Stealth Camping at Tunnel Bridges / Washouts – Bicycle Road trip Tour Vlog #12

Bicycle Touring Road Trip Eastbound Across the Southwest USA – Vlog #12 Tunnel and Bridge Stealth Camping and Tips there were many times during my cross country travel that I couldn’t find any trees or bushes to stealth camp at… eventually I figured out that I could go down around the base of the tunnel bridges, or washouts some call them, and pitch a shelter which was usually my tarp or military poncho… as you can see, I could camp in these locations undetected from passers by on the road above… this first location was a pretty good sized bridge that made for easy bicycle stealth camping. There was a tunnel with a little breeze, but not bad… here I used my 7 x 10 Sil Nylon Ripstop Tarp… I pinned the top edge of the tarp down to the ground on the backside of the concrete structure with tent stakes here’s some different camera views to show what it was like camping at this tunnel bridge I left a heavy black trash bag attached to my handlebars overnight to collect some rain water/ drinking water for the next day… here I am the following day pouring the harvested rain water into my water bottle… now I’m taking a walk down to the set up camp spot to show you that I couldn’t be seen from the road above… this second spot I’m now showing you was a much smaller tunnel with much smaller concrete structuring…but I made it work and remained stealthy for one night’s stay my usual routine upon arrival of my camp spots was to leave my sleeping bag half way rolled up so I had a seat to sit on while I prepared the evening’s dinner… this simplified things and made all moves and spending of my energy efficient. I would enjoy making coffee, etc, and just watching nature out in front of me. finally I would roll my sleeping bag out and pitch an overhead shelter, if needed, and get some sleep there wasn’t a lot of traffic in these locations, which were generally way out in the countryside. There was some road noise of course, which is why I always kept ear plugs in my gear I hope this video and my experiences has helped other tourists that even though it may seem there’s no place camp, sometimes you just have to get a little creative… take care, be safe, and enjoy your tour !

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