Solo Overnight WINTER CAMPING FAIL (Almost)

Well guys, it has been a busy couple hours up here in the mountains. So what has taken place is, I put my kids to sleep and packed up my bag and and I drove up to the trail and decided that I wanted to do a solo overnight. It’s about 12:30am and i’ve been processing wood, i’ve been getting the stove all prepped, trying to get ready for the evening of rest. So I am going to lay down here, and go to sleep. But what a cool setup, and I am just really psyched to be out doing a solo overnight, and kind of doing more with the hot tent, staying warm, it’s just awesome. Not quite the trip that I had hoped it would turn out to be. Just didn’t sleep as good as I had planned. Was too worried about keeping the fire going the whole night. It’s a lot of work when you come out and do something solo like this. Still a good experience, still had a good time. But it’s about 8:15-8:20am, Im just going to go ahead and get packed up, head home. It’s starting to snow, or has been snowing for the last little bit. Should make clean up a little wet and interesting. But still a beautiful place and glad to be out. sure is hard to argue about how beautiful it is today. just a beautiful, beautiful morning. cannot believe how peaceful… granted I did come up on a Thursday night so the amount of people up here is virtually non existent, because everyone is still at work. That was a nice little getaway.

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