Spring picnic! Seungjae meets his one and only best friend [The Return of Superman / 2017.04.09]
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Spring picnic! Seungjae meets his one and only best friend [The Return of Superman / 2017.04.09]

(Jiyong and Seungjae went on a spring picnic.) Seungjae, where are we now? – We came to a park. / – That’s right. The weather is nice. What should we do? Let’s go see dinosaurs. – You want to go see dinosaurs? / – Yes. There are dinosaurs at the park. Let’s go see if there are dinosaurs or not. There are puppies. Look at the puppies over there. Let’s go. Puppies. Puppies. There are puppies, puppies. He’s friendly. You can touch him. It’s okay. – It’s okay? / – Yes, it’s okay. – It’s okay. Touch him. / – Look where he’s going. He’s a wolf. – He’s not a wolf. / – He used to be a wolf before. Touch him. It’s okay. – Is it okay? / – Yes, it’s okay. Touch him. – It’s okay. Touch him. / – Touch him. – Touch him. / – Touch him. He’s very friendly. Touch him. It’s okay. He likes you. Touch him. – He’s not scary? / – He won’t bite. What’s your name? His name is Ddolee. He’s smart. Hello, Ddolee. (He murmurs because he’s scared.) – Won’t he bite? / – No, he won’t. He won’t bite. He’s doing that because he likes you. What are you doing? – What are you doing? / – Come here, Seungjae. Bye, puppies. See you again. (He promises to meet Ddolee again.) – See you again. / – Later. See you again. – Let’s go. / – There’s a puppy over there. Puppies. Hello, puppies. – Hello, puppy. / – Hello. I’m Seungjae. I want to try, too. – Sure. / – You want to feed him, too? I want to eat it, too. (You’ll eat dog snack?) When Jerry visited his place a while back, he tried dog snack for the first time. (After tasting the savory flavor,) (he even pretended to be a puppy.) I want it, too. – You can’t eat it. / – It’s the puppy’s snack. You can feed it to the puppy. – You can’t eat it! It’s for the dog. / – It’s for him. (Smiling) – Was it fun? / – It’s for the puppy. – The puppy ate it. / – You gave it to the puppy. – It’s not for humans? / – That’s right. (Feed him one more.) Hey, where are you going? (He runs away with the dog snack.) Seungjae. Come here. What’s wrong? (I’m sorry I took your snack.) There’s a rabbit. Look, rabbit. – There’s a rabbit over there. / – Rabbit! Hello, rabbit. The rabbit is saying hello. Rabbit. Let’s feed the rabbit. This is the fruit. It won’t eat it because it’s a leaf. It’s all dry, so the rabbit won’t like it. Let’s go inside and give something tasty to it. (He actively tries to feed something to the rabbit.) Come on out. Rabbit, come on out here. I’m here. It’s okay, so come on out. You don’t need to worry about anything. Come out here. It’s okay, so come on out. I’ll hold this so you can come out here. I think the rabbit wants to be alone. The rabbit wants to be alone? What should we do? Bye, rabbit. Let’s go see pigeons now. Pigeons, where are you going? Pigeons. The pigeons are walking. They’re going off to capture the rabbit. There are pigeons here, and there are pigeons there as well. Is there no elephant here? No, there isn’t an elephant here. – What should we do? / – What should we do? There’s no elephant here. Shall we go where they’re playing soccer? – Yes. / – Let’s go. I want to play soccer, too. Guys, let’s play together! (They pass the ball to Seungjae.) (They’re nice guys.) (As always, Jiyong is invisible again today.) (Even if he misses the ball,) (he’s excited.) (Are you happy?) (He kicks the ball in between the boy’s legs.) – I’m the best indeed. / – Seungjae. Let them play on their own now. You should play with babies. They won’t have fun. What about him over there? (He finds a brother and a sister playing soccer.) Let’s play together. Seungjae, those babies aren’t Koreans. They won’t understand even if you speak to them. (If that’s the case…) (He tries to communicate in an unidentified language.) (I’m a girl, though.) (He tries to communicate by barking like a dog.) Seungjae, come here. Seungjae, come here. Do you know what this is? It’s catch-ball. Throw the ball to me. Try it. (Here we go.) (Jiyong caught it.) Throw it again. One more time. (Seungjae walks to Jiyong.) Throw it from over there. (Over there?) (Running) Again… (I’d rather play with the dog.) Hi, dog. Hi. Hi. (Let’s play some other time.) (Seungjae is climbing a hill.) Can I do it alone? – Yes. You’re already up there. / – Seungjae. Yes? (Who is it?) – Seungjae. / – Yes? (Who is calling Seungjae?) (Running) Seungjae. (The boy hugged Seungjae when they first met.) (They met at the dinosaur park.) (It’s Shihu, Seungjae’s soulmate.) After playing with Shihu at the dinosaur park, Seungjae talked about him now and then. I called Shihu’s parents, and they said they have some time. Seungjae. Seungjae, it’s Shihu. (Why didn’t you come earlier?) I love Shihu. Have some of this. (Shihu puts jelly in Seungjae’s mouth.) You can have it all. (Shihu puts jelly in Seungjae’s mouth.) – Hello. / – Hello. – Shihu missed Seungjae. / – Seungjae missed Shihu. Do you often go out on weekends? No. We usually stay home. We’ve been staying home, too. Let’s play hide-and-seek. Okay. Let’s hide. Come out, come out, wherever you are. Are you done? Come out, come out, wherever you are. Where are you? – Where are you? / – Where are you? Where are you? Seungjae loves a treasure-hunt game. I brought a few things to play it here. – Is that a dinosaur? / – Yes. – Shihu, what is this? / – Guys. I’ll hide these somewhere. You guys find them. – Okay. / – You can have what you find. – Okay. / – Okay? Shall we hang one here? (They hang Brachiosaurus on a tree.) Whose foot is this? (Whose foot is this?) It’s the cameraman’s foot. Will they be able to find all the treasures? Look for them. Come out, come out, wherever you are. Come out, come out, wherever you are. (He stops.) (Something’s fishy.) (He examines the equipment.) (It must be not here.) (Staring) Chocolate. (He found the chocolate on the cameraman’s foot.) Chocolate. – Chocolate. / – It’s mine. – It’s mine. / – No, it isn’t. (He grabs it.) (Struggling) (He looks desperate.) (The cameraman helps.) – I found chocolate. / – Chocolate. Where’s Brachiosaurus? (It’s right behind him.) (Seungjae digs the ground in vain.) It’s raining. (Wait) (He spotted Brachiosaurus on the tree.) (But it’s too high up.) I found Brachiosaurus. (It’s so high up.) Seungjae. (Looking around) (What did he find?) It’s Brachiosaurus. I’ll help. (He’s using a tool.) I’ll help you. (He’s so focused that his mouth is agape.) (The soulmates work together.) (It falls.) (Brachiosaurus is now in their hands.) It fell. We did it! (They found a dinosaur hanging from the equipment.) (He can’t reach it.) My Tyrannosaurus! My Tyrannosaurus. (They try jumping.) (They still can’t reach it.) Reach for it. There you go. There you go. (Shihu stops the wheel.) (Seungjae just needs to pull it off.) I have to pull it off. We need to pull it off. Seungjae. (Jiyong helps out.) Tyrannosaurus. You can have it. You should have it. (Proud)


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