Solo Winter Camping – Ice fishing on Doe Lake [Frontenac Challenge Part 12]

Welcome to Conjuring Rock, where we
enjoy all season camping and fishing. It’s number 12. The twelth month! The last episode of the Frontenac Challenge. I’ve never been to the Doe Lake campsite before its site number two So let’s go check it out and do some ice fishing. So my plan; Start here
just like the sign says and then we’re gonna go down here. Keep going, past the
Kemp Mine, because we have too much stuff to carry, and we’re going to the lookout,
down the lookout onto the lake, because our campsite is down here. [Sigh] I’m a little out of shape. So I’m walking the Doe trail here and pretty appropriately, I’m seeing some deer tracks They seem to follow the trail By far, the most difficult Frontenac Challenge so far. Well, there it is the Doe Lake lookout. One of them. Well made it onto the ice.
The ice feels really solid, I feel like I might throw up. We’re good, we’re good. I made it. Wow. That was a hike. I haven’t done
anything like that in quite a while [sigh] So whenever you start sweating like that
and you’re hiking in the winter, and you know you’re gonna be outside for a while,
you want to try and get dry, as soon as possible. So, right when I got to camp I
set up my tent and got outta my wet clothes and got into something a little
bit more dry. Hopefully those will dry up a little bit for tomorrow. If not then
I’ll just be wearing these again Hopefully, I don’t sweat again. Somebody was very thoughtful and left all this kindling for me. Make it nice and easy to
get a fire started I’ll try and leave some behind for the next people. It’s a beautiful sight here at doe Lake Now to start a fire. I’m going to boil up some water for a tea
and a cup of soup and then I’m going to start making a dinner So for supper, I’m having these kebab
things here and some rice with some veggies. Should be a nice hearty filling
meal. Supper looks awesome There’s the kebabs. The sticks kind of fell
apart and then here’s the rice. Pretty simple but it’s going to keep me warm Good morning. I slept pretty well. I’m
gonna just make some coffee, make some oatmeal, and then I think I’m gonna go fishing Okay, since I don’t have to hike out with
the same amount of weight that I had before, should be a little bit easier. I
don’t have all that wood that I came in with ’cause, I burned most of it. The rest of
it I actually put underneath here. So, what I’m actually gonna do is I’m going
to load up a few of the heavier items into these bags so I can strap it down
to the sled take some of the weight off my back, put some of the weight in the
sled cuz right now the sled is practically empty except maybe the axe
and the fishfinder. So, spread out some of the weight to be an easier hike out
hopefully. Okay, I’m all packed up ready to do some ice fishing.
Got the chest cam on, let’s see if I can pull anything through the ice that would be wonderful. Before we do that I want to say special thanks to Lindsay. You’ve seen her on our
channel before. A-Ha! She was kind enough to lend me her backpack
and it has been awesome. I really want one now So, this was fully charged when I came out
here and I just started it up, lasted for three seconds – battery empty. Not low –
empty. So, I’ve got it charging, hopefully we’ll get the chest cam on soon. But I
can’t have you all the way back here if I’m catching fish. Come on out. So I’ve got 30 feet Some flickers on the bottom. Yeah, something’s following me up. Oh yeah, here we go. Cool. Oh, it’s a crappie.
They do exist in this lake! Awesome that is fantastic! it’s not a bad slab that’s alright. So, The fine gentlemen at Canadian Tire,
he directed me right. Told him I was looking for crappie, didn’t know if there was
crappie in the lake and he said well here, here’s what I use. This thing
Berkeley Power Bait Just on a – I think it’s a 1/8th jig head. Yeah, here comes another one. Yep! This one’s fighting a little bit better.
Oh it’s about the same size. Cool number two So there ARE crappie in Doe Lake. Yep Yeah, that was a bit better than all the
rest about 8 and 3/4. Not bad. Oh yeah. Alright. Oh it’s smaller, still another
crappie. So that’s cool! I guess I found them and I guess I found
what they want to eat. You don’t often get that lucky Yeep, yep yep yep yep yep yep. Just another little slab. Just a little guy. This feels a bit better. Whoah. That’s a fat perch!
Look at that jumbo! Wow! Look at that thing! Well I was pretty happy to catch some crappie
and that jumbo perch was just a bonus. That’s awesome Okay, let’s get back to the car. I can hardly believe it, twelve months. Frontenac Challenge – Complete. I plan on doing a
recap of all twelve months so look forward to that next month and hit that like
button if you liked what you saw. The hike back wasn’t nearly as bad as I
thought it would be yeah anyways hit that subscribe button, if you haven’t
done so already and you want to see more camping and fishing and We’ll catch you later.

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