Spring picnic
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Spring picnic

This is A Kind of Adventurous Life! Hi! My name is Kirikou… My name is Nanook, and this is my video! Hi! My name is Kirikou, and this is my favourite brother! You are Nanook and I am Kirikou! In this video I want to picnic… So we will have a spring picnic. What do we have for picnic? Porridge.
– Porridge. What else? Nothing else. Should we get some rice?
– Yes! Rice will be done soon. Yes it will. Do you want rice?
– It’s really cold. I need to curl up! I have rice. It’s made from snow. It’s really yummy! Snow. Don’t really eat it! Let’s make more! My name is Nanook! My name is Kirikou! And my name is Nanook. Where can I put this?
– Real food! There’s warm juice for you. Thank you, mum!
– You’re welcome. It’s cold in here. Shall we eat now? There’s also the juice. We’ll get sick out here. Blow! We’ll get sick. Do you need help?
– Yes. We’ll get sick. Yes we will.
– That’s true. Thank you for watching! Remember to brush your teeth, – and see you soon again! Thank you for watching! See you soon again! Just one! Silly Kirikou! Let’s go inside. It’s too cold here.

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