Solo wild camping – 1 night in Glendalough, Ireland
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Solo wild camping – 1 night in Glendalough, Ireland

Hey folks, how are you? My name is Bruno, I am… 21 years old Actually I live in Ireland, but I was born in São Paulo Today is July 3rd (?) Yeah, July 3rd of 2015 And I’m making this video because…. Truly I don’t even know why. The thing is, I was talking to a friend about wild camping Which is the “acampamento selvagem” on the literal translation (portuguese). Where you camp in anywhere And…. I’m on the middle of the street walking, people are probably thinking I’m a stupid With the flash light right on my face at this time of the night, but thats OK.. Look the car passing here Well, what I mean is…. Fuck, this audio is going to be a shit And… I’ve decided to camp. Yesterday I’ve decided that And today I went to buy somethings, bought just the basic, I’ve never camped before And tomorrow I’m going to Wicklow forest Yeah? This is about 40 minutes away from Dublin And… Lets see what happens, Tomorrow I’ll give you more details, see you. Hey folks! Saturday, July 4th 10:00 am, the day looks awesome, I hope it stays this way Because its not every day you’ll see a sunny day here in Ireland Those who knows will understand I’m very excited and… I’m going right now to Glendalough Its a turistic area, so will have a lot of turists there at the begining I’m going to take the bus here in Dublin in 40 minutes And…. I’ll tell you whats going on, see you. Hey folks, whats up? Just reached the trail, I’ve already walked 2 or 3 km from Glendalough, to North Well, I can’t see turists anymore. There was a sign far behind me warning to avoid this trail after September 1st Because, Its a deer hunting area Not gay people, but real deers Well, I’d rather to take the trails and roads, I won’t risk myself walking between the woods Because I’m afraid of entering in a private property, there’s a lot of sheep farmings here And if I accidentaly enter in a private property the landlord might chase me with a BUG-A-SALT And this gonna suck, right? Well, my goal is to reach a waterfall, but its about 15km from here and I dont know if I can I walk that much With this fucking heavy backpack, take a look, yeah… But if I’m lucky enough I’ll find a place to stay. I think in 6 or 7 km there’s something cool And I’d like to find a place to set up a campfire I don’t know if I’ll be able ’cause I don’t even know if camping is allowed in this area So, depending on the situation I won’t lit the fire, ’cause if someone comes after me in the middle of the night And asks me to go away, its gonna suck as well But, would be cool to lit a campfire, right? I brought some potatoes to cook You can see the trail, very cool the place here Loads of flies I forgot to buy a repellent , just brought some alcohol Hope I can keep the flies away with this But that’s OK. Now it’s 3:15pm, I have some time left till the evenfall Here in Ireland, in the summer time, the nightfall is around 10pm, sometimes 11pm So, I’ll have a lot of daylight left For any news, I’ll let you know. Sup folks! More or less half a hour since the last video The trail became very tricky Take a look here behind Very tricky and… Well I didn’t see anyone yet Indeed, I saw 2 cyclists, we greeted each other and went away There’s a house in the middle of the woods, like in a horror movie, right? I’m getting a little bit nervous with this ideia of sleeping alone in this place Take a look Cool, right? Loads of bugs I don’t know if I took the wrong trail, ’cause… I’ve to go in that direction, but there are some mountains there and the trail its a shit I went over there, but it’s very hard to go down So… I don’t know if I’ll go back from here and choose another trail Or if I will… Continue in this direction I’ll probably go back and seek another trail, but thats OK I’ll let you know about the news, see you. Hey guys! I’ve decided to follow the trail And… Well, I found a river over here A small one I put some rubber gloves as well, because the path was very difficult So I had to put my hands on the ground, to pass safely I realized that there’s a road over there, in that direction But I need to cross the fucking river and I didn’t bring waterproof boots But, I gonna try to cross it anyway To see if I can get to the road on the other side I’m holding the cellphone without the selfstick, ’cause…. I’m afraid of dropping this shit in the water If I drop it into the water I’m screwed I don’t know what I’ll do to cross it Don’t know if I should take off the shoes.. I think I’ll… Take off the shoes I’ll be back… Hi guys I… Crossed the river There’s a river over here, gonna show you again A nice river… I think I could drink this water, I don’t intend to drink it but… I could use it to cook something, if I boil it first I’ve crossed the river… But the path is too hard on the other side Up to the road I was thinking with myself and I’ll have to walk around… 8 or 9 km Till the… The place I wanna go So, this place… I really liked it, I think I could “set up camp” here My camping things are: A sleeping bag and 2 pots So, I gonna set up my mini mini mini camp over here I took a look around to check if there wasn’t a private property, I didn’t see any houses or something like that On my left there are just mountains And on my right probably a road Then, what I wanna do is, try to hide the light of the… The campfire, put something there to hide it’s light Then, I can just lit it and chill out And after that clean every thing, right? Don’t leave rubbish behind The most experienced guys already warned me to don’t let rubbish behind Burn it or take it back Hide the burnt wood from the campfire So, I gonna try to leave everything the way I found it By the way, I made a gay joke before, guys It was a joke, right? For god sake, if that boy from Big Brother, the deputy, see my video he is going to sue me Well, I had talked before about the pots, right? There are some pots over here There’s a lot of spider web So, a long time someone doesn’t come here, I guess But, if there are some pots here this means that it’s a nice place for camping, right? I’ve some dried wood Water… The place seems to be pretty peaceful Sometimes you can hear a car on the road, in this direction, but it’s pretty far Not pretty far, but you can hear it Yeah, that’s it. I’ll let you know about the news Hi again, guys. More or less 1 hour since I arrived By the way, that’s my… That’s my camouflage and anti-mosquito ninja suit My father’s sweatshirt Hey daddy, don’t be mad with me, right? Love you My pijamas pants And T-shirt on the head, ’cause of the flies, loads of flies over here And they’re a kind of ”kamikaze”, you know? They dont give a shit, you are waving to keep them away and they still flying right on your face So, the next time is important to bring a headscarf or something like that But its suiting well the… T-shirt And stuff What I’m doing here is… I’ve started with a tripod And I intend to put some wood on the back part And cover everything with moss On the backpart of this thing To hide the light of the campfire I gonna lie here at night That side are just mountains, so, I will block the wind coming from that side as well, ‘Cause it’s windy here I can’t explain why, if there’s a mountain over here And, I gonna take this moss, come here I realized that on this stones I don’t know if I’ll aim properly this fucking camera But… That’s the thing, look See? This stuff, you just pluck it up from the stone And I can put it there Behind the… Shelter I built, I gonna show you again Here it is Right? Everything OK up to now. It’s 5:30 pm or almost 6:00pm I’ve some daylight left I’ll try to finish this task to sit a little bit and chill out See you. Hello again guys! I’ve finished the… Task on the mini shelter right behind me Well… It’s not so bad I can… If it rains, I can cover this up with a tent to avoid the rain Gonna show you the back part A little bit tired already Was hard task… It’s not so bad I don’t know for how long this thing is going to hide the light of the campfire that I intend to set up Not sure if I’ll be able to set it up, ’cause… This moss helped but screwed with me as well ‘Cause all the dried wood on the ground are full of moss and this make them wet, right? I’ve got some wood And put in this blue plastic, in case of rain I just need to pack it up Then I won’t wet the wood that I already have Well, I’m hungry I think I’ll bathe in this river, or try to Also, take the opportunity to take some stones in the river to build a support to my pot ‘Cause I’ve no grill So… I’ll go there Just take my towel And another thing that surprised me were the flies Holy shit, man. I though that this kind of flies just existed in the Amazon Rainforest It seems to me that they are riding a motorcycle right on your ear *VRUMMM Awful… Deodorant is asking for mercy as well I’m walking all around like a lunatic I’ll try to bathe, just to change my clothes Hi guys I could lit the fire It was easy, I’ve found some dried small pines and used them to lit Shit.. Here it is Don’t know if can you see from there Fire is lit, my pot is there I’ll try to roast some potatoes… or cook them to make mashed potatos Yeah, everything alright up to now I was taking a look and climbed on the tree It seems to me that the road isnt too far from here So I don’t know if I’ll keep the fire on all night long ‘Cause… ‘Cause if someone come after me… I don’t know if camping is allowed in this area If someone come after me in the middle of the night asking me to go away this gonna suck, right? I gonna pack my things and leave everything ready, just in case Better safe than sorry, right? I’m just relaxing here, almost 7:30pm now Everything peaceful up to now. 7:30pm and the daylight still like… Like… Like 2pm I’m fine, my potatoes still cooking Just now I tried to move the pot and as soon I’ve no grill I dropped the fucking water on the campfire I had to lit it again Yeah, that’s me I’m here roasting some… Marshmallow I bet you all always wanted to roast a marshmallow like this, right? Yeah, me either Toasting some marshmallow by the campfire Yeah, let’s wait the evenfall to see what will happen I think I gonna drown the fire arount 11pm in the evenfall Or no… Maybe… Well, I’ll let you know about the news Yeaah, mashed potatoes The most archaic mashed potatoes that I’ve ever ate This is not actually mashed potatoes The potatoes was a little bit hard to mash But it’s tasteful anyway Another important thing that I figure it out Is to keep the fire lit I thought the “shift” of the insects had already finished But they weren’t here because of the campfire I’ve kept the campfire off for 10 minutes and they came back Then, I put the fire closer… And lit it up again Well, I gonna take more… More wood, before the evenfall Now it’s 10pm I’ll have 1 more hour of daylight maybe It’s getting a little bit colder, but not too much Still cool yet A bug here… There’s a bird over there singing I don’t know which bird is it Get out fucking bug And… Well, I gonna take some wood. Cheers Hi folks I think it’s 11pm right now I’m relaxing here Drinking some tea, I boiled the water on the fire The fire still on It’s very dark If you look straight to the sky you can see daylight But there are a lot of trees here, so it’s very dark Campfire still on Well, let me show you around… By the way, that’s the lantern It’s not beautiful, but works well You turn it on over here I don’t know if seems so dark for you because of the flash light Well, is this… Very calm… I gonna toast some marshmallows now In 1 or 2 hours I gonna sleep Try to.. I’ll put the cellphone in the external battery That I bought on… On friday.. I paid 5 euro Well, is this. I’ll let know about the news Whats up? 3am now… Raining… Fucking hard… I… I dragged myself here, under the… Shelter… That I built… I think I can stay here But if the rain get worse, I’ll have to… Stand up to… Put the tarpaulin Little bit cold… My sleeping bag opened… I’ll have to close it again But it’s Ok… If the rain won’t stop I gonna stand up Look the slug over there… I think it was sleeping inside my sleeping bag… Or on it… Disgusting… Well, I put here the… The tarpaulin… I can feel some drops over here, I think I left a hole… Fucking big.. I’ll try to put the other tarpaulin over there Raining… Fucking hard… I put the tarpaulin over here Above as well… The shelter is holding fine, I think For now… I can feel some drops here sometimes But I still have the sleeping bag It’s not waterproof, but… Better than nothing I took my towel outside It’s almost 4am I thought the break of dawn was supposed to come at 4am Probably at 5am… Or later… Well, I’ll try to sleep again Sup? I survived the night The rain stopped Everything a little bit wet Peaceful… Eating the marshmallows from yesterday Already ate some bread Now it’s probably 5:30am It’s clear… Well, up to now everything was fucking cool Gonna wait half a hour more and put the things away Clean everything Take the rubbish back Cover this campfire Put down this shelter And start walking back to Glendalough Maybe… 6km from here Well, is this… Everything fine… Hi guys! I’m going home now I already left the hard part of the trail Now it’s easier to walk here Today is July 05th I spent I day out By the way, my brother’s Bday, who’s in Brazil I gonna call him when I arrive home Happy Bday Arthur I’ve sent him a box with gifts to him, it should arrive there today And… It’s raining fucking hard again I gonna stay under this tree And… The trip was fucking amazing, I liked too much And… I don’t know if I gonna post this video on Youtube But if I wont it’s gonna be a… And amazing souvenir Like a diary Yeah, cool as fuck that I could film everything. I hope I won’t… I hope I won’t lose this videos Till I arrive home But… Maybe I gonna post on Youtube to… To the guys who… Who wants to know how it is but don’t wanna go or… Or have no info about it and wanna know how it works Is everything you saw Craziness… Right? What I’ve done is known as “sneak camping” here in… Europe, it’s when you go somewhere that you aren’t supposed to go Like me in the middle of the lumberjack area And you just sneak there and stay quiet And then go away as if you had never been there Many people make videos about “solo wild camping” Funny thing is, I’ve never seen a brazilian doing this So… Could be cool… Right? To show the brazilians how it… Works… Should have a similar place to do this in Brazil Well, is this… Fucking cool Go back home now, happy Rest a little bit, I didn’t sleep too much at night just 3 hours At least i could sleep… Well, is this… I fucking liked and it worthed I hope… Whoever is watching this video or myself in the future I hope you’re enjoying… Yeah, Cheers.


  • gliderrider

    Really enjoyed you video. Good job! It's always fun figuring things out on your own. Next time I'm sure you will be more comfortable. Maybe better food! Lol

  • Kernowclimber

    It's illegal to camp anywhere in the Glendalough Valley and it's also forbidden to light a camp fire. You might have taken the time to check the Wicklow Mountains National Park rules where it clearly states this:

    "Camping is not permitted, at all, in the valley of Glendalough. This rule is vigorously enforced, and campers will be moved on. Visitors arriving in Glendalough with a tent should be aware that they will need to walk for at least 3 hours before they can find a site that complies with the Wild Camping code".

    "Campfires are not currently permitted in the National Park. The issuing of permits for campfires is suspended pending review. Failure to comply with this code will result in withdrawal of permission to camp. In such cases National Park Rangers will demand that the visitors break camp".

    I hope others don't follow your example.

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