Stanley Villa Farm Fishing and Camping
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Stanley Villa Farm Fishing and Camping

(upbeat music) – My name’s Alex. I’m the site manager, and I set up Stanley Villa Farm Camping
in 2012, late 2012. We started with the first
few pods at the site. Before that, it had just been a fishery. We do fly fishing for trout. And continue to do that today. Initially, we thought they would just come for the fishing, which
they still do today, and every camping pod comes
with its own fishing ticket, so anyone’s free to fish
when the weather is. But we’re also finding families,
couples, people looking to get back to the simpler things, really. They want to spend quality
family time together. They want a relaxed atmosphere. They want the campfires,
they want the barbecues. They want a comfortable night’s sleep, which you don’t always get
with traditional tent camping. – When you think about
it, you’ve got the tent, you’ve got the pads,
you’ve got the chairs, you’ve got the inflatable bed and all that kinda stuff. Whereas this is just
like, get what you need, jump in and go. – It’s a quiet area. It’s friendly. Definitely child-friendly. – It’s got all the facilities you need, even if the weather’s not great. You’ve got the lodge over there. We went over there yesterday evening. Again, it’s just relaxing. For me, that’s the best thing about it. It’s so relaxing, so peaceful. – I mean, I’d say that,
from where we live, we’ve not come that many miles, but we’ve come a world away. Really, and that’s what I’d say. You don’t have to go far,
but if you come somewhere like here, you feel like
you’ve gone a long way away. – A large green area, no one around. It seems quiet. Can’t hear noisy traffic, which is nice. – The pods cope with any condition, and each pod has its
own beds and mattresses. We tested loads of beds
before we put the ones in, and they are a really comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. – Throwing a Frisbee around,
kicking a ball around, it’s just as you want it
to be, really, isn’t it? – I even brought wood to bring down. You don’t need it, it’s all here on-site for you if you want it. – In the outside, where
you can get your woods and roast your marshmallows. – It’s nice and sunny, and you
can have campfires and stuff. And you can roast marshmallows
if you bring some. (upbeat music)

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