South Africa & Botswana Active Safari Video | Backroads
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South Africa & Botswana Active Safari Video | Backroads

(light African music) – Africa is one of those places
that just gets in your blood I know a lot of people
have that special place and for me it’s Africa. And
when I think of Backroads and this active vacation, where you’re out amongst the animals you’re hiking, you’re biking and it just makes it so much more special. (bright African music) – This is not just an
ordinary trip in Africa. This is an epic adventure with culture, with wildlife, with landscapes. With our private flights we’re able to move across the landscape and stay in unbelievable hotels. – Welcome to Botswana
– the land of giants. (light African music) – Every new place kinda
feels like a different trip in and of itself. Every time I get really excited to arrive at the next
location, the next hotel the next set of activities because it’s kind of different
but it’s equally fantastic. – Coming with Backroads has made it a trip that is vastly different and better than what I ever could
have done on my own. Its an epic experience that
I don’t think I could top and I’ll never forget. (upbeat African music)

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