[SSでキャンプ] YZF-R6 HEPCO&BECKER Speedrack EVO | TANAX CAMPING SEAT BAG2 [English subtitles]
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[SSでキャンプ] YZF-R6 HEPCO&BECKER Speedrack EVO | TANAX CAMPING SEAT BAG2 [English subtitles]

20 seconds digest HEPCO&BECKER Speedrack EVO YZF-R6(2017~) Tandem seat replacement type rear rack There is a Kriega US-20 for everyday use There is not enough power to load camping equipment I found this The price is 26,000 yen (excluding tax) The price is too high … It was expensive, but purchased unavoidably Actually, there is not much information about this part. Of course No one thinks to go camping with YZF-R6 … I’m going ! Easy to assemble Attach the frame to the main plate Just fasten the center with bolts and nuts To be straight with the main plate Bolts are included complete I have already used this part several times (I’m sorry for being dirty) I will install the sponge This is also included Fix with double-sided tape There is no particular problem without this sponge Just in case I will attach it to the motorcycle Hook a part like a genuine rear seat Install with two bolts Although it seems to be easy to install, it struggled during the first installation These two bolts did not fit well in the R6 screw holes. Because it can’t be helped, I installed it forcibly once It became familiar from the second time and became easy to install Complete The installation state looks like this The sponge is not cool when viewed from nearby I’ll fix it later Overall satisfied This is the bag to use TANAX CAMPING SEAT BAG 2 Capacity is 59 ~ 75L. This capacity is necessary for camping Attach with these four bands Tandem step is removed and BabyFace hook is attached Attach the back to the number holder stay Number holder stay uses this PLOT STEALTH HOOK (PNB001)
1200 yen (excluding tax) Angle and position can be changed by rotating Looks good Setting is now complete A curing tape is applied to prevent scratches. Let’s put it Install with band This place is rubbed When I noticed, the paint was tattered … Old sad experiences are being used It seems to be firmly fixed The back side is a little uneasy, but for now it seems to be okay. I don’t think there are any people who want to go camping with YZF-R6 It is possible to go Even so, 26,000 yen is expensive … But I thought this was the best solution Please comment if you have other good ideas See you next time If you find it helpful, I’d be happy if you hit the high rating Please check other videos if you like

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