Spending the Night at Walmart | Camper Van Life S1:E18
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Spending the Night at Walmart | Camper Van Life S1:E18

This week…we share what travel days are like as we travel from one lake to another. We’re parked here and we’ve got two Roadtreks that pulled up next to us. [Joe] Ready to head to Reno bubs? No, Leo wants to go to Crater Lake where it’s nice and cool. It’s too hot in Reno. Well, we only have one night in Reno. Just a stop over for some gas and supplies. [Joe] And to get a work out in. And a workout, that’s always good. It’s been a while since we’ve been to the gym. Well that was a fun way to spend an afternoon. [Joe] It was. [Joe] I really enjoyed it here. Plus we had a gorgeous view. Look at that! And…the parking was free. Two other spots we checked along the coast of Lake Tahoe was 8 or 10 dollars to park. Logan Shoals Vista Point, free parking. You can’t beat it. That was a good workout. Got a nice shower in and everything, plus, I got to break in my new workout shirt. Thank you Pascuale! [Kait] So are we headed to the truck stop? Or do you want to keep driving? I say let’s do another hour and a half. I’m ready to crawl in bed with a book. [Kait] Can you believe how many RVs are parked here? No. I think this is…the…third most we’ve seen. So first was in Flagstaff. The second was in Colorado. Leo you can’t go in Walmart, they’re closed. He loves Walmart.
[Kait] He doesn’t understand this isn’t a 24 hr Walmart. [Kait] This is the first time we’re spending the night at a Walmart in the camper van. It’s true, the last one we got kicked out of. [Kait] Right, so we didn’t spend the night. [Kait] The minute we crawled into bed, security came and kicked us out. It went from being a…you’re allowed to park overnight to a…you’re not allowed to park overnight after the city changed their laws. Good morning from Camp Walmart. It’s about 7:30 in the morning, I’m taking Leo for a walk, Kait’s inside grabbing a few things. Then we’re headed off to Crater Lake. It’s about a three and a half hour drive and I’m really excited because it’s the first time that I will have been in Oregon since I was a kid and our parents took us on a summer long road trip up the coast. Look like a few people have left already this morning. I just couldn’t believe how many RVs were here when we pulled in and once we crawled into bed, even more people showed up. and the interesting thing is that this is the first Walmart I’ve seen with dedicated RV parking. So that used to be us in the Class A towing a Jeep. I don’t miss it whatsoever. Well let me take that back, I miss some of the extra room. But I don’t miss having to park across 5 or 6 spots. [Kait] Did you sleep OK last night? Um, I slept fine. But I had trouble getting to sleep last night. I think part of it was the new book I am reading really good and I kept thinking about it. I think the other problem is this Walmart was so quiet last night. I used to those…you know the 24 hr Walmarts where cars and people are always moving. So it kind of becomes a white noise and puts me to sleep. Last night since it was so quiet, anytime anyone would drive in like there was a gentleman who parked two spaces over [Kait] Oh I didn’t even hear that. Oh no, you’re our like a light. I’m looking outside like who parked next to us. And I start having to check everything out. But finally I made it to sleep. [Kait] Who’s driving? I’ll leave that up to you. I’m good to drive. I would say if you want to drive, go for it. Otherwise I’m happy to do it. [Kait] I’ll look on the map.
Ok, it’s three and a half hours. [Kait] Do we have enough gas, it’s 175 miles. Uh, I have to look. [Kait] Cause gas here is about $3 here and it’s only 2.40 on the Oregon side. Hey we can get our gas pumped for us now! [Kait] I’m looking forward to that.
It’ll be fun. [Kait] Well lets get packed up and on the road. Alright, sounds good, let’s do it. [Kait] First successful night at Walmart. [Kait] Everyone is clearing out this morning. Hello, hi how are ya! [Kait] Nice to meet you! I was just saying I’ve seen these guys on YouTube. [Kait] Who’s that? That’s Xena.
[Kait] Hi Xena! She’s friendly, just don’t stick your hands in here. She wants to be on camera too. [Kait] Oh she’s a protector. [Kait] That’s Joe, this is guy. [Joe] Hey Guy! Hi Joe! Seen you guys on the YouTube! Are you just driving around, or…? Well we are just headed up the coast now. Very nice.
[Kait] What about you? I’m just kind of floating around right now no particular plan right now, just doing it. [Joe] We saw the van when we pulled in last night and said “Hey we’re not the only van campers anymore”. Yeah, I’m trying to make a go of this thing. It’s working out alright. It’s a little small for me and my dog but it’s ok. [Kait] How long have you been… About a month. So in the fall I’m going to be working here. So I’m going to find a place to live here. [Kait] Perfect! But in the meantime… I’m just cruising around. I woke up to a dead battery this morning, not a good thing to wake up to so now I have to go get some coffee. I have to get that stress off my mind. [Kait] There you go. Well it was so good to meet you Guy! Great to meet you to. Enjoy your trip, you guys take care. [Kait] Thanks for watching our videos! Bye! You got it! So we’re driving down the road and there is a restaurant with a with a big lumber jack outside…you know he’s got the big axe over his shoulder, the blue jeans and everything. And Kait says, “Look it’s Al Bundy”! And I’m like…do you mean Paul Bundy? 2.99…should we go in here?
Yeah, let’s get gas. [Joe] It’s been so long since you pumped gas! I think this is my first time in the van. Hopefully the last time we fill up in California. Gas is expensive out here. [Joe] How much is it here? 2.99 a gallon. Right on the other side in Oregon it’s only 2.40 We need just enough to get us over there. We made it to Oregon! [Kait] I think you’re still on the California side. [Kait] Do you have to be on the other side of the sign? So, hold on. I made it to Oregon! We just parked the van on the street and we’re going to go check out the farmer’s market. So Leo just got attacked by another dog. We’re walking at the farmers market and they had their dog out without a leash. Ran over, jumped on top of him and start getting him. There’s blood all over Leo, but… the blood isn’t his. When Leo needs to be, he’s a fighter and he’ll take care of himself. [Kait] Are you OK bud? I think he’s good. Cause all of this is just on the surface. [Kait] There’s blood down here. Yep, same thing. Yeah, I think Leo got him in the face and then the other dog was bleeding on him. Come on, let’s go. [Kait] Let’s get out of here bud. [Kait] Ready to have your gas pumped? I guess so. [Kait] Does it have instructions?
Nope. [Kait] Should we get out? I don’t know what I’m doing. [Kait] Hi, question… We’re over at the RV pump. We read that we’re not supposed to pump our own gas. [Attendant] Technically there is a law but is it diesel? [Kait] No it’s gas but can we pump it ourselves? [Attendant] Yeah, you’re absolutely ok to do that. And if you need to dump you need to buy it in there. [Kait] Ok, we don’t need to dump, thank you. I just checked with the attendant and she said we can pump our own gas. And she’s never seen a cop ticket anyone for pumping their own gas. I guess we’ll go for it. It says “Please enter an amount up to $500” I’m not really sure what to do here. [Kait] Why don’t we just go over there and have her pump the gas for us.
Ok, this is ridiculous. [Kait] Is it working? I hit “Zero” This Oregon thing…I don’t know. [Kait] Yeahhhh clean that windshield. Almost every video, we get people asking what our gas mileage is and this time we got 16 miles to the gallon. That’s really good. Huge improvement over the 9 miles per gallon we got driving around South Lake Tahoe. That mountain killed out MPG. Hey look at the sheep! Alright, you have to give me some directions, I don’t know where I am going. [Kait] Follow the signs for Crater Lake. Next time…we find another reason to love van life as we snag a last minute walk-in spot at Crate Lake National Park. I hope you enjoyed this week’s video. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. For those of you new to the camper van series you can click on the playlist right here and watch videos from the beginning. Thank you so much for watching, see you next Wednesday!


  • Aprille Shepherd

    Fiat Ductato 4×4 will be launched in Europe in 2018.  Will Dodge be offering the same in North America ?  Will we see a Promaster 4×4 Zion, Simplicity, Aktiv, and Travato ?

  • Robert Marriott

    You guys are just awesome, we have enjoyed watching you for a long time and appreciate your zest for adventurous living and sharing for all to see. Cheers!

  • Dean Eng

    Welcome to Oregon! I hope you enjoy our state. Now is a wonderful time to be here. Not too hot or humid and the air is clear and clean! Are you coming up North of the state? I'm glad Leo held his own and taught that other dog a lesson. BTW, here in Oregon I don't know anyone that pumps there own gas! LOL. Yes, I think it's a law to keep people employed. Really like your videos. Keep it up! 🙂

  • Robert Stubblefield

    My daughter lives in Corvallis. Her drive to work is open land and sheep everywhere. Its beautiful. Cant wait to visit in sept. Joe, you rocking the Costco shorts?

  • shan Sait

    I'm curious…. here in the UK we have to pump our own gas… why do states make it the USA make it illegal to pump your gas it sounds rather dreconian?? Also her in the UK we pay at the moment roughly six and a half dollers per gallon of fuel… another great video guys hope Leo is okay xx

  • John Bushell

    Enjoying for videos however if you think paying $3 for a gallon of fuel is expensive here in the UK it's £1.20 a litre a gallon would cost approx $15 per gallon. MPG on our Motorhome is approx 33mpg which isn't so bad.

  • Steve Jack

    As usual, another great video. I love your videos particularly because they show a slice of your life as you're living it. It doesn't feel staged but very natural. Sorry Leo was attacked; I hope he wasn't hurt at all. Keep up the good work and happy travels!

  • Dan Sassi

    Hi there. There's a new way to empty the toilets that has started to spread in European camp sites. Start to look at the clip about two minutes in it.
    It seems like a dream.😁

  • John Smith

    Powered Paragliding – my goal for one day – it's one thing to enjoy a wide open view from a mountain top, another to fly off into it – and it's cheap too! There are groups of powered paragliders around the country that teach how to get into it. I think it would make an interesting show!

  • Margarita Graeber

    We are very curious about the Berkey that we have seen on your videos, We are considering buying one and would like to use it for home and in our Class B. I believe you have the "travel" Berkey, Do you have have a link you could provide for us so we can purchase it through amazon from your site? Do you have the ceramic filters? Any suggestions or information on this product would be very appreciated. Thank you.

  • jennifer pray

    Thank you for another great and informative video! We ordered our camper van today. 💕😬
    Ever need a place to stay on KS?! Stay w us on FT Leavenworth. Great post w awesome military history. Our Oakley will gladly show your Leo around. 🐶 thanks again!

  • Richard Ziemies

    California gas taxes are higher just like some states on the east coast. And. Don"t forget hurricane Harvey is the reason gas is high these days and politics and gouging is the real problem now.

  • knit1purl1

    Action packed video. Leo had the right to defend himself. Glad he is OK. I hope things work out for Guy. Crater Lake is going to make me sad, but I'll be glad to see it. Won't get into why. I also loved the "I'm in Oregon" take two!

  • Able Family Life

    Great video. Glad we found your channel. We've done some extended rving but plan to go full time in 2018, so seeing your adventures makes us want to leave sooner!

  • linda bregar

    I know you taking a break, so take your time responding. I'm curious what type of cooking your doing in your instant pot?
    Thinking of getting one. Always looking for quick, but nutritious ways to cook. Thank

  • faridah a-hamimed

    My husband a long hall flat bed truck driver…I travel few months a year in summer or few months in winters…loving to go state to state in usa or province to province canada…we love walmart too…for all our groceries n needs…but unfortunately some walmart do not allow truck to park no more…making life on road very difficult for truck drivers

  • zoomcat54

    I'm curious about your feelings regarding the cassette toilet now that you've had your van for awhile. I just watched The Fit RV video on their experience with one, and it sounded so bad I had to see how you guys are doing it….

  • R Yee

    Question for you both:  Can you recommend any book or other reference for a complete novice to learn about camper van- or RV-specific issues like how inverters & batteries work, dry camping, black & gray tanks, parking legalities, etc.?  Question for Kait:  What shoes are you wearing at the Oregon east station?  I'm always looking for shoes with a foot-shaped toe box, and yours look interesting!  Glad that Leo wasn't injured in his encounter with the other dog.

  • May

    hi Russos! <3 <3 love yr vids…theyre liberating and adds to life!
    i always watch and seldom write but….seeing how Leo got 'blood all over him' in this clip, omg.. had to weigh in –
    so glad Leo's ok, and Joe remarking Leo can 'take care of himself' way to go, proud of you Leo, Leo is great! Im sure he's ok…and, thats too bad the other owner didnt leash that pup up but hey…we cant control the entire universe (or can we..hmm *grin)
    so proud of Leo really…
    keep on keeping on, Guys! ps – Kait's smile, energy and kindness is infectious! <3

  • Silver Gobbler

    Good videos and your camper van is nice, but seems a little small. I figured since you came from a class A that you would have gotten the smaller class C that has the same van front (Dodge) or the Mercedes van class C that is a little larger with a lot more room inside. And some have one or two sliders. This smaller class C would be just as easy to drive around and park in most regular spaces in plus If you got the diesel, it would be cheaper. What do you think? You could eventually switch to one. I'm thinking about leaving my Apt and living in one with the diesel engine. Safe travels and I enjoy watching your videos. AL 😀

  • gloria

    awww. your child leo got attacked…oh well one of those days…hey but viewers love the variety situations..it's more interesting…yeah get out of there…so protective.

  • Rodney Johnston

    We are a small two dealership company in north Alabama that have just ordered our first 6 hymer s. It turns out the factory rep for hymer in the southeast lives very close by. If you guys ever come east going south from Nashville Tennessee on I 65 we are in very north Alabama exit #334 and exit #304 we have full parts service etc. Johnstonrvcenter.com website. While I guess I'm plugging for our little company my son (partner) and I are excited about the hymer!! My wife and I plan on "demoing" one and really traveling in a b van. We have owned virtually every class of RV which is how our whole family ( son,daughter, son n law, nephew, cousin ended up in the RV business. Check out our YouTube channel. If we can help you while your in the south please let us know. Our business is a labor of love and we are mostly selling trailers and fifth wheels but we have been selling a number of C class and b plus from both THOR and Forest River. We are shocked Hymer does the 6 year warranty and are excited about new blood in the rv world. Anyway we are here for you if you need us just leave message on Facebook page or website. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through your videos. My customers come in and tell me about all their travels but I get to see it with y'all. I used to watch gone with the wynns but they are in a sailboat now hahaha. Have safe trip..

  • Robert

    That's great to hear about your gas mileage from S.Lake Tahoe to Oregon. I've learned so much watching your videos that I'm looking forward to similar adventures in my new Hymer Aktiv. Keep up the great video work. It's much appreciated!

  • LovingAtlanta

    👍Nice video. The Al Bundy comment was funny. 😂 I’ll have to get back to Oregon….was there as a kid as well (when Mt St Helen erupted). 💞

  • Onewithsausage

    Good for you to have Leo on a leash. We see so many people on our mountain hikes that don't think this rule applies to them. Loose dogs are always running up to ours (on leash) and the owners don't do anything UNTIL our dogs "protect" themselves. GO LEO!

  • Dusty Katz

    Yes, gas is expensive in Cali because we have politicians who LOVE high taxes and people who love to vote for them. Dreaming of getting on the road and leaving Taxifornia.

  • Fredrik Bergström

    Hello! I've followed you on your movies, great trips! I have traveled in Florida and California, sometime I will travel from coast to coast in the US. This fall I bought our second Hymer 6th RV. Is your Hymer made in the US or in Germany? Thank you for interesting nice movies.

  • Wendi martin

    I live in Arlington WA and that drive from Reno to Klamath Falls is a fabulous drive. and then from Klamath Falls to Eugene. I love it through there.

  • Inquiring Minds

    OMG…I thought you guys were gonna say like 22 mpg. But I'd rather get 16 than 9 miles per gallon like on those luxury buses. They are pretty to look at but I don't get how those people in the class A's can afford to move around more than 6 times per month. Especially, in a 40-foot coach.

  • Myorka Ealy

    Omg im glad he is ok i would have went off why would theylet they dog go lose and it do that i woukd have let buddy eat them up people and the things they do enjoy yall trip i so love your home i want to have someone to build me on do you guys do that

  • Terence Gillespie

    I've watched another of your vids in which you call what you do stealth camping… possibly becase you parked along a city street or two, but HEY! That huge buggy is never going to be a stealth rig. Never. When you can drive in to a motel parking lot just outside rooms and stay all night without getting caught maybe you've got a stealthy rig. I had one. It works. You need to be able to live in it full time too not just escapade for fun. I did it for two years and at Walmart I parked in front of the Grocery door and got up in the morning and went in for a banana and hit the road. . My girlfriend and I wish that we could afford your rig, lucky couple.

  • DogCat Party

    Dog owner-guardians: please try to keep your dog on leash in public. I know it sucks but it is much better than what happened here. Now they are going to get an expensive vet bill…if they care at all about there dog. The halter-harness (lift elbow gently through one at a time) works well for many dogs and helps take pressure off the neck. Most pet supply stores will figure out the right size for your dog and special order it free for you to buy in about one week. I try to avoid Amazon, but someone told me her dog loves his 'Sherlock Holmes' raincoat for only about $11. Ideally, every zip code should set aside a tennis court enclosure, fill it with mulch from tree trimmings, and let the dogs go off leash, one at a time. Maybe set aside a time limit when there is a line. Maybe alternate ten minutes per dog to share the space. Dogs really love to run off leash. Mulch is easy to clean up dog poo by putting your hand through an old bread bag, grab it, pull it inside, then knot the bag shut, and into the 'Big Belly' cement garbage bin container. These are good for keeping public parks safer because they have a security camera. After a murder over a dispute over drugs, a few of these were put in and helps keep the park safer for kids. Every train should be put underground so that the land above can be used as dog parks and walking/jogging trails. The train from San Jose to San Francisco is considering doing this. They should have done it from the beginning. There is an excellent dog park on top of the BART tracks in Berkeley called the Ohlone dog park. Every city around the world should try to copy this dog park-walking-jogging trails. Security cameras make it easier to maintain and lower the number of violent crimes. It is better to lose privacy than to have a crime blamed on an innocent person. Every city should allow campers at Walmart. Your video shows that it is worth it. Every dog owner-guardian should watch this video before opposing over night camping at Walmart, etc. Millions of dogs are saved by RV, van dweller, and homeless people taking care of them.

  • Nancy Fahey

    I have a Deerhead Chihuahua that will attack anything. He's a farm dog now and we'll be leaving in like 2 weeks for the north. I'm hoping he calms down out on the road but even being leashed, I will pick him up when meeting new people and dogs. I also found out that when you pull back on the leash it means attack. So that was my fault not knowing that.

  • We're the Russos

    Watch Episode 19: https://goo.gl/Yhikqx
    Parking at Walmart: https://weretherussos.com/boondocking-at-walmart/

  • Doug Fletcher

    Two years ago I had the privilege of driving a public transit bus for Island Explorer everyday for 5 months in Acadia National Park. Stunning and gorgeous around every turn.

  • Ray Jones

    Instead of using a lease connected to his collar, have you ever considered a harness for your "beautiful dog?" When we take our dog out for any extended walking activity, he wears a harness (with a leash attached) and seems to really enjoy. Just a thought 🙂

  • Jennifer Wiley

    Wish I would have found your videos a year ago so would have loved you to visit when you went to crater lake only an hour from there 😫

  • traveler 8101

    I love your videos. I'm dreaming that someday I get to travel in an RV too. By the way, how often do you wash your RV? It looks clean all the time. 🙂

  • Ed Matlack

    I just subscribed and envy you guys! I used to live and travel in a class A but due to medical circumstances beyond my control am now in an apartment, but always dream of doing the van thing! No chance anymore unless they make a portable dialysis machine, LOL! Oh well such is life do I will travel through you and YouTube. Thanks for all the fun videos and try not to grow old, it sucks!!

  • Mike Tungol

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing. We're seriously looking on the Aktiv as our first RV, Im curious if youve had any mechanical issues on the Promaster? Thank you!

  • Pete Coventry

    Gosh it's like $6 a gallon here – do what I did – convert the van to electric – get some PV on the roof (or more if you have it) and with that sunshine you will always be able to move around for free. And if you need to you can use a EV rapid charger if you get a CCS socket fitted

  • Brian Scidmore

    thing about having your gas pumped. they do it because they found that breathing in the fumes can cause brain cancer so instead of 1 person filling up 1 car once a week or so, they have 1 person filling up 1000 cars every day. they found this way there's less cases of brain cancer.

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