[Socializing CAMP] P.O’s Eyes Were Always On Bomi 20170505
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[Socializing CAMP] P.O’s Eyes Were Always On Bomi 20170505

[Minho-nim to P.O-nim]
//Q: Which girl that you want to date?// //OH MY GOD!// IT HAS TO BE ANSWERED!!!
(Minho is the best xD) HAS TO BE ANSWERED [Hot] [Hot] Oh my… Can’t we do some BGM? The answer is so obvious! It’s obvious? Do you know who? Isn’t she from our team? Oh…they’re from same team!! Say it honestly! You always talked to me about her since earlier! [Oops…] [Exciting] [Minho-nim is the best!] So, is she from here or other one? For me… [Bomi laughed]
[He slightly smiled] I think Bomi-nim’s personality is nice~ 1, 2, 3! It’s Bomi-nim… It’s Bomi-nim…
– Ah, really? [P.O.-nim is very shy] He’s a man!
[Kyaaaaa~] – Ah! So embarrassing!
– The reason is…?? Excuse me, knock x3! The reason is…? [Very curious!] She’s very good at eating, right? I like a person that is good at eating. Also, she’s very good at using chopsticks. I think you have other reasons~ She’s bright! When she smiles, she looks pretty. When she smiles, she looks pretty. [Oh my, so embarrassing!] Bomi’s answer? Ignore P.O.’s answer just now. Honestly…who do you want to date? Let’s give them both meet the end. They always make me in between them both. [They make Suhyun-nim as their barrier] [Peeking]
[Looking] Look at Chanyuk’s face… [They talked together as they sat side by side] Who’ll you date? [Half anticipate, half worry] [#Everyone_Interested] I also like P.O.-nim. I also like P.O.-nim. [SHOUT OUT LOUD~!] Please don’t do this! No!! [Hiding for 2nd time] Please don’t do this!!! Congratulations! [Congrats them by tossing dolls] Bomi-sshi, what’s the reason you like P.O? Oh, the reason is… [What is the reason?] I really like a guy full with Aegyo! You both holding a ‘heart’! Please don’t do this…!
– Anyways, congratulations! [#They’ve_the_same_feelings] Look at him! [As expected, the best friend Minho-nim] Do you have something??
– Yes! I wrote it! So, what is it about? Her face is burning red!


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