So Many Reasons to Love El Paso Texas | Camper Van Life S1:E42
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So Many Reasons to Love El Paso Texas | Camper Van Life S1:E42

this week we explore El Paso Texas in
the campervan, try the best nachos in town and get interviewed by a local TV
station We made it to El Paso! Off to get Nachos. Let’s do it. Gateway tomorrow where’s your don’t mess of Texas sticker?
Oh good job on parking thank you I’ve been
looking forward to not just for a long time and when you told me about this
place yesterday my mouth just started water these are really good so there’s the bridge into Juarez Mexico this place is called pharmacy either part here and walk across the
border this is where the crossing how was your first night in El Paso very
good especially after those nachos I had a lot of fun exploring downtown El
Paso last night it’s a really nice town it is I’m really
glad we’re taking the time to explore it yeah so where are we headed today I
thought we’d just drive around and explore some more see what we find welcome to the Sunland Park if you’re
going to tour Mount Cristo Rey please contact Police Department
climb at your own risk oh there’s a gateway that goes up there was Border
Patrol but yeah yeah I don’t feel good about leaving the van we just met edgert
with Border Patrol really nice guy shared some great tips about food and
stuff in the city but he was telling us that every day at least multiple times a
day there are people crossing the border right here because there’s no fence
moving across the mountain and he said it’s kind of interesting because some of
the people who are coming up and around down this road will dress up like
joggers and say that they’re out jogging he’s like well there’s no car here so
you’ll check their ideas he did recommend L&J which is on my list it is
yeah fantastic I’m ready for some wool eh let’s do this we’re gonna end up in
some drone footage do you feel about that I don’t know about that I think I’m gonna get the male inch
alliance with a gun it’s the mole a sauce cleaning my plate
all right I’d like to head to a nap really and a cup of coffee you don’t
want to go for a hike oh there’s a scenic drive around here apparently with
really beautiful views with the sunset over there sure we’re for the day okay okay this is day three yes in El Paso
and we are gonna go get interviewed for a TV station again so check my news
El Paso proud well imagine going home to only 90
square feet for everything your bathroom kitchen living space that’s the life one
couple visiting our area chooses to live every day but they say they wouldn’t
change it for anything newsChannel 9th course Nylander
introduces us to the Russos most of us go home to four solid walls but for the
Russos these four wheels are all they need I’m ready let’s do this Kate and
her husband Joe Russo happen living out of this van full-time for almost an
entire year now it gives us freedom and flexibility to just travel anywhere we
want to go we’re stuck in the nine-to-five spending a couple hours a
day in Los Angeles driving to and from work and this was just the lifestyle
that could break us free of that this 90 square-foot van is where they sleep eat
and live out their days on the open road ready to see what the world has to offer
we’re able to take this put it on a boat and ship it over to Europe or some other
country and just see whatever we want and take our home with us I think that’s
the best part home is where we park it so we have the
comfort of our own pillow our own bathroom everything is with us and this
week they’re calling El Paso home and the people are incredible really great
culture so much to do I wish we had more time in El Paso we might have to come
back through again today we really wanted to spend showing you what it’s
like coming into a town they document their journey through social media
capturing all the unique sights they catch across the country not at all
the Rousseau’s say it’s not always easy but an experience that could last a
lifetime the goal at the end of the day is to
just live in the moment be happy together and travel there are times Kate
and I are really butting heads in this small space but there are other times or
we’re driving through National Park we slide our door open have lunch and it’s
just probably the best backyard you could ask for and that was course
Nylander reporting now the Russos will be leaving El Paso tomorrow after
spending the week here and they will now be heading to Central Texas you can
follow their journey on YouTube we’ll post a link on our
website that was fun it was a lot of fun all right where would you like to go uh
well why don’t we go find a place to relax have our coffee do some work and
we can figure out the rest of our day quite the rainstorm yeah it’s my first
real rainstorm in the van it feels good although the streets are flooding yes alright let’s go explore the rest of
Texas let’s do it yeah
how many u.s. citizens and you said to both of us that wasn’t so bad so what are the mouth
lifting for people drugs I don’t know it is gorgeous out here
beautiful I like this box I’m so glad we stopped thank you you’re welcome thank you guys so much for watching if
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  • cdLady54 Marengo

    Ok, I joined Costco because of you guys, rethought joining Planet Fitness at the black card level so I could keep up my exercise when I travel and now El Paso is on my list. I need new boots!

    The dogs were sniffing for both drugs and people. Mesa AZ was my family home for a while and when we visited Mexico it wasn't as easy a entry or exit as you just experienced. Enjoy and thank you!

  • Pamela Dahse

    Loved this viedo ,,,, Texas is my home ,,,,, you really need to go South and see the cattle drives and all the old country stores ,,,,,, you guys are awesome

  • Tx Hoot

    If you guys are coming up to Austin we live on the northside and we have a big driveway that you could use. We could also have something on the big green egg.

  • Leisure Travelin' Lockes

    Hi Joe and Kait. Sorry to hear about Leo. He had a better life with the two of you. Looking forward to following your adventures.

  • Diane Bishop

    I spent one night in El Paso back in the 80s. Was a poor student and could only afford a very cheap, sketchy hotel. No food nearby and the bathroom door was more substantial than the door to the room. I was driving solo from Tucson to Orlando so luckily I was only there one night and got out of there first thing the next morning.

  • lbird

    Wow, the sprawl. Looks like a great little city now. In the early 1970's it was just dusty and hot and not that inviting. Your interview went great! See you next week 🙂

  • Harold Forsberg

    Another excellent video, thanks for sharing with us desk travellers. The nachos in the early looked good, but looked more like a pizza.

  • Joel Albert

    Liked the video, but would have liked to see where you all were parking to spend the night. It’s interesting too learn how you rise up to challenges of weather and shifting schedules and figure out where home is going to be.


  • Ebacherville

    Your in my "alternate neck of the woods", you should have taken 62/180 out of Elpaso and checked out Guadalupe mountain (tallest mountain in Texas) and then went on a few miles to to Carlsbad caverns. We have property at the base of the Guadalupe mountains that we boondock on.

  • Musha Cindy

    Yaayy!! Ya'll are in Texas!! Ya'll should come check out some of the really cool breweries in Dallas and Fort Worth!!

  • Paul Mitchum

    Dunno if I'm behind your schedule, but in hill country Texas: Go to TX's oldest bakery in New Braunfels and picnic at Landa Park. Drive up River Road to Canyon Lake. There are state parks on the lake, also lots of places along the river.

  • Steve Smith

    If you every make it to Lander Wyoming you will have to try the nachos at the Gannet Grill. Every cool 1890's bar.

  • Zachary Rome

    I've heard a rumour that taking a nap after big meal is the exact opposite of what your suppose to do lol !

  • Klaus Anhaus

    Hello from Germany, I´m nearly 65 and I´m watching your vlog nearly from beginning! Please come to Germany, I´m living next Frankfurt and I could show you the river Rhine, Heidelberg, Rothenburg  a.s.o. Kind regards Klaus

  • DnSAdventures

    Love the channel and love the adventures! That is so cool that you guys are getting interviewed by local TV stations now! That is awesome. 🙂 Have a great week – Shane

  • GnatMan Allin

    Awesome As Always! Love seeing you smile again, but still odd to see the house door open, and no fur monster peeking out. Love El Paso, went to Ft. Bliss for training a hundred years ago, and fell in love with it.Did you guys head to Big Bend, or back North after Nacho City? Love you guys! C-Ya!,,,,,Peace! ( I like how he said, "Live out their days" hehehehehe)

  • 242rox

    Great job as always my friends! I had to chuckle when you were wiping your head because of the hot sauce Joe. Been there, done that! We need to get you up here to Salt Lake City and do a segment here at KSL TV where I work! I've had my Travato 59K for almost a month now and I am LOVING it! Can't wait to meet up with you both along the road in the future. Take care and safe travels!!

  • go86go

    there should be footage of Joe walking into planet fitness after all that food he consumed. and you guys should have your website and youtube channel info plastered on the van

  • Jon S

    Wow, can't believe you where in my town. I've only watched you guys for a bit but love the content. If you every swing back this way let me know would love to meet you.

  • Caz Gerald

    The coldest I've ever been is El Paso. Left Dallas around 9pm towards LA, stepped out of my heated car for gas near dawn in El Paso wearing shorts and t-shit, 21F with 40mph wind gusts – holy crap thought I was gonna die.

  • Roy Shores

    I'm from TN but lived in El Paso in 1970. Took me 2 weeks for my belly to acclimate. Great food, good heat. For the most part, good people.

  • Frank P

    I grew up in El Paso, went to school there, graduated from UTEP – lived there for 40 years. I always found it to have the friendliest people and best Mexican food anywhere! Thanks for the memories! Safe travels……

  • Lu's Traveller

    You were making me so hungry. I'm home today sick with the stomach flu. As soon as I'm feeling better, I'm going to our local Mexican food place to have some nachos! You reminded me of my husband when you were eating the hot sauce. We would always break out in a sweat. Our kids and I would always crack up at him. On to more adventures!!!

  • Steve Hanson

    Just wanted to let you know that I no longer watch videos with embedded advertising. It's too disrupting. I no longer watch commercial TV for the same reason. I prefer to rent the DVDs or pay for streaming service. Ads at the beginning or at the end are OK for me. As a business owner myself and as a "customer" of yours, I thought I should let you know.

  • ka1133

    Well there you have it!!! Caught up. It was an enjoyable few days catching up. Looking forward the rest of the journey for the foreseeable future.

  • Joyce Barnett

    That was a great TV interview again. I did not know that El Paso looked as pretty as you made it to be. You got to some really cool places to camp. Thanks for taking me on this tour. Thanks for sharing

  • CharEagle Talley

    Loved the video, and great tour of El Paso. That was also a great interview! My favorite part, though, was the end! Such a beautiful spot to end this video! Safe travels!!

  • Richard Quinones

    I'll be honest guys it just don't feel the same without Leo rip you guys give him an awesome life God bless you guys💜😇🙏

  • Brittany Chisolm

    I wasn't sure how to get this to ya'll but I heard this song and it reminded me of Joe and his love for coffee

  • Eat Sleep RV Repeat

    Lou got so happy when this video started… I put two days worth of videos on queue since we're a bit behind. And than I hear her in the background "I'd love to meet Kate, she seems like such a happy person." -Angie

  • Katie Seale

    Loving your series. Just found you and started watching this past week. We have watched your entire van life series in a week. My husband and I are planning to do a year of travel in a couple of years with a travel van. Hence your videos have been informative and fun.

  • Carl Scott Amos

    World Travelers, YouTube stars visit El Paso

  • Ljiphone2004

    Joe i was at the zip gas station for a pit stop and i believe i saw you and you had some white sunglasses and i wanted to say hi but i was really nervous.

  • Levi Jefferies

    Welcome to Texas! Come visit Texarkana in East Texas. I'm not sure where you are traveling next but Arkansas (especially NWA) has some great towns to visit.

  • reddevilparatrooper

    El Paso is a great place to visit. Just don't come in the morning, afternoon, and home rush hour traffic. The I-10 really sucks. I went to go visit my soldiers at Fort Bliss and had an awesome time. The nachos with hot salsa with garlic is my favorites. They make me cry with joy just eating them. Yummmy!!!!

  • Kathryn Durbin

    I'm so enjoying your channel – it's my dream to do what you are doing and I'm on a 3-4 year plan to get there. I'm a teacher, so my road trips right now are limited to summer, but I travel for 2-3 weeks like you do, without much of a plan, in my Subaru Forester. I travel solo, so I stop where I want to and listen to the music I like. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you do next and hoping you'll make a trip to northern Michigan (Higgins Lake, Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Pictured Rocks, the AuSable River, Mackinac Island — we've got a lot of really great stuff going on here)!

  • AL Violent Nomad

    Great Videos again! You two makes it look easy and Glad you all getting the Local Media coverage. See you down the Road.

  • Wandering Bird Adventures

    I have been binge watching your videos for the last few (hours!!!!!) Love your channel and I'm so excited to see all these places. We're shipping our van to the USA next year and can't wait to see everything! Those Nachos looked amazing…. slightly worried I won't fit in any of my clothes after I've lived in the USA for a few months- everything looks so good. We're currently touring Europe in our van- heading for Norway very soon. I'm hoping it's good practice for the US. Thanks so much for sharing & inspiring. 👍👍

  • Alan Peterson

    Hi, new to your channel. Have you guys done a video about the camper van you are driving ? What make and model it is, what are your likes and dislikes, what you would have done differently, etc ? That would be really helpful, and great if you could post a link. I checked your home page but was overwhelmed with a slow internet connection.

  • Southern Adventures

    Joe was so funny eating those Nachos and wiping sweat. They looked delicious. Another awesome vid y'all. O' we watched y'all again on the Big RV Show last week on the GAC channel when y'all bought the Sprinter Van to go to Europe. Leo was looking so handsome. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Blessings!

  • Randall Hall

    Do you travel with filters installed in your Berky? We have had a problem with threads striping in the filter and wing nut. We are thinking it is because of vibration going down road and filters flexing back and forth. Maybe a piece of cardboard for support but for now we just take them out while traveling. We are in a Toyhauler fifth wheel so May be more movement than your rig. Thanks and take care enjoy your videos.

  • Alex Samaniego

    Where u were at the tap with the nachos its kind of sketchy but l & j,s is good the reason the sign said contact the police at my Cristi ray is u get robbed by the people crossing the border next time ur in town contact me and I'll tell u where to go

  • Iamasillyboy Yesiam

    At the end of this video is a Prada store that seems like it's out in the middle of nowhere why? How many drivers in the middle of that area are just going to stop and say hey I need a really expensive handbag

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