Start of the Husky Road Trip to California | Travel Vlog
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Start of the Husky Road Trip to California | Travel Vlog

Well good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience. Are you going crazy? Memphis is like please don’t leave me behind.
Please don’t leave me behind. Please don’t. We’re not leaving you behind. You’re going with us. You just had to come
outside one more time before we actually leave. Good wonderful beautiful
morning Pawdience! Today… we are hitting the road for the longest
road trip we’ve ever taken with the dogs. It’s gonna be interesting to
see how this one reacts… not being able to do this every
morning for the next two weeks. We’re gonna have to do
lots of walks. That’s for sure. Memphis. Memphis, you
wanna go for a ride? She’s like you don’t even know, I
wanna go so bad it’s not even funny. So really we haven’t done any
camping or anything yet this year. So this is our first like, well, I guess
not, we did go to Canada, didn’t we? Well, it’s a road trip, we’re going on a road trip. We’re
going to California. We’re taking the dogs to PetCon. We will be gone between 10 to 14
days. We haven’t fully decided yet. But we’re hitting the road right now.
These vlogs are a little bit delayed. So follow us at to see things in more real
time. What do you think? You’re ready to go? Wanna
drive across America? There’s a bird. Come on, let’s go for a ride. Let’s
go! You’re going the wrong way. She’s looking for the bird. Alright we’re loaded up, I
don’t know, how we did it… but we fit everything in here, we
didn’t need the rooftop carrier. We’re loaded,
we’re going. What you think of this? This is gonna be a trip. We got our fans for the
dogs. Got these little battery-operated fans. Okay. Let’s go. Well… These girls are already like Alright, we’re in our
assumed positions. Even the puppy’s got a position. Yep, I think, we made the right decision without
the rooftop carrier. They all fit perfectly fine… back here. They’ve all got their
own space. Memphis has her seat. I was afraid, Kira was gonna try to take it, but
I don’t think, she will because she likes beds. I think, we’re good. We’re going on a road trip. We’re in Lake City,
Michigan, look at that lake. Cute little town, right here. We’re going from Lakeland
to what? Desert? Desert and mountains. This is a cute town.
I haven’t been through here in a long time. The dogs are checking it out. We’re going a little
bit slower. So we’re letting them check it out. The puppy’s there somewhere. She’s sleeping on Memphis’s leg. Guess where we are. So… we’re not too far outside
of Chicago right now. There’s lots of semis, can you tell? There
is always so many semi trucks right here. This is actually why we debated on driving
through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but would’ve taken like
an hour and a half longer. That’s part of the reason why we’re coming
back on the north end. I mean… Yeah. Because we don’t want
to drive through this. There’s a lot of trucks on this side of the road
too but not as bad as there is over there. It actually looks a little bit less
congested now than it did a minute ago. Yeah. Yeah, there’s the junction
of two big Interstates. 80 and 94, it was? All the trucks. We got,
what, four hours left? And if you’re wondering how these girls are doing,
they’re sleeping. It’s almost time for their lunch. They’re all doing pretty good. So I’m not sure with this road side…
the name of this roadside Park is. But we’re in what Indi…, Illinois? Indiana? Illinois. We’re in Illinois. Are we. Okay. Got the dogs. Hi Memphis. Potty break. Yep, potty break. We thought this park was really cool. Look at these trees. Yeah. Wow, the bark on that tree, you guys see how
thick that bark is? Hands inside, it’s just crazy. I bet there is a sign over there,
that tells us what they are. But I’m kinda do, I think,
they’re hemlocks but I’m not sure. Yep, I think, she might be right.
I think, they might be hemlocks. Shelby’s like I’m hot, let
me back in the car. Right. Hi babies! We’re back in the car, we’re moving again and they got
their highway hypnotism back and everybody’s sleeping. Kira’s like Memphis, you make
the bestest pillow in the world. Hey hon. I think, we can fit one more
back here. You think? I think so. Maybe we could, maybe not now,
right now. I think, we could fit one more. Look there’s my sign!
It says “Dream Big” ! I totally paid for that.
I didn’t really pay for that. I saw it and went
Oh look, there’s my sign! You can get billboard space there.
I really can. So we are probably about
what an hour away, from the hotel? The dogs are getting restless. I think 9 hours and
20 minutes in a car is a little bit long for them. We’re almost there, almost there. We took some breaks yeah. Yeah,
we did. We stopped a couple places. We let them out a couple times and we’ll probably
take them for a good long w-a-l-k once we get there. Look at, this river is flooded. They have really high banks
filled up right there. You can see that bank’s filled up… but it doesn’t matter cause
the haff is right behind it. Ya, there’s water all back in here. It’s all flooded. This whole area on both sides,
there’s just water in the woods. You can it again up here, on that side. So much water! So much water, I mean that’s a lake, too. Okay,
we’re taking the interchange on the right, we’re going. So there’s some flooding over there, there’s some
flooding over there, and we’re going over this bridge. Once we get over this bridge, we’re in Iowa, right?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah should be the state line here.. This is so crazy, so is this is
the Mississippi River that right? That would make sense,
its makes border on a few states. It makes a squiggly border.
Yeah, it does. A squiggly border. That’s a flooded river.
Look, Mississippi River. Wow It’s very flooded. Here you see it really now. Yeah, look at that. That’s cool, I mean, it’s not cool that it’s flooded. It’s
cool that it’s flooded if nobody died, there’s a right. There’s a casino riverboat – alright, we can go
on the Casino Riverboat. That is pretty cool. Pretty neat. Oh, the sun’s
behind it. Welcome to Iowa! Fields of opportunity. Alright! We’re almost to the hotel.
Oh hi Memphis. That’s a good opportunity right there. Oh my goodness,
what is going on here? She can smell them good, You get to go to a Petco? So we found a Petco.
We’re like a mile from the hotel and we… Watch out! She’s gonna eat the chicken feets. We thought,
we would stop and get a few things for the dogs. I’m picking up Kira a new little harness cause the
one we got her as a puppy, it’s just a little too small. Hey, don’t get your head stuck. She’s like, but guys, you don’t even know. Yeah, we’re gonna get you a
little bit smaller treats than that. Shelby’s like yeah Petco.
Alright, let’s keep walking. Oh we made it to our first hotel! Wanna get up on the bed?
Get up there, come on! You can do it, you can do it!
Oh, she did it! I can’t believe that
she actually did it. Yeah I’m so glad we’re on the first floor. We don’t have to
worry about her running around and making noise. So this is our Home-2-Suites
Hotel. There’s a full-size fridge, We don’t even have anything for this.
A dishwasher, a sink, a microwave. This is pretty crazy. I gotta check out the bathroom
too, and see how fancy it is. Is it fancy? Huh, it’s fancy!
It’s fancy, huh? It’s fancy. Yeah, it’s a little mini-fridge. That’s pretty neat. This is huge. Alright, Jamie’s gonna go get the rest of
our stuff. Watch out, she’s behind you! Alright, now let’s just hope
that everybody behaves in here. So Jamie’s chilling out after a long
drive, playing some Diablo with Greg. Kind of nice we have good
enough internet that you can do that. And these girls… Apparently it’s a good thing we have two beds
because these girls are taking up this bed. Look at this Blep.
Look at this Blep. Alright you guys, travel day
number one in the books. Tomorrow we’re hitting the road again.
We’re gonna end up in close to Denver, Colorado. So that should be interesting. But we
are gonna go ahead and call it a night. We hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video. And as always thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Stay Positive, Dream Big! And we will see you again soon. See you tomorrow. Goodnight Pawdience! Yeah, I think, they’re gonna just keep
this bed and we’ll just take the other bed. If you love our Huskies, come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!


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