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#SpreadTheCheer – Kansas City Animal Shelter | AT&T

(Spread the Cheer music) (up tempo holiday music) SANTA CLAUS: “Ho, ho, ho, ho” (up tempo holiday music) “Thank you elves.” My name is Scott Kellough. I’m a Design Engineer with AT&T. I’m also president of the Kansas City Beard & Moustache Club. We are here today at the Great Plains SPCA. It’s a local non-profit no kill animal shelter. My goal here today is to bring in some of my brothers from the Kansas City Beard & Moustache Club and come in and bring much needed supplies to the shelter. JACOB: A couple of people from AT&T came with basically $1,000 worth of donations that are very needed for our shelter pets here. And then they also spent some time with our dogs and cats. (cat purring) SCOTT: Our hope is that by donating these supplies will help offset some of the cost that the Great Plains SPCA would incur. That they would be able to use those funds to help in adoption, medical services like spay and neutering, and the general welfare of the animals. It’s hard to really stress how important donations are because we serve, I mean over 35,000 pets a year – about 10,000 of which do come through our shelters annually. So a lot of stuff like the dog food, cleaning supplies, stuff that ordinarily you wouldn’t think we would go through that much, we go through a lot of. And so the more we get donated the more it really helps keep our mission going and keep a good safe clean environment for the animals. It’s a great facility, a huge facility. It looks like all the animals are well taken care of and just looking for good homes to go to. SCOTT: Today was just absolutely rewarding, and how good it made us feel to get to help out such a worthy organization as great as Great Plains SPCA is. And help out in the community in this way. (up tempo holiday music) (sleigh bells)

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