Spacious RV CONVERTED into  Gorgeous TINY HOME
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Spacious RV CONVERTED into Gorgeous TINY HOME

Hey I’m Ashley Cutrone and this is our
renovated RV. I live here with my family of five. We decided to buy land and in that
process we needed somewhere to live while we were building a house so we
thought let’s do an RV and renovate it and I don’t know just go on an adventure
like when else do get to do something like that? We saw this RV and it had
three bunk beds in the back and we were like “sold”. This is us. This is for
our family. This is it. Well we actually renovated the whole thing in
three weeks and we did it on a budget too. We renovated the entire thing
including all the furniture in it for less than $3,000. We decided to design
the interior of this because I wanted it to feel like home. It was just kind of a
place I guess for me to try new things and be a little bit old like doing a
really fun back slash in the kitchen. I mean sounds like a little thing, but it
was like oh this is kind of like I can do whatever I want because it’s a
trailer. So my husband and I did a lot of the work ourselves. We just got creative
with where we found things and because of that we are now
renovating an Airstream that we’re working on and we’re hoping to have it
done in the next month or so and we plan on selling it. Welcome to the Patron RV. Come on in. We renovated this entire thing in three
weeks. One of the things that we loved the most inside of our RV is this area over here. It’s our coffee station. We love coffee.
There was a piece of furniture right here that we actually ripped out and I got
super lucky with this. I didn’t even measure it when I bought
it and I put it together and just happened to fit perfectly into this spot right
here. Over here we have our kitchen and in the kitchen I really wanted to do
real tile inside of it. I knew we were staying stationary and I could have a
little more fun with the design so I put cement tiles inside of the kitchen and
then also did a little fun subway tile over here just to mix it up. I took a few
risks in here. We also re faced all the cabinets inside just to really update it
to a more modern look so they, all the cabinets have shader cabinets on them.
This counter top we ripped off and we put it was actually a desktop that we bought
and we ended up cutting it and configuring it. Like this piece over here
was actually inside of the sink area so we made it fit into this spot so it was
affordable and it works perfectly. This is our pantry and in our kitchen we have
four drawers and we really don’t need any more than that. I feel like we don’t
waste as much food really. We have a smaller fridge and we have a smaller
pantry. We’ve realized that we how much money we used to spend on groceries and then we would waste so much food because we would just buy to fill our fridge up
and then we would never eat everything. So now we really just buy what we need
which has been awesome to kind of realize that. This was like our game
changer. When we saw the RV we hadn’t really looked at a lot and so we saw the
triple bunk beds and we were like this is the only RV that has three bunk beds
like this is ours. We have to get it. It’s meant to be. Now we know that like RVs do have bunk beds in them. So each of our kids has a bunk and then they all have a
bin at the end of their bed for clothes and that is all they have. A few stuffed
animals. My older son has like a shoebox of Legos and that’s pretty much it on toys and extras. That’s all their clothes.
That’s everything. In this tiny spot over here we have another little closet space
to kind of hold some storage like all of our coloring books and like little arts
and crafts. Inside is our huge bathroom. It’s so big. It’s so tiny. We did like a
slight renovation in here. We updated the tile, painted to make it feel brighter,
and updated the cabinet faces and that’s pretty much it. We left the shower as is. Maybe one day we’ll update it, but it just wasn’t really a huge priority for
us. This entire area we actually ripped everything out. There were cabinets like
storage cabinets that came down to here. They went across the whole pop out. I
felt like we didn’t really need the storage space and I wanted it to feel
bigger and more open so we ripped all of it out, updated all the lighting
throughout, and then this was a built-in table here and we ripped out that as
well. And again, since we stay stationary, I was able to find a really affordable
table, brought one of our chairs from our old
house. This is where the kids color. We homeschooled here for a few months and
this is where we eat and have all of our meals. This was a very old nasty couch
and this whole area was carpeted on the ground so ripping all that out and
ripping out these upper cabinets here made it feel so much more open. I love
pillows and they’re like my number one thing I love to change is are my pillows
so I usually buy pillow covers so I’m not buying the actual pillow and every
couple months I’ll just swap one out. Kind of keep things fresh in this tiny
little space. I love playing with things like this in here for the kids. This sort
of thing is like a little letter board. I think stuff like that is important to
have when you’re living tiny like little things that make your family yours. This
is a bench and also our coffee table. It’s easily moved over there and it’s
also the cover for our trash can. Here is our master suite. This was like a
dark dungeon before. It was so dark and brown and kind of scary and on the back
of our bed here on the outside there was a huge cougar and even though I had a
curtain hanging there it actually shown through the the curtain and it was
terrifying. So we ended up painting outside the RV. Covering up the headboard back there. It was the window I just hung a shower curtain just to kind of make a
faux headboard. We each have our own side for storage. This is mine. This is my
husband’s. Down there we have our pants and then like a little dusky kind of bin.
Yeah this is a great space and then we also have doors that can close, which is
awesome so we have our own little space in here. One of the spots we
actually did not renovate is underneath the bed. The old blue carpet is still
underneath there and it’s on hydraulics and it comes up and so we store a lot of
stuff under here. There’s gifts or extra bedding things like that so we keep that
under here. So this is a great spot and everything inside of the trailer, every
cupboard has space. I don’t jam things packed with things. We have space to grow so when we open a cupboard it doesn’t feel like things are rolling out of it
so it makes you feel less cluttered and more comfortable in your house when
everything’s not just like rolling out. So I try to just keep everything
organized and just try to use every space for something. So this is the outside of the RV. This is
where the Cougar used to be that looked into our bedroom. This whole thing was
like kind of creamy and blue stripes had Cougars all over it because it’s a 2003
Cougar Keystone. We just decided to paint this recently to kind of elevate it to
the way we did in the inside and we’re so happy we did because now it feels
clean all over. So over in this area here everything’s kind of set aside right now
because it is winter time and because we stay stationary we are hooked up to
electrical and also hooked up to a septic tank. So here we have our hookups
for the septic and it goes over to the septic tank and the gray water and we
actually have a macerator which my husband installed so it allows
everything to flow up into the septic tank area. Back here we have some storage, keeps like all of our tools and everything and beach towels. I usually
put the kids backpacks back there so it’s a great spot for storage. Our
outdoor space we use a lot during the summertime or when it’s not windy and
cold like right now but we have a fire pit out here and little lights and the
need to make it feel more like home is always a good thing. So this bin here has all the kids shoes in it and a lot of times like balls and
stuff get put in there. Just an outside storage space. We can have the door open and come and sit out here and have the fire going it’s such an awesome like
hangout space and we really actually love to entertain here. Even though it’s
tiny inside we still have people over and families over and the kids run
around outside and we can use the outdoors also. It really helps for that
extra space. My best advice for downsizing or making
a big change like this or going tiny so I would say, less is more. You don’t need
everything like you don’t need salad tongs, you can use two forks you know. Little things like that seem so tiny but when
you add all those little things up it just creates more clutter. And then the
biggest thing is just you have to have grace for yourself and one another
because you’re gonna step on each other’s toes, you’re gonna get in each
other’s way, like you’re gonna lose your mind here and there. At the end of the
day you just have to be like okay you know what tomorrow’s a new day. You just have to have grace and you can ‘t be so hard on yourself. I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode.
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  • Tonya

    The little girl is basically on the floor. I hope you can raise the bunk up for the little girl as she grows👍🏼

  • Lue Lopez

    I hate reading negative comments. Children look happy. Their sleeping area is bigger then most spaces people have in their own homes. Or rented places. It might be small but it is beautiful and clean.

  • np

    Okay I was with her until she got to the kids room lol. I get that they're probably playing outside and stuff but piling the 3 of them in like that seems so suffocating esp for the one that has to sleep on the floor.

  • Mary C

    There's no way I could live in such small quarters with kids.  Their bedroom is kind of sad.  I think children need their own space and I don't agree with girls and boys sleeping together.  Each gender should have their own room.

  • Princess Jitterbug

    I don't want to seem rude but this seems more like an instagram thing than a proper house. Those kids are going to grow bigger especially that little girl and sleeping under a bed isn't going to be sufficient. Also why would you put your daughter under a bed like she's part of the storage? That is really not enough room at all.

  • Hikari Varg

    What a selfish woman. This was by far the worst tiny house for a family I've ever seen. She built herself her own little palace for her own selfish needs. You can't argue with the fact that less is more, but piling up all three kids into a walk-in closet space isn't fair compared to the parent's master bedroom. Three bunk beds she said? Bullshit! Your youngest one sleeps in a rat hole under the two-story bunk bed.

  • iTyncWithReality

    What is up with people complaining about that third bunk? It's like sleeping in one of those living room forts. Hell, I used to crawl under my bed to sleep when I was small because I liked the small dark space. It was comforting, and made going to sleep easier. And there is nothing wrong with a mattress on the floor- I guess the Japanese don't know what they're on about? I lived lived in Japan for three years and now I continue to sleep on my mattress on the floor. And light? She's sleeping. Eyes closed, unconscious. Why would she need light? You know another way to say bedtime: lights out.

    If she didn't like it, they'd probably just move her to the living room. Seriously. Drama queens the lot of you.

  • Mynamesdemi _

    On the “Yes, Sea” did she mean to put “Si”…..? I don’t know why she would have “sea” unless they’re close to the beach…makes more sense to be “si”…but could be wrong. Maybe she’s just enthusiastic about the sea…

  • Linda Ellis

    You’ve done a great job for a temporary solution. I’m thinking of using our RV to live in bu5 how to keep it from freezing up in the winter is my question. How did you handle this. I see that there is no underpinning.

  • Harvey Holloway

    Although I live in my RV I am also older and live alone. I stopped watching this when the woman said her son had only one small box of legos as I realized there could be no rooms full of creative toys and books to learn from and stimulate growing minds. My grandson has a room full of legos, has had tons of creative toys as he grows up, and is now a straight a student. Get a house so your kids can have each a room full of intellectually stimulating toys.

  • Jaqy Spencer

    They should've bought a couch which folds out into a bed for one or two of the kids to sleep on…. I couldn't imagine being that little girl and having to stuff myself under a 2ft tall dark corner every night

  • dreamerdazegirl

    these tiny homes barely work with young children. What are they going to do once their kids start growing??…

  • Duct_Tape Heart

    I think, the little girl will probably feel proud that she has a space that is all her own! No one else can have it because they can't fit 😊 it's special and unique and temporary… She will outgrow it eventually, and never have it again. In a few short years she won't even be able to share a room with her brothers because the oldest is approaching the puberty/privacy age. For now, this is sweet! Instead of hate, let's just celebrate a functional and well-managed family with two parents who are being fiscally responsible and STILL ENJOY HAVING SEX WITH EACH OTHER!!! 👏👏👏
    Sometimes I see fairly large families living tiny and I wonder if the kids are having to deal with their parent's sex, or if the parents are compromising sex for the sake of their kids… Neither seems right. Conversely, this solution is: "how to make intelligent investments" and "how to keep your marriage" and "We won't be parents of small children forever, lets nurture our relationship while we're both still hot"… I imagine the millions of traumatized children from broken homes over the past few decades would have put up with a couple months of tiny living in exchange for a unified family unit… My mom is a hoarder and the house is falling apart… Personally, I would have preferred a tiny and clean space. Nothing about this seems unsafe or unhealthy… For all we know, there are more items in storage somewhere, and this is what they selected to get through this season of transition. Either way, it doesn't harm a child not to have multiple rooms of toys… What they lack in material items, they gain in intimacy, teamwork, and practicality. Just my $.02

  • 贺思琳

    Excellent video! I am wondering when you convert an RV to live in, do you need to buy land as well? What type of land?? It seems all the residential land would not allow mobile homes?

  • Ms. Danny D

    It's like nobody listened 😂 this is their temporary home and they are in the process of building their actual home

  • sophiraSam

    this is the parents just forgot they have produced kids and decided to relegate them to that tiny space and one bin each till the time they can grow up and be a burden and hinderance to these two adults insta lifestyle 😢

  • April Bryant

    I find it odd that the parents get a coffee bar but the kids have to make sure ALL of their personal belongings fit in a small box that they have to sleep with!?!

  • Cake World

    Here’s a good idea have the children have the master room make bunk beds whatever ya gotta do then do a pull out bed as the couch and where the children use to sleep can be a play area or a clothing area I would do that it’s better then one of you children being squished under beds

  • Lass-in Angeles

    My dog's bed is more luxurious than your daughter's crawl space under bunk. Did someone call CPS yet? cramming 3 active small children in a closet space, unbelievable! And their toys AND clothes must fit end of their cots/ crawl spaces? How is the little girl supposed to access her stuff under the lower bunk? Crawl on her tummy in the dark to get some clothes out? You were scared of your 'dark' bedroom? What do you think a 2 yr old feels crawling under a bunk to sleep in the dark on the floor with the dust mites, mold, and what not. Irresponsible and selfish. Your emphasis on home decor is greater than your concern for the welfare of your kids.

    Your coffee bar is lavishly huge, while your child sleeps in a dog bed space? It makes me incensed to see this. Home schooling them so no one comes over and sees their beds? You removed the overhead cabinets so it could feel spacious, yet those cabinets could have stored kids clothes and toys. Again, more focused on decor and how it looks to others, than whether your children are comfortable and have what they need. Why don't you and hubby sleep on the bunks and let the kids have your big bed? What else are you doing that is not good for the kids?

  • margaret little

    I think people are going over the top with their comments about the children's sleeping arrangements, they all look really happy . Good job

  • Ashley Martinez

    I feel like so many people are so judge mental about the little girls bed!! No one knows everything about it… She might love it. If she didn’t, I’m sure they wouldn’t force her to sleep under there, like some comments said! They look like a very loving family, it’s only temporary while their house gets built! Some people act like at bed time, they shove her in there and tell her not to come out!!! Just sayen!!

  • Awesome Gambler

    I don't think it's right to stuff all of you in there. It's way too small. I understand about saving money but it's so uncomfortable. That bathroom is so small. I don't know how any adult could even use it properly. Oh no…

  • Tiara Sade'

    I read the comments before I saw the video and thought everyone was being over dramatic about the kids room. They were not. The two bunks are cool but that third for the little girl-it doesn’t look safe.

  • Ivy G

    She seems snobby, selfish, and naive. I suppose a pull out couch for the youngest child would mess with her aesthetic so she lets the kid sleep on the floor in the crack under the bunk bed instead?

  • Tina So Blessed

    Absolutely beautiful for a vacation home, or a roadtrip, but not for a permanent home! As the children grow I can't imagine 3 children sleeping in those small quarters!!🙏🏻🌹

  • Noodles Sama

    lol theres so much space in the living room to make another tiny room with walls for double bunk bed or a small bed for the smalles child so the kids wont be crapmed up into the small space..

  • Steffany Resendez

    The kids bunk beds are so unfortunately small. 😂 I'm sure as they grow they'll move somewhere bigger, but I don't think I'd subject my kids to that 😂

    Overall, if it works for them then good on them! Lol


  • Something Clever

    A video of my tiny house? Oh HURRY and grab my fucking wide brimmed hat so everyone knows I’m hip and I’ll show you the hole I shove my goddamn kid in.

  • Continuous Self-Improvement

    Excuse me, but how are they not reported for child abuse yet? The little girl is sleeping in that shoe box under a bed! What if she has breathing problems at night, there is not enough ventilation and airflow there. They could've made an elevated bed above the sofa for the girl, but nooo..that will mess with the pinterest look they are going for. Just what the actual fu€k! 🤨🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Taeseungpink_1016

    The parents have a beautiful, spacious room while their kids are crapped and sleeping next to a toilet. Ik I sound rude but they should of worked something else out.

  • Ari Cat

    You fucking torcher your kids! Get some serious help and free your poor children sleeping on a fucking shelf. Your entitled ass needs a queen bed while your daughter has a bed the size of a cabinet. Hope common sense gives you a nice spanking leaving your children like that. Your daughter’s gonna hate you for your trashy parenting when she grows up. You called your luxurious master bedroom a “dungeon” open your eyes!! Look at where you made that poor child sleep! God bless your children and I hope Child protective services helps you learn a lesson.

  • MrShazaamm

    I have the same model, I love what you've done though for myself storage is important for canning food and emergency food. Mine is a 2006 cougar 60 amp on septic, I'm on a 144 acre ranch. It is just my son and I plus all the livestock lol. On the mountain my water freezes occasionally so as I said storage of food and back up water come in handy sometimes in the winter. By the way I live in TN, so it's either really humid or freezing cold, but I love the seasons and it's harshness makes me grateful for spring and fall🙂

  • Peanutbutterbutterfly

    Wow! Lots and lots of PERFECT parents/people on here! This is not permanent. This is why children growing up these days are such pansies. Parents raise them in an oversized house and buy them every single thing they want. They're all spoiled brats who hopefully can make it on their own one day (highly questionable). Yes, I raised two self sufficient children in the 90's. My son is working on his master's degree. Quit Mom shaming. It only shows how insecure you are about your own parenting skills!

  • Christina D

    When y'alls house is finished can you donate that beautiful trailer to my daughters and I💞 lol…a girl can dream…

  • A S

    Wow, this is gorgeous. Ignore the haters. Your kids have plenty of space to sleep comfortably and this is temporary anyways. It looks like they have plenty of space to run around and play outside! I bet they are making so many happy memories. It reminds me a bit of my childhood.

  • Sadaf A

    They’re an amazing family! They’re on IG..arrowsandbows. Don’t feel sorry for those kids. Their parents are awesome and they have a beautiful home now just like they did then.

  • Chloe King

    This RV is almost the EXACT same layout as the RV I inherited from my mom. My hubby and I are planning to renovate and this video gave us so many great ideas for how to do that!

  • deskjockie49

    All the comments about the "poor little girl having to sleep in a closet" just shows how little those people understand kids. Kids LOVE cozy spaces. There are millions of kids in this world who would think they had died and gone to heaven if they could live in that camper. Some people just have to have something to complain about. You've done a great job refreshing the camper, thanks for sharing. P.S. My single dad son of four lost everything in the Great Flood of 2016 in Baton Rouge, and lived almost a year with his children in a camper with a very similar floor plan. Fortunately, his camper had 4 bunks. He is now in a lovely two-story home,

  • Kelli Martin

    I have trouble finding 12 volt lighting..where did you hind yours and what external paint did you use? I found a site that makes decals for outer rv . cute and the original decals

  • Kat Noceti

    i am sorry, but her saying they have enough storage made me laugh..5 people in that and they have enough room? I bet they have a huge storage shed on their property 😀

  • herr_panzerfaust

    Someone send this video to the Social Services… Those kids can´t live like that. And yet she calls her whole bedroom a "dungeon" wtf. Selfish parents.

  • denise fletcher

    I feel so bad for that little girl, especially seeing as her mother found the spacious master bedroom with windows, dark, scary and dungeon-like, before the renovation, yet doesn't seem to realise that her little girl has a sleeping space that remains windowless, far darker and much more dungeon-like than her master room was, even before the renovation.

  • Karen Murphy

    What a beautiful job of renovating and decorating the RV. Have you finished the Airstream? If so, I would sure love to see a video of what you do to it to sell! Can hardly wait to see the Airstream! Beautiful job on the RV, all the way around inside and outside too!

  • Lisa Fuller

    Normally not a person to gripe “the kids” but does the daughter seriously sleep under the bed on the floor? When she turns into a teenager that’s gonna be asking for problems. Sorry but not cool.

  • Kimberly Poole

    Having had the privilege of camping with my grandparents when I was a young girl, I've stayed in various campers over the many years of camping….The camper is beautiful with the renovations that were made. But the has never been a triple bunk bed space in a camper to my knowledge…I may be wrong but it looked to me that the little girl was just made to sleep under the bottom bunk, on the floor….It looked like a cave…Im sure its great right now while the child is very young & doesn't need much room but she will grow & need her space one day real soon…Cant keep baby in a sleeping cave….lol Beautiful camper though, great job. Comment was made about renovating a stream camper, maybe that could be a sleeper camper for the kids so they could have a bit of space for themselves…Get the little girl out of that dark cave floor she sleeps on….Just a thought..

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