Stranded in GIANT HOLE Coming Home from Sharer Family Vacation!! (Meeting Worlds Fastest Fan)
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Stranded in GIANT HOLE Coming Home from Sharer Family Vacation!! (Meeting Worlds Fastest Fan)

– Oh yeah, what is going on, sharers. Welcome to the blog, welcome back to another super-awesome day. So as you know, Grace and I just left our vacation house in L.A. Grace actually got on another flight and went straight home, but my flight got a
little delayed yesterday, and today we’re gonna
go visit a super-epic Sharer Fam member, the world’s fastest Sharer Fam member. But we almost didn’t make it. That’s right, sharers, check out this car that we have here. It’s super-muddy, and for a reason. We actually broke down yesterday, check this out. Welcome sharers, this is crazy. We are off-roading right now, hang on. Whoa! Oh yeah, sharers. Now, we’re about to go through a mud pit, all right, hang on,
this is gonna be crazy! Oh! Oh my goodness, whoa! So much fun! Whoa! Oh, and now we’re going up some hills, all right, hang on
sharers, we’ve got this, let’s do this. Incline, major incline, super-bumpy. Oh, yeah. Go, go, go, go, go. – [Man On Radio] Back… Looks like steering has broken. (engine revving) Sharers, we got a problem. I’m gonna stand back. Hopefully, they can get the truck out, and we can get going. This is crazy. All right, the winch is tight. The truck is going in reverse, come on, let’s do this. The Jeep is pulling like crazy. There goes the truck. There we go, come on, we got this. Whoo! Bumper’s scraping, look at that truck, completely off-roading right now. Oh, yeah. – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Stephen] Oh, and, hang tight. Uh oh, sharers, this is bad. Uh oh. Something broke on the truck. We got something that just broke off. Yikes. That exhaust is hanging there, and that’s not good. Yeah, this doesn’t look good, sharers. – [Man On Radio] Trail
guide in a Nissan Xterra coming back to base with a broken– (winch grinding loudly) Yeah, so as you can see sharers, we barely made it, but the car is holding up pretty well. We got some plants on it still, but I think we’ll make it, so let’s go hop in the car and visit the world’s fastest Sharer Fam member, come on. Let’s go find them. Oh yeah, load everything up, let’s go sharers, come on. Whoo! (pounding hip-hop music) Oh yeah, sharers. And we made it here. I don’t know what’s going on, but there’s a lot. We got these awesome media passes, there is some super-loud noise and smoke going on down there. This is some crazy event, sharers. I don’t know where this
super-epic Sharer fan is, but we gotta find him, so let’s hop on this
golf cart and let’s go. Oh yeah sharers, we’re off. We’re on out search to find
this epic Sharer Fam member, the world’s fastest Sharer Fam member. Where we’re going, I have no idea, but check out these drag cars. Whoa, this is so cool. Oh, yeah. – [Race Announcer] Now obviously, there is another qualifying– – Whoa, sharers. This is gonna be one crazy day. So if you haven’t already,
smash that like button, this is about to be so epic. Oh yeah. So this Sharer Fam member’s dad is actually a drag racer. Check out his drag car. How epic is this? It’s got the green gator on it. He’s inside right now, he’s about ready to roll
up and do this race, and sharers, this thing
is so loud, so powerful, we have to wear these earplugs, because it is the loudest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. And he’s about to go race, so sharers, let’s go check this out. Come on, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. It looks like they’re
doing the final touches on this machine. They’re taking the last nuts and bolts, tightening them up, and getting ready to race this machine zero to three hundred miles per hour. All right, get ready for
this thing to fire up, it’s gonna be loud. Oh yeah, sharers. All right, so they’re
pushing him up right now, getting ready to do this race. Let’s see how fast this thing goes. All right, it’s time for
the first race of the day. We’ve got the drag car ready, he’s inside of it. (engine revs loudly) It’s so loud hearing it. Whoo! This is so crazy! (engine growling) (engine revs loudly) (engine revs loudly) All right, that’s it. They didn’t even start the race yet, they’re about to start now. Get ready! (engines growling) I’m actually so scared, this is so scary! I can’t really hear! Here we go! (engine growling) (engine revs loudly) Whoa! Did you see how fast he went? That was insane. Sharers, this is gonna be one wild day. If you haven’t already,
hit that subscribe button. We’re gonna have the most epic day ever! Okay, so that was the start line, sharers. Now we’re going down to the finish line to see how their dragster held up. This is absolutely crazy. Check out all the people
that are here too, this is wild. (crowd cheering) Whoa! So many people here! Oh yeah. (horn honking) All right, and the car’s
coming in, sharers. So that was the fist race of the day. Now they’re gonna bring the car back in and take it completely apart, build it up for the second race. So we gotta come back in, let’s tear it all apart, and let’s see what this
whole racing scheme is about. Check this out, this is their trailer, and we’re gonna meet the
super-epic Sharer fan right here. The number one, fastest Sharer
fan in the entire world. Got the team McMillen drag
race car all disassembled, and while they’re rebuilding it, the Sharer Fam member’s
inside hanging out. I think he’s snacking a lot right now, so let’s see what kind
of snacks he got into. Let’s go this way. Whoa, sharers. Come in here. This is crazy. Look what’s going on. This is a trailer. This is, like, a trailer
that you see on the road. But look at all the stuff in here. There’s so much engine
stuff going on here. We have pistons here, we have a sink here, they probably clean stuff. We’ve got a bunch of stuff going on here. Whoa, look at this. Come back this way. Whoa, This is the clutch
for the drag race car, they’re totally rebuilding it right now so they can get ready for
the second race of the day. But, um… I don’t think he’s hiding back here, we should go this way and
see if he’s over this way. Um, let’s see… Hmmm. I can’t believe how big this trailer is, it even goes over here. Look at this. Whoa. They’re rebuilding part of
the engine over here too. There’s a whole section down there. Ooh, wait a second, sharers. This member likes to snack a lot, and there’s a lot of snacks. We’ve got candy here, crackers here… I’m thinking the Sharer Fam
member might be back here. Let’s see. Hmmm. I’m thinking the Sharer Fam member’s gotta be somewhere around here. I don’t know. Um… Hmmm, there’s an iPad there. I’ve found their iPad, that’s weird. Where could a Sharer Fam member… Aha! Oh yeah, this is the world’s
fastest Sharer Fam member. What’s going on?
– Nothing. – You wanna say hi to the sharers? – Hi, sharers. – What’s going on, sharers? Today, we are gonna have so much fun. So Cam’s dad is a professional drag racer, and you’re a drag racer too, right? – Yeah. – Cam has his very own drag-racing car, and he does the exact same sport. He drives, you drive
all by yourself, right? How fast do you go? – 20 miles per hour. – He goes 20 miles an hour
in his drag-racing car. That is so awesome. So we’re gonna have a lot of
fun stuff to do today, right? Sharers, this is gonna be fun. Should we hop in a golf cart and go? – Yeah!
– Let’s do it. Let’s go sharers, come on. All right sharers, so now we’re off to check out something else. Cam, where are we going right now? – I don’t know. – You don’t know? We’re going to see
another drag race person. Oh, cool. Check this out. Drag-racing motorcycle. Have you ever seen this before? This is so cool. This is the world’s fastest
motorcycle, sharers. Check this thing out. How do you, whoo! And then you go like that? – [Man] Here, I’ll balance it for you. – All right, balance it for me? My feet are up, this is how I ride it. Just like this. Whoa! – [Woman] Now, switch
into the second seat. – And into the second
seat as you go faster? – [Man] Feel that glue there? We actually sprayed glue on the seat to make sure you stay. – I felt my pants sticking. (laughs) Imagine riding like this, this is wild! Whoa! That’s so cool! World’s fastest motorcycle, right there. Okay, sharers. Now we’re getting ready for round two. We’ve got our earplugs in, because they’re gonna give this dragster a test startup to see
how it’s gonna perform, so Terry’s inside right there. Check him out in there. They’re gonna start this thing up, it’s gonna get super-loud, and it’s gonna smell like crazy, but let’s see how it goes. Cam, you ready? – Yeah! – Oh yeah! How you can fit in here, I don’t know, but it’s a very tight squeeze. Oh… Wow. Oh my goodness. So, sharers, this is how
tight of a squeeze it is inside this drag race car. Look at this small, tiny steering wheel. Just enough to move those wheels up front. And then here is the key. You have the brake lever here, the gas lever here, and these are the parachutes right here. And then, underneath here, you have your gas pedal, I think that’s a brake
pedal, I’m not sure, and that’s another bar there. It is a very tight squeeze. I can’t even stretch my legs out in here. I don’t know how he drives this thing, but he’s ready to start it up, make sure everything’s working good, so let’s get out of here so
he can hop in and start it. (engine revs loudly) Whoo! Okay, that was the first test. I think everything sounds
like it’s good to go, so the next step is to put it on the track for round number two. Let’s do this. We’ve got the share the
love sticker on the front. You’re gonna push it? You’re pushing it out? All right. Pushing the dragster out, sharers. We’re getting ready for
the race, let’s do this. Oh yeah! (pop music playing) Right now, we’re towing the dragster up to the starting line. Right now, we’re lining up. There’s Cam over there. Hey, Cam!
(horn honks) You ready for this race?
– Yeah! – Oh yeah, let’s do this. Sharers, if you haven’t already
smashed the like button, because we’re gonna win this race, let’s do this. Give us good luck. And now Terry is strapping up. He’s got his fire-proof suit on, he’s got everything. He’s got his harness on, he’s ready to go. He’s gonna hop in that
small little section I was hopping in earlier, sharers. And he’s gonna pull the gas, pull the throttle, do all that crazy stuff, and go over 300 miles an hour. Oh… Wow, he makes hopping in look a lot easier than me. Here we go, they’re firing up– (engine revs)
Whoa! It’s so loud. Get ready, sharers, let’s do this! Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! (engine revs loudly) Whoo! (engine revs loudly) Whoo! Come on, sharers, let’s do this! This is gonna be so epic! Smash that like button! (engine growling) Get ready! Here we go! (engine revs loudly) Whoa! That was insane, sharers! That was so awesome,
smash that like button! That was wild! Whoo! Now we gotta go to the
finish line, sharers. We’re gonna hop in this
awesome Mello Yellow thing. Look how cool this car is. No roof. Let’s go, hop in. Let’s go, let’s go. Whoa! Whoo! The race was awesome, okay, let’s head back to the pit and see exactly how he placed and, yeah, let’s check
everything out, come on. Oh yeah, that was an awesome race. – [Man] Oh yeah.
– That was awesome. – It’s what we do, yeah, yeah.
– High five. Whoo! Yeah, well, sharers,
major shout out to team McMillen for Cam and everyone
for having us out here. Comment down below what
sport you’re doing, if you would ever try this drag racing, and until next time, you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love. Peace. Whoo! ♪ Share the love ♪


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