Snowy winter camping with Amok Draumr 3.0 / Norwegian forest (Subtitled)
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Snowy winter camping with Amok Draumr 3.0 / Norwegian forest (Subtitled)

Back for new adventures! Now i find myself close to a road, as you can hear.. I have walked for about.. max 10min from Marius.. Drove to Marius, parked my car there and walked Went into the forest, but instead of going left, where we always hike I went straight forward.. Just found this place Which looks amazing Reminds me of Femundsmarka national park With the small Spruce heather and ground Loads of raven here aswell! I have my Amok with me Marius got his Amok aswell! Not sure if im going to set it up before he comes.. He`s gone atm.. coming later Prob about 4-5 pm 2pm atm I think i will wait for Marius, then we can agree where to place the camp instead! I will probably just chill around, listen to some music.. gather some firewood.. we`ll see! Just arrived! Went back to the place we camped last trip! Im in the middle of this big dark forest! The weather is very grey We should expect some Snow/rain tomorrow! We both have the Amoks Going to use the tarp to be sure! Im going to move the fire aswell Still abit unsure where to place the amok.. I have to consider that there`s two of us Would be nice to have the fire between us! So we can chill infront of the fire Will sit down abit, go into the thinking box for a while! Try to find a sweet spot! Marius is here! Hi Marius! Nice to be back! We`re going to make us some food! Marius, you were going to eat? Cowboy beans with meat! Im going to eat some hotdogs! Fire is up aswell! Both amoks aswell! I`ve been waiting in the amok, fell asleep for a while also I forgot my Tarp today.. ofcourse (stresspacking) Let`s hope that is calm tonight So it doesnt get wet, damp or start to rain.. Would be a huge Disappointment to wake up soaking wet.. Im sure it will be fine.. We`ll survive! Well, lets make some dinner.. or lunch or whatnot.. Lunch for you.. late night food for me! Time for some breakfast! Me and Marius have been out filming about.. Its so nice outside.. Beautiful! Was expecting some rain/snow from 6am-12 today.. But instead, we just got snow! So damn nice! We had to leave the Amoks to get out and enjoy this! We`ll see if we can film some more today, we have to enjoy this as long as it lasts! Its not like this everyday.. We were thinking about leaving early today because of the weather.. But because of the snow we`re going to be here longer! Let`s eat some breakfast But first and firmly.. some have asked about our cameras.. I use Canon 550D (Now Sony Alpha A77 ii) I use Sony A7 ii (Now Panasonic G7) Now you know.. Very good quality! This camera is much better than the canon one! Getting old.. but still going strong! We`ll see if there will be an upgrade on this one (already done) Let`s eaaat! We were thinking about going down to the rivers.. We found the most beautiful spot ever! Were going down to this Was not that nice compared to this place.. So damn nice! Camera went down.. had to take over! Dont think we`ve been here before! Cant remember being so high over the rivers before.. We normaly dont get this high over the rivers like this.. different vegitation here aswell! We are definitely going to camp here! Perfect for the amoks here Aight! Over for this time! Marius, have you enjoyed yourself? Loads, been a short trip, but damn good! Better with one little than non! Not much camera life left Thanks for the trip Thank you for watching Please like the video, share it with good friends and familiy! Comment and if there is anything you would do different, tell us! Share it and subscribe


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