#Sojourn || Great Value Vacations Ireland Castles
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#Sojourn || Great Value Vacations Ireland Castles

Hey everyone so if you follow me on Instagram then you know that I recently went to
Ireland with my husband. This video is actually going to be a
little bit of a breakdown of what we did for the whole trip and
also a review of the trip itself. Throughout the trip we toured four different castles and
Great Value Vacations provided the international
flight for us, they also provided the rental car that we used and they arranged all the accommodations for us as well at each of the castles. Each of the castles is a hotel. All that
being said I’m gonna come to go through what we did each day
and where we went each day and let y’all see that.
While we were on the trip I did take footage and hopefully you can get
some ideas if you decide to do this specific tour things you can do while you’re in
Ireland. So we left on a Saturday we flew out
from San Antonio to JFK and then from JFK we caught our international flight to Air Lingus. We ended up arriving at around 6 a.m. in the morning so when we arrived
on Sunday we went by our rental car location which was Dan Dooley Rentals and they gave us a
Nissan Micra which is basically a compact car and we drove that Nissan Micra for the entire week. It was automatic. So once we got our rental car and set out on our way, we took off to Cabra Castle which is the first stop with the Great Value Vacations tour Cabra Castle is located a little ways outside of Kingscourt. The castle itself sits on a pretty huge estate. As you’re driving up the driveway to the castle. You can see just beautiful green it’s actually a big golfing area all throughout it. So that was really cool. As we pulled up the castle itself is quite breathtaking as well. We checked in and got to our room, and the room was really
nice I mean it was what you would expect I
think from a mid century castle that
has been converted to a hotel. So because it was
the first day and we were incredibly jet lag –
we played it pretty cool first day. We did go down and have dinner in the
restaurant We both had Irish steak which was incredibly delicious! So after we got breakfast we took
off to Newgrange! Make sure you go to the visitor center first they actually shuttle bus you to
Newgrange Newgrange is the oldest known burial
site of mankind. It’s older even than the pyramids by I think 500 years or something…and if you’re a little claustrophobic just be aware that you do go inside
New Grange, but it is very very tight so if you are a claustrophobic person you should be aware that. We woke up the day of St. Patrick’s day – Tuesday morning and checked out Cabra Castle. On the way out we said goodbye to the Irish Wolfhounds a little bit cause they’re pretty cool. Then set off to Donegal to head to castle #2 which is Lough Eske castle – pretty sure I’m saying these names wrong… Lough Eske Castle is in Donegal and once again the views were breath taking on the way. Lots of country side, lots of sheep lots of cattle, passed a tractor or two Lough Eske contrasted quite a bit to Cabra Castle in that it was a
little more modern Lough Eske castle also had a full spa. My husband and I didn’t actually do
anything in the spa because our mindset was “we’re here in this other country, so we’re going to do stuff” We headed to the closest town, which is Donegal and checked out the parade [Accordion Irish music] One thing that we’re really upset about
was that we only get to spend one night at Lough Eske castle. It would have been
really cool to stay there a little bit longer because that room and that hotel was just so nice and it’s the only castle that I think is actually
relatively close to a decent sized city. I think if that’s something Great Value Vacations would want to rethink or redo is giving you an extra day at Lough Eske. So on the way to Kilronan Castle we stopped at the Slieve League Cliffs. One of the
excursions that you can do and optionally purchase through Great Value Vacations is the Cliffs of Moor. We didn’t. Even though we purchased it,
we didn’t actually go and do it because we realized it was just so out of the
way from all the hotels. So we ended up
finding the Slieve League cliffs and I am really happy
we did those. The Slieve League Cliffs are actually free right before you hit the cliffs
there’s a little cafe restaurant that gives you information on them as well as gives you a little gift shop and has different snacks and beverages. Those cliffs were breath taking! I definitely recomment checking out the Slieve League cliffs if you are in that part of Ireland. Kilronan castle was for me and Mr. Hallease – our least favorite castle of the trip I don’t know, compared to Cabra Castle which is your more conventional, what you would think the
castle would be and then going to Lough Eske Castle which is just luxury five-star feel to it. Going to Kilronan Castle was just kinda like…eh.. That being said Kilronan does offer quite a few things. They do offer a spa. We did not partake, but they do have one. They also do have fine dinning. We did eat at their restaurant. The grounds are actually very pretty and there was a lake right near by as well which gave a lot of picturesque views and they also have different paths you can walk. That was cool too we kinda went outside
and got some fresh air and did some trekking. It does seem to be very popular, there seems to be a lot of weddings that happen there and I can see why it would be a great location for that. We kinda played it cool the next day, we really just relaxed and just kinda slept in. We just hung out at the castle. Because at this point we’ve been driving every day for at least 2 – 4 hours getting to different places and
seeing different things. One thing about this trip that was kind of hectic is it is a good amount of driving. So if you live in a place where you
know being in a car for 30 minutes is like so long for you… This particular vacation might not be up your
alley because you are driving a lot. We checked out of Kilronan Castle and drove straight to Dublin for the day and spent the day there. We found a random parking garage I think on St. John’s Street and explored Dublin we went by St. Patrick’s Cathedral
which you have to go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and while we were there a young choir was practicing which was really
cool because they’re voices filled the halls of St. Patrick’s Cathedral [Women’s choir sings] The thing about Dublin is that I really would consider it a smaller New York you are going to see a lot of different ethnicities and types of people
represented. We definitely fit in compared to most of the rural cities that we went to which
were predominantly Caucasian. Being a minority and Ireland to me didn’t feel that weird because it’s not like they were looking at me as if I were a threat. I think in America an african-american you tend to get
looked at with this kinda just like confusion or just like a projection of just automatic fear… as an african-american. In Ireland mostly people just kinda
looked at me with I think just excitement. …someone we don’t usually see! They’re staring at you, but its a different kind of stare. It’s a different kind of stare, its more like an excitement honestly. Dunboyne Castle is …I wouldn’t consider it a castle wouldn’t consider that a castle. It’s a really pretty building The room was pretty basic nothing too
extravagant about it they have really great wifi! Dunboyne – best wifi! For sure! And I liked their bar area, and their bar food was good. So, that was the whole trip through the castles of
Ireland tour that we took with Great Value Vacations. All in all it was a really great
experience and I feel like we definitely got our money’s worth
working with Great Value Vacations to get the whole trip planned was pretty easy. It didn’t take much at all. Every hotel knew
we were coming and there wasn’t any taper reservations
snafu anything like that. Great Value Vacations held up their end of the
deal we ended up seeing Ireland for exponential cheaper than if we had tried to do the whole
thing ourselves and book everything ourselves. So I will
definitely be using them again and I would recommend them. If you’re the type
of person who just what’s a travel deal or travel bargain – definitely look into Great Value Vacations and the trips they offer. I know I will! So I hope you enjoyed this video let me
know what you think in the comments below! Let me know if you have
ever been to Ireland what you’re trip was like and if you would go back. I’ll see you, when I see you!


  • fin fifi

    Ireland is the best! I'm from Dublin and I love seeing it through other peoples eyes, you definitely appreciate it more! It's a bummer you missed our one day of summer 😉 because when the weather is nice in Ireland you can't beat it! 

  • Michelle M

    Looks like an awesome trip! There's something a bit odd about seeing ordinary cars parked outside of a castle though, lol. The scenery is beautiful.

  • Kelsie Marshall

    We are doing a slightly different Ireland trip through them. Your video is reassuring. 🙂 Ours will be a lot of driving too, so I'm glad you talked about that a little bit.

  • imacdiva

    OMG! I live in Dublin, pass St. Patrick's Cathedral regularly and never been there. I really need to get back on my local tourist grid.

  • Casey Hubelbank

    I really appreciate you making this video. We will be doing this tour the next time we go there. We just did the Northern Ireland tour, but this was our second choice had we not done Northern Ireland. I look forward to the Castles tour.

  • curliefro

    My mom's cousin is a physician in Ireland and has been inviting me to come visit. I have to make a pledge to go there, you make it so appealing!

  • Venusian_ Forests

    I am so glad i found this video. Thank you for the great information. My fiance and I are planning to honeymoon in Ireland, and I was a bit lost on how to even BEGIN the planning process, seeing as ive never left the united states. So i am SO grateful i found out about great value vacations. Seriously this is going to save me so much time and hassle and money. We are definitely looking for the castle experience. You are awesome, and your voice is so incredibly soothing!

  • Nessa

    I am Irish.people probably not looking at you because of your skin colour but because of your accent.my uncle moved to America so he has now has a American accent and people sometimes looking at him in interest because of his accent.i am glad that you like it in Ireland and also Dublin is the capital of Ireland

  • Tracey Tobin

    Love your video !! My husband and I are looking at a GVV – its the B&B and two castles (Cabral & Kilronan) – this October !!! It sounds like they give you certificates for the B&B and you just choose your own …it does include the car as well
    Couple of questions – did you have to request an auto car in advance ? I saw in your other video how you guys bought a phone to use google maps – sounds like you highly recommend this (guessing we could do this at Dublin airport) How much extra spending money do you think you used ??? Did you exchange money before you left the US (we are actually leaving from Toronto, Canada) …..we are totally going to the cliffs near Donegal (thanks to your recommendation!!)
    Anything else you could share about your trip (i.e. recommendations ) would be awesome !!!!! Thx in advance

  • angelicharmony

    Thanks for the info! My boyfriend and I are doing a GVV in Ireland (mostly B+Bs), but the castle tour was one I was considering! Did you use credit cards for everything or did you exchange some currency?

  • Dion McDermott

    I was just in Kilronan two weeks ago at a wedding. Since most of my family are from Leitrim and Roscommon. I love their dungeons and bar with the armored knight stand in in the main lobby. Also if you ever go again you should go to Laugh Key and the Erin Islands.

  • lotus orchid

    Thank you so much for posting this. I really appreciate that it is an honest review and not something you are being paid for. (Hard to come by these days!) I am considering the same deal right now and some of the castles are the same. Yay! I also appreciate your excellent videography! 🙂 Were you offered an upgrade on the car to include a portable wifi hub with unlimited internet access (39.54)? I am not sure if this would take the place of the need to get a google phone like you guys did.

  • Siggy Rocks

    Thank you for this informative vlog, I am planning my trip to Ireland this year around August or September and a co-worker also suggested Great value vacations. I am taking a solo trip and unfortunately Great Value Vacations charge an additional (400.00 us dollars ) for solo travelers which sucks, so I am trying to see what other options I have since I refuse to pay that. Either way I am so excited for my trip.

  • Love Love

    i hate to add this comment because it would be number 70. i like that 69 up there. anyway….YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. NATURAL BEAUTIFUL.

  • Mary Felton

    Thank you for sharing your video from your trip to Ireland. I really enjoyed watching it and am glad you enjoyed the trip. Hopefully you’ll both come again 😁👍🏻

  • Dude Slick

    Looks like you had a really good time. We were gonna do Ireland this year, but the wife wanted to do Bermuda. So Ireland in 2020 for sure.

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