up over here
so I had to hike up there already without my gear
now we’re hauling our gear back up there man this is gorgeous I love it up here
alright I’m gonna try to step around this Jimmy around here here’s someone without rocking these
rocks all over all right I made right here this is where we’re gonna
cook look how awesome this is yeah huh after a hike like that I’m hungry
let’s do it all right we’re gonna break out the old
trusty fire box get that set up get a fire going
makes burgers smash burgers in the wood what I’m going to have to do is I’m
going to have to find a rod and we’re gonna smash it with rock let’s see how
that works right right in my own blood nice and dry
it’s pretty wet out here so we’re gonna chop these up a little bit make them a
little smaller for the firebox so you get this thing going I might make some
coffee yeah mix up alright we got a fire going
let’s get that coffee running all done (music) (music) all right, that water is boiling let’s
pour that into our cup (music) seriously I don’t think it can get any
better than that this is November so I can’t even imagine
what it’s like during the springtime I bet it’s just crazy
all right so what I got to do now is I got to find our flat rock that I can use
for smash burgers whoo no that’s too big well that looks pretty good right there
look at that that one looks pretty good nice and flat I should be able to smash
out a burger with that we’ll give that a whirl all right we got a rock big old
piece of granite I think I don’t know let me know is this granite I think it’ll work good for smash
burgers but we’re going to try it all right that fires nice and hot that
pan is really warm ready for the burger let’s throw it on got some parchment
paper here I’m just going to put that on top of there all that rock now we’re going to go ahead and season
that burger just going to do some salt pepper all right she’s ready to be flipped now what I’ve got is I’ve got some
American cheese I got that from the deli that’s the way
to do it we’ll put that on now I’m gonna go two slices of American cheese Oh oh yeah look at that that’s looking
good all right I think it’s ready pull that
bun out of there go ahead and put that burger on top oh look at that look
at that patty set this aside here. we’ll go ahead and put the rest of our fixings on. Alright we’re going to go with onion first a couple little onion rings then tomato some pickle some lettuce yeah we’re gonna hit it with a little
bit of ketchup just on the top side That is a Smashburger right there! Look at that hefty burger right there that is gonna
be so good! All right let’s tear into it all right here we go we’re gonna take
our first bite of our smash burger This thing looks really good! That is a perfect burger! Coffee, burger waterfall beautiful scenery you guys got to do this
definitely got to do okay one more bite I mean this thing is amazing, it really
is this was a lot of fun there’s nothing
like getting out in the outdoors and cooking yourself something delicious if
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crazy stuff like this and I will see you on the next episode Baum Grillin’z out
well that’s what I’m talking about right there
mash burger ha ha out here in the beautiful wilderness it can be done it
can be done


  • Peter Salls

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ look out for that bear my friend. I'm pretty sure you're the first person to cook a burger, or anything for that matter, by those waterfalls. At first I thought the burger was way too large, but it fit perfectly on the bun…and it looked awesome!
    I have to hand it to you Kenny, you sure put a tremendous amount of effort into these outdoor videos, good job! That's beautiful country up that way, I've never been there. Looking forward to your next adventure, thanks.
    That's a cool little grill ya got there…and what's with that shoe tree?

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