Sonic Zombie Origins
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Sonic Zombie Origins

MHMMMM! Orginszz! *Chapter I Beginning* Alright let’s just get right to it! Heha!! Okay so, It was the night before Christmas, And ALL through the town, Nobody was stirring! Hehua! Except Sonic in his Hummer! Haha! *Crash* damn it! *Pause with a Hummer struggling to get out* S – Douching trough the Snow! Driving my Hummer! Which I don’t even need! Cause I’m only a Single guy! 🙁 S – Heha! Sonic was decided to go to Rouge’s House. Cuz.. Everybody’s going there for Christmas. Heha! S – I can’t wait give everybody my presents! S – It’s totally not a box full of Pizza Hut Coupons! S – It’s totally not a box full of Pizza Hut Coupons! *Hits Camera* Oho! Ah- AAH! S – Uh-Uh Hohohohoh.. Knock-Knock! Who’s There? Me! Starbucks? *Casually Rips Door out* R – Oh! R – Hey Sonic! R – How ya Doin? Why don’t you just come on in-? R – Oh! *Smacks Lips* R – I told you, You didn’t have to bring a present, But come on Dwarling lets go. S – Gee, Its was sure of you to invite us all here Rouge, You’re definitely cool to me! bewbs… R – Oh, You just be a nice now Sonic.. Come on! Everybody to the Living Room *Smack* *Smack* *Smack* R – Hey everybody! Look who’s here! Its Soonic! S – He-Hey everybody! Merry Christmas! Heh. Uh, Here’s your present. S – Eheh, Let me just put it on the table. R – Okay, So now that Sonic’s here R – Like-How everybody like some Champane? C – NAWNEBNEBNWALFNAWL C – Eheh, I mean uh. Why would you do that? Lemme just do it for you! Heha! C – You are nice! Heha! *Smack* Arulgh! If it means that we can kill it! Arulgh! A – Sonic, Make me into a woman… C – Yehuaha! C – Let’s get some Drinky-Drinkeh Heua! C – Were going to get the Champane. FLYIN’! Ok-Okay. Hehua! *Zombie Growl* And, It BEGAAAN! *Zombie Noise* C – Yehua-Hua! Going to get everybody! And even Shaaare! Hua! *Zombie Noise* C – I just louv Christmas time! It’s another excuse to get drunk! Blaugh! *Smack* *Zombie Noise* C – Aulgh-hehea! C – Hehe! Who’s there? C – AULLGHAULLLGHAAAA-AHOU!!! C – AUGH-AULLGH NOHO! NO!! STOP IT! AULGH! YOU’RE KILLING ME! ALUAGH-LLLAOUGH! R – Creme? What the heck is goin’ on in there? R – OH MY GAWD! *Narrator Zooms into Rouge’s Bewbs* C – EULEULLAGH! HALP ME! R – Sowmebody go help her! She’s doiying! K – Yo, Man! Listen, I got this man! Don’t worry about any merphent in tha house! Yo, Listen zawmbie man! K – Yu Come over here-! AUGH! Ya U don’t touch her! K – Yo, Hey Creme baby? Baby, U okay Creme? C – *Cough* C – get to tha chopper! OUALLOUGH *Cough* (R.I.P. 2000 BCE – 2013) T – POOR CEAAAY! Ohohoooooh! Anohoo?!? How could this haypewnnn? S – We have a bigger problem on our hands! That bitch spilled all the Champane! R – What in the world could that have possibly been? S – It sounds like me its a Zombie! But a Zombie is not real! But if there are more Zombies! Imma hav to go outside and check! Because there might be more aoutside! Yeay! And of course Shadow was right, Cause there were MORE Zombies on the way! They, Were going to die for a TWO!!! yum S – Let me go outside and check! If there were more zawmbies! Come ON!! get outta there!! oh OHH Come on! getta there! S – ah. S – Ohh S – What? S – I was right! There were more ZAWMBIES outside! S – Oulgh! S – Everybody! listen up! S – There are a lot more zombies outside. They must have somehow… Heard the other zombies, Because now they are coming, And if we come were gonna die, So everybody we have to board up the house as fast as we cannn! Everybody decided to board up the House because it was a good idea A – Shadow-I mean Knuckles same person, What are we doing? Do you think you’re gonna come? K – No, Man. K – I just gotta stay with him man, I feel so bad… A – great.. I come in and get them.. So then Everybody was fixing up the house, So zombies couldn’t get in, Everybody was doing their part! S – Huhueya! I’ll weld the door SHUT!! No zombies! *Flamethrowers the shit out of the door* Heheaya! (Good plan) *Fire Crackling* *Slam* *Slam* *Slam* *Dresser Breaks* S – Well, Looks like I’m done! There were so many Zombies because they heard the banging from inside! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And this wasn’t good, Because.. It was Christmas! I-I really wan’t presents! Not Zombies! MHMHMMMM! S – It’s getting really bad out there… There a lot more zombies than anyone could ever imagine.. They must’ve heard all the banging as the narrator said.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) S – And this is not good! Because if there are more zombies, And that means they’re going to come in! They’re going to eat our Brains and our Flesh! That it doesn’t even matter!!! K – Yo man! Ye*Gibbrish* Yo man! K – Yo man that’s not cool man! Get off of me! Yo muchu Baby man! Yo listen that ain’t cool man! Yoho Comin’ to America! oh, AH! K – Oh yo come on! Oh! eh.. K – Yo.. Zombie C – Eulaguahh.. K – Yo, man she’s crazy man. I can’t believe she bit me like that. *Z C Makes zombie noises* Z C – Oh! my hair is in the way *Dramatic Zoom* S – Look out behind you S – Ahhh! S – Do not worry about it! I will shoot it and kill it… *Repeating Gunshots* S – We need to make sure that it is dead.. Hit it with a Crane! Hehay! I like my crowbar! S – Is everybody okay in here? S – What happened? S – Oh yeah, I gonna look outside.. A – Um.. Creme.. Ohohooh.. A – Sonic! A – Why don’t you.. Comfort me… S – Sorry Amy, I’m gay. R – Oh no, Knuckles this is terrible! Guys! Were gonna have to get him outta here! I used to be a nurse, We gotta get him to a hospital! S – There is no Hospital around here! We should probably go run! S – We need to find a way to get out this city.. T – Man, Why don’t we just go to Airport?? A – I as getting to Airport on Christmas Eve? A – You don’t even have a Passport, Tails… R – Well, That’s the only option that we have, Were gonna also need to get a car. Eh, Anybody have a car? S – We could use my Hummer T – Okay, Let’s gather supplies. Shadow! Go outside and take care of the Zombies while we packup. S – Good idea! Mexican Man! Hehouy! A – I’m on my Period. (Okay then?) Shadow went outside and decided that he was gonna fight off the Zombies, Because that buys Everybody’s time.. (Here we see Shadow in his Natural Habitat, Destroying Zombies) Heh.. I just like shooting stuff MHMHMMM-! R – Okay, So you stay still, And I’ll be right back.. K – Man, I hope that this is not infected man.. SHREKT – UR GOIN TO BE FINE DONKEH!!! *Very Intense Shaking* S – So many zombies out there… S – Have to go inside.. S – Everybody! We have to leave now! There are too many of them! T – Sonic! We have to hurry up! It’s getting bad! Let’s go! S – Uh, You go really quick, I gotta do something here.. T – whatever man… The Zombies were getting in the Houuuuse! S – Let’s see if these Zombies like- Uh, Oh… *???* Sonic Turned on the stove, Like my Mom would let me do (I bet that you burned down the whole country) Then, They decided to leave the house, They had to hurry, Because the house was going to blow up any second now! *BOOM!* S – If you leave your flame, That’s not good, Your house will blow up.. And if you don’t have Insurance.. Game Over.. So then, They took off to the Airport! *Crash* OOWWWW!! *Chapter II Beginning* Meanwhile, At the Airport. Things are looking very bleak for our Heroes It seems that whatever happened here apparently happened at the Airport too S – Well it looks like my Hummer got us here. I mean, I’m the only one who ever drives this. So why have it? It’s just gas waster. S – Mehahehahe Huba-Duba.. S – Okay, Everybody is going to follow me. Because I have the gun. It’s the most important part of this whole thing! R – I wonder how this happened? T – Who knows man? But I’m at the airport without a Passport, this is like Jesus to me! T – Hohoo! S – Let’s go this way! T – Ah, I’m so very hungry.. Ho.. Can we take a break? S – Okay, Everybody take 5. *A Bunch of Smacks* T – Ahh, A Restaurant . Do they have any food here? T – Let’s go and check.. T – Wee! T – Hellooo? Anybody here? Hello? T – May I go in this meat locker, Maybe they have some meat in here.. *Get Hit by Metal* ooh! *Door Opens* T – well let’s see what they have in here.. T – *gasp* T – *GASP* T – Ohhh! *Tails Starting a Language thing* *Language Thing* T – And other language things! (Hey!) S – It looks like Tails has been gone for a little long.. Were going to probably have to go find him. We should not ever split up AGAIN! *Tails does Language Thing Babble* T – Okay. Don’t worry about a thing here.. S – Okay Tails! It’s good to have you back! *Sniff* S – Hey! S – Hey, Do I smell Tacos? T – NO! YOU DON’T!! OMNOMNOMNOM-! K – Yo, Man.. K – This thing is starting to hurt me.. K – I can’t do no more.. K – Ah.. I feel sick.. A – How do you know you’re sick? (O shit get out of the wa-) *Loud ass Puke* *In-Game Unfrezze sound effect* R – Oh no! Knuckles!


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