Snowshoeing & Camping : Snowshoeing: Securing a Campsite
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Snowshoeing & Camping : Snowshoeing: Securing a Campsite

In this clip we’re going to talk about how
to secure your camp before going on a day hike. First of all of course is your food.
You’re going to want to have it either in a bear canister or a bear bag and secured
according to those directions so that when you come back, you’ll still have a meal. Your
tent, you want to make sure it’s well anchored down and all zipped up tight so no creatures
can get in it and so no wind can catch it and take it away. Also your backpack. You’re
going to want it all zipped up and covered with a waterproof pack cover. This way if
it should get to be inclement weather while you’re gone, you’ll come back to dry gear.
Don’t leave anything scattered around the camp. A couple inches of snow and it’s disappeared.
You won’t be able to find it. Your cooking gear, it’s a good idea to wrap it up pretty
tight if you’re at all unsure about the weather or whether it may attract animals, then secure
it with your food.

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