Snooki Wants JWoww To ‘Get Over It’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Snooki Wants JWoww To ‘Get Over It’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Narrator] Cancel
your plans for tonight. The couch is the only
place you need to be. Jersey shore is all new tonight. (“Sound the Alarm” by Heavy Echo) ♪ This is an emergency ♪ ♪ Come on and rescue me ♪ – Vegas just, it caught me
off guard with something. – I’m gonna go home. – Not cool. Why the (bleep) are you mad at me? I don’t want to be here without you. So I’m going to Jenni’s today because she’s my best friend. We haven’t talked in, like, a couple days. I just, you know, I
wanna fix it with Jenni. – So, Nicole text me earlier today. (doorbell rings)
– Hello? – [Jenni] And I’m just
a little unprepared. I haven’t heard from her since Vegas. – I brought some alcohol. – This is the longest that Nicole and I have gone without speaking. Oh, thank you. I’m nervous to have this conversation, but I’d rather get it over
with now and clear the air. – I wish you didn’t leave me. (Jenni sighs) I haven’t talked to you in,
like, a couple days, it’s weird. – I know.
– We never not talk, so that’s why I came. – I was just so angry and hurt and, like, bitter going into Vegas. And the whole Angelina thing and her being invited
and then, like, no video and, you know, it was just all this drama. – But I feel like drama
that you could have saved because if you were mad at
the video and you just saw it, if it were me, cause I’m
different and I’m emotional, if I saw it and you weren’t in it, I would call you right away
and be like what the (bleep). Everyone was in the video but me.
– I wanted to. I wanted to.
– You didn’t come to me for that. It’s just like I feel
like best friends need to always tell each other (bleep). I feel like if you had told me before, I would be prepared to be like, all right she’s leaving,
cry in the shower, get it out, and like, you not telling me and throwing that in my face, lost it. – I didn’t think I threw it in your face, I was just trying to be like–
– Well, as a best friend, yeah.
– Hey guys, listen, I have to go. (dramatic, instrumental rock music) How’s it feel? – What? – To have a new best friend? – Oh my god, you’re so an– Get over it! – [Narrator] It all starts tonight at 8/7 Central, only on MTV.


  • M Diabz

    Snooki shouldn’t bring someone Jwoww doesn’t like around… I know I wouldn’t if my friend didn’t like somebody… idk logic???? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Chrissy Curtis

    Awh I’d be hurt too if I was Jenni. That’s her best friend and a new chic is moving in on her. But maybe they can all just be friends and j. And snook can remain the closest of friends!

  • the greatest ever

    Jenni is sooooo annoying bitter and she feels entitled. They're in their 30's and are seriously arguing over being "best friends" my teenage daughter doesn't even act like that. Grow tf up. Snooki wanted to have fun in Vegas and j wow is boring(there's nothing wrong with being boring) but she sucks the fun out of everything. They both could have handled the situation better.

  • May Flower

    After watching the follow up video on Jenni's channel about Grayson I am not on Snooki's side I am #TEAMJwoww all the way. Jenni is not upset about the video she's upset because she is scared for her son who might have autism and Nicole is not being supportive of her. I mean does Nicole even know about Grayson's speach problems

  • Quisha Anty

    Jenni has been the worst out of everybody and I like Jenni. Snooki was being nice and wanted to be friends. All Jenni has to do is talk to Angelina. She hasn't tried to talk to her and clear the air. You can't get mad because Snooki is friends with Angelina. Jenni and Angelina just needs to have a talk with each other and clear the air. Angelina has made attempts, but Jenni shuts her down. Jenni needs to get over it. We have a woman who's in her early 30s doing high school/teenage behavior which is sad.

  • esiana

    Jenni doesn't know how to ask for support when shes used to being the strong one. Shes having issues going on that she isnt really speaking about because shes used to being the strong one. You cant be mad that people are not responding how you want to a hurt they dont really know about. Plus, she was awful to mike last season when he was right about ronnie and mike been the main one making a real effort. Jenni needs to put the pride aside and say shes hurt.

  • SassySam27

    I'm normally 100% team Nicole but not this time. I get Nicole not doing the Mother's day video really hurt Jenni, but I also get that Nicole is kind of flaky. My sister is like that you can text her and it will take hours or days to get a response or she will respond and then dissappear. I try to understand she has 3 boys and she's busy but it does hurt some times because you feel ignore or unimportant. I feel like they could have got past this if Nicole didn't invite Angelina there. I don't understand why she did that. Jenni is your best friend so her feelings should be your number one priority and you knew this would upset her so why do it? And of course she came in like the disgusting bitch she is and made Jenni miserable. And then she invited Joey too. These people aren't part of the Jersey Shore family, they should be there. I feel like this season has just been one big mess, it has not been fun to watch. Having said all that we know some of this is fake or at least the editing is. Jenni said on Twitter she left early because Grey had doctors appointments she couldn't miss and it was always the plan to leave early but they didn't show that. They made it look like she left because of Nicole and Angelina. I wouldn't have blamed her if she did, I would have left too.

  • StrangeFood eating

    Snooki is right. I feel like sometimes Jenni acts like she's the queen of the show. But I mean, you're not the only one in this show, darling..

  • S

    I think Jenni's just hurt, ya know? I mean you expect to have this amazing time with your best friends on vacation when your main best friend invites this one person that you do NOT get along with on the show (but the truth is that the producers invited Angelina). So I can see why she would get angry, plus with her son having some difficulties can put a lot of hurt and pressure on a mother. It just piled up and exploded. Of course, they could have handeled it better; but we're aloud to make mistakes and be human sometimes. 🙂

  • Latoyia Mcclinton

    I will still love jenni no matter what and I kind of agree with all the reason why she is upset and I don't think she is bitter it's just how she is and she is used to being the mother so she is one of those people who don't know how to ask for help

  • Ms. Cooper

    Idea! I wonder is Snooki was thirsty for that camera time. Snooki inviting Angelina out the blue seemed to be fake to Jenni. With how close they are it makes sense that Jenni's like im out.

  • Elisabeth Marie

    Those of you who keeps saying Jenni needs to get over it can stfu because it wasn't that long ago that Angelina was talking shit and going back and forth with Jenni on social media so why does Jenni need to get over it? Angelina is fake and we all know they wouldn't be friends or hang around each other if they weren't on tv together so stop the fake shit. Why can't Snooki just hang with them separately? If I don't like someone my best friend hangs with she knows not to bring that bitch around when I'm there unless it's a special occasion like a wedding or something where she needs all her friends. She doesn't need to get over anything if you don't like someone you don't like them and you stay away from them that's not high school shit that's grown shit don't start nothing won't be nothing!


    Jenni was upset she invited Angelina AND Joey because they weren't part of the OG Jersey Shore. What's her problem? They ALL apologized for not being in the video, and that should have been something she told Snooks behind the scenes anyway. Jenni is acting like a major bitch. She's jealous and clingy. It's major cringe.

  • Marc Yelena

    Its absolutely ridiculous that a completely useless person like Jwoww lives in such luxury while hardworking people in honest jobs have to settle for much less 😞

  • Anthony Herrera

    Thought Ron was drama… jenni does need to get over it, it's all about having fun, there's not enough time in the world to act like a child & be bitter over that whole Angelina situation.. glad she left early..

  • Mel'Bee Rose

    These are grown ass woman.. It's not fucking high school Jenni! You can easily tell Angelina wants to make up, but Jenni is busy trying to put this tough act. It's getting annoying😒 grow up Jenni!!! GET OVER IT

  • Tylor Gearling

    They need to just keep Angelina off the show. They should have never brought her back on. It really makes me not want to watch everytime I see she is back again. I would have left too. I would never be friends with someone that called the person I concider my best friend a whore. I love snooki but she is being a bad friend and defiantly not acting like the best friend she claims to be.

  • jovan jones

    I’m Team Snooki and Angelina from the get when we got to see Angie come back Jenni was down right disrespecting her and being bitter to Mike for no reason this season too she was just mean to Angie

  • Deanna Nn

    Jenny you should probably already get over it ffs!
    You’ve treated Angelina like shit ! You always told her she wasn’t a part of the family from the beginning! I mean if you corner someone so much how do you expect that person to like you?! She has said sorry to you a multiple times this season! Girl get over it fr

  • Chy Marie

    Exodus 20:7
    7 “You shall not take the name of the Lordyour God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain."
    makes me not want to watch it.

  • Lexcee Kent

    I understand where Jenni is coming from….but come on Jenni don't dish it if you can't Handel Angelina throwing back you gave her hell and she still tried with u…. U do need to get over it

  • Amanda Caribbean baby

    Now we know even during filming Jenni was clearly going through alot in her personal life. Snooki I'm very sure knows about this, but yet still invited Angelina. Based on how jenni spoke this 'vaca' for her was time to be with people she consider family and needed to be with, considering what she's been dealing with. And if your best friend needs you then you really should be inviting people who know she really to stressed or tired do be dealing with. And the way Angelina came at jenni as she entered just goes to show why she should not be a part of the family.

  • Great Value Bleach

    When someone mentions your children and husband on radio stations, bashing you and your friends. It's going to take more than an apology and a few weeks to "Get over it". Angelina literally threatened Jenni and talked about bashed her parenting skills.

  • SS Robs

    I want MTV to get over the Jersey Shore, or any number of the other retardation they perpetuat anymore for that matter. We can't always get what we want.

  • Kathi

    Snooki is out of her mind. Bringing Angelina and Joey – wtf girl?! I wanted to see the old squad. Snooki def knew what was going on behind the cameras with Jenni and Roger and she did what? That’s not a good friend.

  • izeyah richardson

    What Jenni say after she asked Snooki , “How’s it feels?” The response she gave after Snooki said “what?”

  • Maddi Rosales

    I love both of them to death but Jwoww is being straight up childish and Snooki is being a bad friend knowing very well Jwoww is going through a divorce

  • Sweet Listenings

    Me one minute very calmly: omg you're so annoy…
    Me the next minute being over it: GET OVER IT!

    Snooki is so me it's scary.

  • Gigi Jansen

    Jenni is different this seasons.. Very jealous and angry all the time. I understand she has problems in her private life but stay home if you feel a type of way..

  • Gabrielle Hanson

    Glad jenni left. She acts like an over entitled brat. Same with last season, throwing a fit right before Mike's proposal. She thinks she's queen bee. Why can't she just be humble? Out of all of them, jenni just seems super cold.

  • Justin Jones

    I understand why JWoww got upset over snooki not being apart of the mothers day film snooki is the most close one to her out of all the cast! But the angelina thing was childish on Jwoww part! Yo Snooki And Jwoww are way to close to be fighting! Jwoww is a better friend to Snooki then Snooki is to Jwoww

  • tbarret320

    Angelina is entertaining. They need her. Jenny is childish but Snookie should have warned her before bringing Angelina around.

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