Snooki’s BFF Reacts To Jersey Shore’s Most Romantic Moments ❤ | MTV Reacts
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Snooki’s BFF Reacts To Jersey Shore’s Most Romantic Moments ❤ | MTV Reacts

– Yeah! – Cause that’s exactly
what I wanna hear getting engaged your loud drunk (bleep)ing mouth. – I’m gonna cry (bleep)
me in the ass (bleep). – Class act. (techno music) – Is that the Weehawken ferry? – I can fly, I’m the king of the world! – I tried that once and almost fell. – [Vinny] This boat ride is so romantic. – Do they rent the whole boat? I do love yachting. – [Man] Alright, whose going first? – Me and Vinny. – Gotcha, gotcha. – I’m gonna go with my
girlfriend Pauly, on the jetski. – I did this exact same thing with a guy I had a crush on and I fell off the jetski and I could not get back up
cause I’m so (bleep)ing fat. And I had to be dragged back to shore. (upbeat music) Stop. How cute. They’re married now. (techno music) – [Mike] Can I have room
service please? I would like – – Is that a personal call? – I also would like a
chicken fingers and fries, a bacon cheeseburger deluxe, and can I get two (beep) please? – Two dicks? – I like a breakfast, and I
like a mid morning breakfast. – Mike’s a picky eater. (knocking on door) – Room Service. – Mid day lunch. – I’m surprised he’s not fatter. He eats like he’s going to the chair. (sensual music) That does look good though. I haven’t had french fries in a while. Oh god. Where’s his friends? Oh everyone came home now,
and he ate all the food. – Get some foods? – [Mike] Yup. – [Ronnie] You know were going to dinner in like 40 minutes right? – [Pauly] Mike’s stuffing his face — – I do this when I’m wasted. When I get back to my hotel room usually, and I order room service
but I always fall asleep on the bed before it gets there. I end up having to pay for
the whole thing anyway. But I order like three of everything. – I think I ate enough for now. – I think after he stopped
drinking he started just like falling in love with food and just really making that his main priority. (techno music) – Let’s go! – I’m not saying anything about that hat. I’m not even paying attention to it. Whoa! (scary music) – [Jenni] So I’m watching
Pauly spin right now, and I look behind him — – That’s Vanessa. – [Jenni] I’m like Oh my god that’s Pauly’s stalker from Seaside. – Yup, I’ve seen her more
times than I’d like to admit. – There’s Pauly’s stalker. – [Pauly D] This girl is going to kill me, have me DJ for her — – Get it girl, I love Vanessa. I’m gonna text her. – [Jenni] So creepy, Vanessa
flew from Jersey just to — – Okay I have to announce it, Jenni what the (bleep) is on your head? – Seriously, what is happening? – How did she get in,
it’s not like she’s just at the club she’s like
literally in the DJ booth. – They better be sure Pauly’s alright, – Alright. – Because who knows what the frick she’s carrying in her bag and bleep. – Pauly! – [Pauly] Holy bleep, what do I do? – Oh my god. He didn’t know, he just has random hoes up in the background? They should hook up. I wonder how much Pauly would charge to have sex with Vanessa. He probably should do it
for free for like charity. Cause he’s rich now. – That’s why Pauly’s the
nicest guy in the world. (upbeat music) Get it girl. Jenni needs to be removed from the club. I think Vanessa’s funny, I think if you’re that passionate about something more power to ya sister. (techno music) – Get comfy, you might get a lap dance. – Did they get him a girlfriend? – Vinny bring out Victoria! – Whose Victorier? – Oh hey boo! – Ew! – What the bleep is that! (upbeat music) – Where’d he get that costume? – This is proof that real love — – That’s probably one of Jenni’s wigs. What a (bleep)ing mess. – Victoria’s stunning,
it’s like everything — – She does look pretty. – It’s the worst day ever! – They look beautiful. – [Jenni] Worst day of my life! (techno music) – [Vinny] Good evening. – Look at Laurens. – The lovely couple. – Laurens looks so hot. – [Lauren] Oh my god I love
the pink heart balloons. – Who decorated, him? – Yeah! – That’s exactly what I wanna hear getting engaged your loud drunk (bleep)ing mouth. – I’m gonna cry (bleep)
me in the ass (bleep). – Class act. – Oh my god. – He’s Djing? – How did you get out here so quickly? – This looks pretty. – Stop! – It’s like The Bachelor, but trashy. (laughing) – Nicole can’t take it so
she’s gonna binge drink. – So Lauren, if you will please direct your attention at that
screen Michael has a very — – I like when Vinny wears his glasses. It’s like getting (bleep) by a nerd. You know, it’s kinda hot. – [Lauren] Oh my god! – That was before their nose jobs. – Lauren is everything,
Lauren is my best friend – I love Lauren. She’s the sweetest girl. I hope mozzarella sticks does this for me when we get engaged. Their wedding was beautiful. It was truly magical. – Please make me the
happiest man on earth, will you please marry me? – [Pauly] Oh my god dude he’s doin it. – Why is her purse still on? Like no one could have held that for her? – Yes, yes! (cheering) – Now let’s all go
swimming and have an orgy. – [Snooki And Deena] Party time! – And they didn’t see those ass bleep standing there the whole time? Look at them, they’re literally sitting five feet from them, binge drinking. – My favorite! – I woulda called the cops. (water splashing) – I hope that’s heated. – Such a special moment, my man Situation hung up his player card
and now he’s engaged. (water splashing) – Who did that flip? Was that Michael? That was lovely.


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