Snooki Reveals Angelina’s Return 😨| Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Snooki Reveals Angelina’s Return 😨| Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Host] It’s Thursday, which
can only mean one thing. It’s Jersday time. – Holy dick (bleep). Jesus take me. I just got the text in the bathroom that Angelina is on her way. Jesus, give me strength. Uggh! We’re down a meatball. Even though she’s not a meatball. She’s like a meatloaf. Like oh, you know, we have
nothing in the fridge, I’m starving, let’s
just pop in a meatloaf. Like once in a while you might want it. That’s Angelina. – I think we should go
to the wedding chapel. Vinny marry little Paulie. No? Okay. – I was just trying to be nice. (bleep) me! I should just always be a bitch. (bleep) this (bleep)! I’m out! – What happened now? – [Nicole] I don’t know. – What happened now? – They’re gonna hate me for this. – Wait, wait. Anything that you can say in front of me, you can say in front of Paulie. – I wanted to bring you
to the wedding chapel so you can marry Paulie. – [Vinny] Oh my God, are you serious? – [Jenny] Then when he comes home he’s married and he has no idea. – Wait, I have news. – What do you think? They should get married today. – [Nicole] I’m freaking out. – [Jenny] And then when Paulie
comes home he’s married. – Let’s maybe like just. – Like Angelina’s on her way. – Can we go to like a, wait what? – I just said that. – [Mike] What? – [Jenny] Wait, you’re
like, you’re serious? – She texted me, alright
I got time off of work, I’m taking off right now, see you tonight. – Wow! I hate you Nicole. – Oh my God! – [Vinny] Let’s all go out without Nicole. – [Ronnie] I can’t deal with that. I’m ready to go. – We’ve already been through so much here. I can’t picture anymore drama. It’s like throwing more
gasoline onto the fire. Who invited her? I just want to know. – I was trying to be nice. – This is the worst vacation ever. – [Host] After Jersey Shore
is a brand new episode of Pretty Little Mamas. Where Chandler opens up to her mom. – [Chandler] It’s too much
for me to process right now. – ‘Cause you’ve given
him too many chances. And are you gonna give him more? – As (bleep) as things are right now, I’m still holding out hope that Aaron’s gonna get
it together for his son. Because it really sucks that I have to crash on my mom’s couch with my daughter. And I’m just not sure where we’re gonna go once the baby’s born. ♪ Left me standin’ ♪ I’m just tryna take it
day by day at this point. – You know, I don’t know
what the future holds. ♪ Empty hearts, empty sheets ♪ I feel very sad for you. ‘Cause I know how bad you want a family. And somebody to love you. ♪ You see everything in this life ♪ ♪ Comes and goes in a flash of light ♪ – I still love him. And I don’t know how. Like everyone’s like you’re crazy. I just have this image of us being a family in my head still. – We’re gonna get through this Chan. One breath at a time. – [Host] Catch all this
and more starting tonight at eight, seven central. Only on MTV.


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