Snooki’s BFF Reacts To Jersey Shore’s WEIRDEST Moments | MTV Reacts
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Snooki’s BFF Reacts To Jersey Shore’s WEIRDEST Moments | MTV Reacts

[Male Voice] -How can you stand in there? – You put your hands on the
wine glass with the gloves. After you were just plunging (beep). – This is like the
dirtiest I’ve ever felt. – I beg to differ. (static) (pop beat) – Is that a Christmas tree? – And I can’t wait to break it out. – He has a dead body. – Meet Jezzy Junior – That is so scary. – Why, what is it? – Why is one tit out, Jenny? – I feel like that’s a head. (screams) – What the (beep) is that? – [Pauly] Oh, hey Sam. – You know those filthy pigs
had sex with that thing. Ron did it first. Brush her hair. I wonder where that is now? Probably covered in (beep)
at the bottom of the pool. (coughing sound) – I hate you all. – Well that was lovely. – Oh my god, how heavy are you? – Oh! – [Sex Doll] I can never go
out without my hair extension. – Does it really talk? – [Nicole] She’s like 200 pounds. – Oh my god, that ugly thing. – [Nicole] Oh, you’re the worst, ew. – Put her wig back on. And why is Nicole dressed
like she’s Greased Lightning? My god. (laughter) – [Nicole] Stop, stop. – Her eyeball fell out. – [Nicole] I killed her. – That was funny but why
does the eyeball come out? Are you supposed to (beep) its eye socket? No judgment. (pop music beat) – Um, I love pizza. – Oh my god, we have a pizza. – Are you fuckin’ seven? I’ve been here. – [Male Voice] What is he doing? – He’s eating the cheese off the pizza ’cause he’s a Keto guido,
he can’t have no bread. – Vinny, stop it, eat the crust. Vin, really, you’re really gonna disrespect that pie like that? – That doesn’t even satisfy
you, just eat the pizza. And just be good the next day. – [Paul] How does this guy eat six slices of straight pepperoni and cheese? – I definitely gonna
eat pizza today, uh-huh. (pop music beat) – Look at what he just
did in the bathroom. It’s foul, it’s foul. – Oh, why does someone always
have to (beep) in the toilet? Look at all their hot little outfits. – Are you gonna clean Ron’s toilet? – Yeah, I’ll do it. – Why are you wearing a choker in pajamas? Yeah, Nicole’s actually good at this ’cause she has kids so
she has to clean up (beep) and vomit all the time
so she can handle it. I don’t deal with any of that. – I just want to have like a hazmat suit. – Look at her hair, she looks
like she’s in a school play. Like little Ho Peep. – Do your thing, baby. – [Ronnie] I would down it. – Is that red wine in the spray bottle? – Let’s do this. – Where is that bathroom? (eerie music) 1981? (eerie music) – My god, it’s worse than I expected. – So is that (beep) outfit. I would make Ron clean his own (beep) up. And then I’d hook up with him. – He can try to snake it. – He’s going in there? – Oh my god! – I would never let, I
wouldn’t even call a plumber if I’d clogged a toilet
I’d be so mortified. I’d hide my face. – [Male Voice] Oh my god. (retching sounds) – Stop gagging, Deena. I miss the episode of pizza. How are you ingesting
things in the same room as all that (beep) and
the smell and stuff? Like, I would not want to
put anything in my mouth. Or near my face. Why aren’t you wearing a mask? – Oh my god, it looks like a brownie. – And they have to blur it
out, it’s probably disgusting. – I’m gonna try because
I’m not a sore loser. – Oh, oh! – Oh my god, it stinks, I
can’t breathe through my mouth. Breathe out of your mouth,
breathe out of your mouth. – What do you have Windex for? No, try splashing it on your face. – [Deena] What the… – I didn’t (beep) think
it was gonna be that bad. – I would just lock the door. And rope off the area. – [Male Voice] How can you stand in there? – And you have the, you put
your hands on the wine glass with the gloves after you
were just plunging (beep). – This is like the
dirtiest I’ve ever felt. – I beg to differ. – [Male Voice] Yeah,
Ronnie, you’re a disgust. – Sick, oh that was vile. (static) – I’m a little scared, nervous
about you cuttin’ my hair. – Yeah, that place looks shady anyway. I wouldn’t trust those barbers. – Like a low fade, so not that high. – He’s so extra, it’s like Pauly’s the one with the fancy hair do. You just have like a
fuckin’ cue ball head. – A bald head. – Exactly, Jennifer. – [Jennifer] You happy? – I didn’t look yet. – I’ve been here before,
it’s very anxiety-ridden. But I would never let myself
get to a place like that. – Every ounce of happiness
just falls out of my body. This guys just like,
leaves lines in the fade. Like, who does that? I just got it cut somewhere else. – Yeah, they look more trustworthy. Yes, that man knows what he’s doing. You can just tell. – So if you can just, like, if you wanna texturize it a little bit. – Texturize it? – How long have you been cuttin’ for? – ‘Bout 10 years. – I can already tell,
like, huge difference. – You just want to hook up
with him, Jenny, (beep) slut. Jenny’s horny today. – This haircut was beyond my expectation. I can show myself off again. You might be better
than my barber at home. – Hey, I ain’t gonna say anything. – Wow, now they’re all fresh to death. – [Female Voice] Who farted? – I swear I didn’t fart. – I didn’t either. – Did you fart? – It was me. I sharted in my pants. – [Female Voice] I’m walkin’ home. – [Female Cast Member] You sharted? – Same girl. – Sorry, (beep) my pants. – I (beep) myself in an Uber this year. Listen to my podcast,
find out the whole tea. What is happening? Is she (beep) in the back seat? ‘Cause I need to know. She wouldn’t be laughing
if she was (beep) herself. – Will you put ’em in a bag so
I can bring ’em home with me. (laughter) – When I (beep) myself in an Uber, I threw my underwear on
the street like a lady. – You guys want me to be
real, I’m being (beep) real. – Go shower, you slob. – Period, it’s like period, period. – Oh my god, why isn’t
she, if I just (beep) my pants I wouldn’t be
wearing a maxie dress, sittin’ my feet up on a
(beep) white easy chair. Go shower, you slob. Oh, she probably smells. (pop music beat)


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