Spawn Camper – Epic NPC Man | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Hahaha Here we go! Wo wo wo wo what are you doing? Killing noobs – Killing noobs at the graveyard wanna join? NOO!! But its fun!! He’s just an innocent man! But he just respawns every time! Wow See! no no I will not let you hurt this man, But I’m having fun No! No… Fine! I’ll stop killing him. Thank you Later Thank you – hero you saved my life. Oh, you’re welcome Do you want to play video games with us because we wanna play video games with you so Patreon there’s a link somewhere you can come over to patreon. Once a month We play video games with you like chea. And there’s all sorts of other stuff But patreon is the place to be Yeah, you know me now Alan’s telling me to wrap it up. I’m not gonna Yo-yo patreon, it’s where it’s on my name is bon? Wrap it up mate!

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