Stockholms-weekend från Långholmens husbilscamping – Gone Camping gör huvudstaden på en helg
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Stockholms-weekend från Långholmens husbilscamping – Gone Camping gör huvudstaden på en helg

We begin with a glimpse
behind the scenes of “Gone Camping”, and efforts to find new camera angles without jeopardizing
the cameraman’s safety. Let’s do it! Hello and welcome to Gone Camping
and to Stockholm. In this episode, we’ll not only explore
the city, we’ll stay in the middle of it. We’ll play golf if I can just find
the campground. Stick around. When planning a camping vacation, Stockholm may not be
the first place you think of, but the capital can offer
many exciting experiences which you won’t find
anywhere else in the country. It doesn’t take long
before you realize why Stockholm is often called
one of the most beautiful in the world. The combination of urban settings
and proximity to the water make this a very special destination. During our stay, we’re camping
at Långholmens Husbilscamping, which is located between Södermalm
and Kungsholmen. It’s hard to get more central than this
when camping. The facility is unique, not only due to the exceptional location
with a view of Riddarfjärden, but also because
they only accept RVs. Neither caravans nor tents are allowed
in the 80 campsites. The environment is undeniably special
as you literally stay under a bridge, and the campsites are on gravel. On the other hand, there are activities
that are perfect for just such a surface. For those who want to explore the water,
you can rent a kayak and glide down beautiful Pålsundet. The next day, it’s time for me to visit
one of the most popular tourist sites: The Royal Palace. It’s quite well-attended at midday, because that’s when the changing
of the guard takes place. It takes place with pomp and
circumstance, every day, year round, in the Royal Palace’s outer courtyard. I want to learn more about the palace,
so I meet curator Christian, who will give me a guided tour.
We began at the south arch. The Hall of State
is one of the palace’s largest rooms. In the Hall is one of Sweden’s
finest pieces of furniture, The Silver Throne, from the mid-1600s. The Hall of State was a room used
when Parliament met with the king. It was used, for example, for the Crown
Princess’s wedding dinner. It’s a combination of the days of old,
and how we use it in modern times. With its 1,430 rooms,
it’s one of Europe’s largest palaces. On the second floor of the northern row is the oldest preserved
grand decor in the palace. It’s the Apartment for Festivities
– just one beautiful room after another. And the most beautiful,
magnificent of all is Charles XI’s Gallery, where we have
fabulous Baroque paintings. The room is till used today,
as are most things in the palace. It’s used for the King’s
grand reception dinners. The Royal Palace is unique
because it serves two functions: It’s a tourist attraction
and an official residence. The exciting thing is entering a room
with so much history, a sort of museum, but which may have been used
by the Royals two or three days earlier. It’s quite a unique combination, which gives the palace
an extra dimension. It’s undeniably exciting that you might be
only a few rooms away from royalty. If the King is in the palace,
can you tell people, or is it a secret? -I know the King works here sometimes.
-He has his office here. But whether he’s here or not,
I simply cannot tell you. Is he behind that door? -I hardly think so. No.
-I understand. You can’t tell me. I see you looking at that door… -It’s just a coincidence.
-Okay… Secret, secret. What about that door? Just can’t say… -Maybe behind that door?
-No, I don’t think so. -That door looks really royal.
-Yes, it does… Unfortunately I didn’t see the Royals,
but what an impressive walking tour. I thought I’d make
something different for dinner: Pulled-chicken burgers. If you’ve eaten pulled pork
you know it’s juicy and tender, and pulled-chicken is no exception. I’m going to cook it
in an Omnia recreation oven. If you don’t have an oven,
this is one alternative if you want to cook au gratin potatoes,
bake bread or a pie. The chicken goes in here for 1.5 hours.
It’s served with homemade coleslaw and chili sauce. The chicken is in. Add salt and pepper. Now we add a whole
roughly-chopped yellow onion. Garlic is really good. You don’t have
to press or chop it, just put it in. Now we add a few sprigs of dill. We need some liquid,
so we’ll add some honey… …chicken stock… …and white wine. The base plate goes on the stove,
then the chicken and the lid. We’ll check it in 1.5 hours. It’s been 1.5 hours.
I think the chicken is done. I’ll just check it. Use two forks to shred the chicken. It’s falling off the bones.
Do the same with all the chicken legs. Now we have enough meat
to make our burger. We use coleslaw as the base. It’s made with white cabbage, carrots,
Turkish yogurt and mayonnaise. And the secret ingredient… Ginger.
Ginger and chicken go great together. Find the recipe at One activity popular among campers
– in particular caravan owners, is golf. I’ve never played on a golf course.
I don’t have a “green card”. Today I’m hoping to take
the first steps towards getting one. Few sports look as simple
when you get things right, while requiring millimeter precision
in every movement. Instructor Kalle
knows about these things, and is going to give me some basic tips. That looked really good.
I want to do that. Sure. Let’s do it! I’ll hit a few balls at the driving range
so Kalle knows what he has to work with. Let’s start with your aim. It’s really hard. Playing golf is hard. The fun thing about golf
is making a good drive, a good putt, knowing you did something difficult. Either the ball is crooked or the club is,
because something isn’t working. Luckily, Kalle sees the problem. The club isn’t angled right
when you hit the ball. When the club is open like this,
it changes the angle of the club head. I’ll show you a different grip
and you can try again. Hold the club as usual,
and I’ll do like this. Grasp the club
and turn it so that it’s straight. Let’s see what happens now. Nice! It didn’t go too far to the right. There are lots of challenges
to playing golf. To begin with, you have to control
your temper in order to play well. You need to have a good technique
at all the elements of golf: Driving, putting, bunker shots. To play at a high level,
you must master these things. Good! Yes! Look! Now we’re getting there. That’s it! Look! People get bitten by the golf “bug” when
they hit the ball cleanly for the first time, when they get that “wow!” feeling. When the ball flies a long distance,
you’ve achieved something difficult. It doesn’t happen very often at first. The feeling you get
when you hit the ball cleanly is amazing. That’s when people get the “bug”. Once the worst problems are fixed, it’s finally time to hit Rotebro’s
beautiful nine-hole golf course. Surrounded by water hazards
and sand traps, it was time to play for real. When we’re at a par-3 hole
and Kalle hits the ball, this happens. A hole-in-one. The first of Kalle’s career,
and now he has it on film. Most people would agree
that golf is hard. Expensive and complicated? Not really. Since 2012,
it’s easier to get your “green card”, or beginner certification. It gets you out on the course faster
to get your own sense of the game. I’ve taken my first step
to getting my “green card”. Thanks for putting up with my ups
and downs here on the course. Hope to see you soon,
on this channel or on the road! Information about the Royal Palace
can be found at The pay-and-play course
is at During our stay, we stayed
at Långholmens Husbilscamping. Subtitles: Sofia Anulf



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